56 thoughts on “Lasting Wealth

  1. Keep sharing your wisdom and love.💖
    When the two quarters my brother and I placed in my dad’s pocket (from my post) were returned to me, I was reminded that prosperity matters not to a departed soul. Love, legacy, and relationships are the lasting gift.

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  2. Dwight, I know I can’t take anything with me when I go, but, like you, I am trying to leave some poems behind. Physical possessions mean less and less, and I have already given many possessions away, including mementos given to family members.
    Such an important perspective in this poem, Dwight. Sheds light on what is important in life. ❤ Take care!

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  4. Excellent, Dwight! So true! I agree!
    As they say…people will always remember how we made them feel! 🙂
    Your poems, your comments here, your comments on our blogs make so many of us feel special and joyful, Dwight! Thank you!!! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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