Chris's family Easter 2010 012


Behind every cross the sun is shining

Out of defeat comes resurrection // new life

No matter how difficult the road ahead

Nor how heavy the cross we might bear

Hope lies in the understanding that

Behind every cross the Son is shining!

Happy Easter to all of you 


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Johnny Cash says it best… about that one solitary life…  Here Was A Man

A Tanaga Poem


Fishers come with hook and beak
Lunch is found in Hammer Creek
One sits dangling on the shore
Heron dives // comes back for more


Frank is challenging us to try the Tanaga form of poetry, for our d’Verse poetry group.  It consists of four lines with seven syllables in each line. It has a rhyming pattern. It usually has no title, since the lines of the verse should make clear what is being said. This is my first attempt at writing a Tanaga poem. The heron in the photo is a Great White Egret. They often nest in the Susquehanna Valley region of Pennsylvania.

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Photos from Hammer Creek near Clay, Pennsylvania. – Dwight L. Roth

Trinity of Boxes


Trinity of message boxes // flags waving in the air

Words in an envelope // pictures on a card

Eagerly awaited from loved ones near and far

Post straight and tall // boxes shiny and new

Mailman comes by  daily dropping off the news

Just like me the times have changed…

Very few messages of love or concern

Mostly junk mail playing on what we yearn

Post out of plumb // boxes rusting // now resting on the wall

It’s a different world of bites and bits

Sailing through glass on fiber optics

No need for writing // printing is just fine

Messages in an instant in that virtual mailbox

That never falls and never rusts

Saved on a cloud for a rainy day

Imaginary mail // perhaps a printout

Only memories now of the glory days // left to rust

In that trinity of boxes // on a post // leaning on the wall

Only a matter of time till they meet their demise


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Imaginary Bike Ride

Come ride with me on my

Imaginary blue bicycle

Dream catcher circles

Petals floating in the breeze

Peddles that never go round

Red roses hover on unpruned stems

Baskets confining plastic pots

Pink Petunias’ toxic effervesce

Fragrance of spring

Close your eyes // smell the sunshine

Just remember…

Thorns change dreams to reality


Lillian, at d’Verse, gave us five photos to pick from to write using the theme “Sunnyside Up“. Anything related to the joyous coming of Spring and all the new life it brings.  I liked the colorful blue stationary bike, so this is my Sunnyside Up poem.

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Treasured Gift


egg 4

egg 2

Many years ago my wife worked as an office nurse for a doctor who appreciated her skills as an RN. To show his appreciation for her good work he created this egg to give to her.  He blew out the egg and painted the mountains on the outside. With a scrapple, he very carefully cut the round door in the shell. He painted the inside and then used sutures to make hinges so it could be opened and closed. It was a very special and is a treasured gift.

Treasured Gift  (a Quadrille)

An appreciative doctor

A skilled nurse

A gift of an egg

Hand painted//


Inside and out

A little round door//

Hinges of suture strings

Cut with precision care

For a special nurse//

Fragile beauty

Long remembered

Handled with care//

Always a Treasured Gift

Egg painting creation: Dr. Patrone in Rocky Mount, NC

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

We were asked by Kim at d’Verse to write a quadrille of exactly 44 words using the word egg in any form we choose. This egg is very special to us.

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An Unlikely Pair (Haiku)


Cedar and shale stuck

Braving elements attack

Only one will last


Torn from their birthplace

Together under the stars

Whole lotta shakin’ gon’ on


Aging together

A rocky relationship

Mismatched from the start


Knotty log waiting

For rising waters lifting

Leaving rocks behind


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Life in Death


Easter brings with it a time of reflection. I thought the crown of thorns would be a great metaphor illustrating what Christians believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Some see only suffering and death. Others see the part that never dies, the spirit that rises bringing life, light, and hope to the faithful!

Crown of Thornes

Of what use are your long gnarled stems

Heads balding from the loss of fragile beauty

Sucked dry by bird and bee

Seeking the nectar of life hidden deep inside

Of what use is your thorny crown

Pocked and dried by sun and wind

Waiting in the remaining time

To be cut broken discarded

The glory days of ephemeral beauty gone

What’s left for the aging freckled head

What beauty remains for the dried and broken

It was not all for naught, the losing of ones crown

For underneath the crown lies the key to beauty

The ongoing genetics of life the giftwrapped wonder


Beauty is in the seed passing on and on and on

Since the beginning of time

Without the crown of thorns there would be no future beauty

The would be no life here after

Beauty is passing, life is fragile, but the seed remains forever

To once again spring forth from the ashes of the past

Bringing life and hope and to that dried crown of thorns


Photos: Dwight

Rising Sweetness (a quadrille)

Naked Maples line the edge of the field

Shivering when March winds whisper


Hints of warmth call forth

An adrenaline rush of sweetness

Rising in spongy bark. 

As spring calls each one by name

Spouts sink into bored trees

Knowing sweetness flows within


This poem was accepted for publication in Whispers, an online poetry journal. Please check it out at:  

Tree tapping photo:

Today, Bjorn on d’Verse invited us to post a poem of our choice. I wrote this quadrille of exactly 44 words about the gathering of  rising sap in the sugar maples.

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