Moments in Time

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Today I watched Dan Rather doing The Big Interview with Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. Throughout the interview Lindsey kept telling Dan that the things that happened were just that moment in time when it was the right timing for what took place. It reminded me that all of life is just a collection of moments in time.

All of life is just moments in time
Experiences that stay forever in one’s mind
A childhood joy/trauma/ impression
The teacher who cared and made a difference
The first kiss //fireworks in your brain
Broken heart // pain of separation
Moments in time are all we have
A mosaic of color showing the whole
As we step back and look at the big picture.
A wedding //the birth of a child
Stresses of life // work // love
Shape our lives // cementing tiles in place
Permanent pieces fixed in time and space
The death of a parent // loss of a spouse
Wonderful joy of grandchildren shouts
Good friends who come and go
Each adding a sparkle to the whole
Cemented together with love and compassion
Leaving our star on the walk of time


Photo from the MSP airport wall: Dwight L. Roth

Clip-Clop Ride


In my father-in-law’s things, after he died, we found some sketches he had done some years earlier. This Amish buggy was perfectly drawn down to the minute details. Our d’verse prompt today from Bjorn, is to use onomatopoeia  to create a poem. These are words that sound like they are spoken. I decided to use Dad’s Amish buggy to make my poem. The onomatopoeia words are in italics.

Clip Clop Ride

Amish buggy // wheels rattling against pavement

Rolling down the road // slowing down traffic

Thwack of the reins on the horses back

Trotting down the road to town and back

Rolling past fields with mooing cows

And a farmer feeding his pregnant sows

Little girls sitting in back with their brothers

Avoiding tourists with cameras and snapping shutters

Home again past their barn full of hay

And the cackle of chickens as they scratch and play

A unique life style frozen in time

Quite a different choice from yours and mine


Sketch: Paul White

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Looking out from my hotel balcony, I missed seeing the beautiful blue Alberta sky. Instead, smoke from the forest fires in British Columbia have been carried many miles to fill the air hundreds of miles away in Edmonton. Blue sky only peeked through twice while we were there.

Smoky summer sky

Eclipsed all but UV rays

Haze blocks out the sun

Makes breathing hard for many

Only can dream of blue sky


Beautiful Pearl

Corona rings surround sun

Do not stare too long

Microwaved retinas stay fried

Never to see light again


Photo Dwight L. Roth





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Who ever said, “A penny saved is a penny earned!”

I say, “A penny saved is a penny to spend!”

But then again, there are many who twist this even more

“A penny spent is one that cost you more!”

Especially when it is imaginary // on the card

How easy it is to spend those invisible pennies

When all it takes is a signature of promise

To repay it all someday // in the future

Then there are some whose adage is

“A penny spent is a penny stolen…

From some poor twit who was dumb enough

              to trust me!”

In Canada they no longer have pennies!

A penny there is only in your dreams



Jilly at d’verse asked us to take an old adage and give it a twist. I decided to twist the Penny adage. “A penny saved is a penny earned!”

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H.C. Frick

Company Store money

Today is Quadrille Monday at d’verse and Kim asked us to write a 44 word poem using the word earth! I chose to write about the way coal miners were treated in the corner of Pennsylvania where I grew up. Tennessee Ernie Ford’s song, 16 Tons, said it all “I loaded 16 tons and I’m deeper in debt. The Check above is one of the reasons.

Digging deep into the earth

Miners sold their bodies and soul

To the coal company of H.C. Frick

Demanding they buy only from his store

Paying with voucher checks instead of cash…

Only redeemable at his Company Store

Slavery of a different // calculated kind


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Afternoon at the Muttart


The Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton, Alberta Canada is a set of four pyramids the each contain different climatic regions of the world. Flowers and plants from that particular region fill each one. This time they had tropical, desert, temperate, and a special one featuring a giant moon hanging from the ceiling. Walkways wind throughout. We enjoyed a wonderful time as we unwound from the weekend events.









Jack Rabbit’s Farewell


Jack Rabbit came by today // settling in the grass

Watching  mourners gather //not frightened when they passed.

Frozen in his spot he did not move

As the family paid their respects.

We walked all around but he stayed in place

Hunched down in the deep grass.


Dad loved watching Jack Rabbits

As their coats changed to winter white.

Now he’s here watching over dad’s grave

Listening to all of our chatter

When the graveside service ended

Family members took their leave

It was then Jack Rabbit left his spot

and hopped on up the hill


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Remembering a Life Well Lived

Paul White

Life passes so quickly from young to old

With all of its ups and downs

A mother lost //a stepmother gained

One never forgets that pain

A life of giving // hard work // and faith

Raising a family // with love and grace

Changing occupations at midlife’s crossroad

Back to school //  then life down a new road

Deep faith in God sustained him through

heartaches and struggle no one ever knew

As life’s end drew near // with dementia and separation

He still kept his humor right up until the very end

After 91 years of a life filled with service

His spirit passed on and we will rejoice

“A life well lived” was not just a cliché

And he wouldn’t have had it any other way


In loving Memory of

Paul H. White

4-29-1927 – 8-2-2018

Tomorrow we celebrate the 89 years of my father-in-law’s life with friends and family. His sister flew in from London and his brother from Ohio. Children and grandchildren arrived here in Edmonton where we all gathered at his favorite restaurant. About thirty of us shared a great meal and remembered the good times and reminisced! It was a great time for all.








Flying always takes a lot out of you. This is true of life as well. Seems the older I get the faster life moves ahead. Feels, sometimes, like you are sitting at the end of the runway, hoping nothing is coming toward you.

Sitting on runway

Staring into the distance

No oncoming planes

Relieved the runway is clear

As life races toward take off



Photos: Dwight L. Roth