Black Vulture

Black vulture

sculpted onyx wings spread wide

Not looking for me

Picked up scent of death

floating in the air nearby

Nature’s carrion

Opossum for lunch

Shared by four… each in their turn

Life is short for all

Hung around awhile

then sailed off through tall oak trees

Majestic wingspan

Photos; Dwight L. Roth

38 thoughts on “Black Vulture

  1. Dwight, I love watching vultures fly. Just about any day that I walk around the neighborhood, I see them.
    Lovely poem and photos. ❀ I hope you are doing well! I am glad to know they were "not looking for you."

    By the way, black-eyed Susans are my favorite wildflowers since childhood. You said there are a lot of them where you live. Lucky you! We have a few around here that are about half the size. I gathered and scattered some seeds. Hope they grow.

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    • it was a gorgeous day here and they were up them sail around in circles over the woods. Ha ha… I am glad they were not looking for me as well! Seems we have two or three varieties. Some are coreopsis. Yellow petals with black centers full of seeds! Hope your seeds grow for you.

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  2. Nicely done blending photo and poetry intermittently. We have many here, can see them everyday Turkeys Vultures they are huge easy to spot. Keep the country highways clean of road kill.

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  3. That is a nice powerful bird there, and your pictures and poem tell the story nicely. I have never seen a black vulture variety, we have a different brown long necked kind here.
    The Indian vulture was a prominent bird when I was growing up, and we could see large flocks of them around the school. They have since then been nearly extinct due to dichlofenac poisoning from eating carcass of animals which were administered the drug. Now they are protected and there are vulture sanctuaries that have been setup in many places.

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