First Blooms

hibiscus 2 2022 (2)

If you follow my blog, you may remember that I attempted to save my three little Hibiscus over the winter by keeping them in my garage. Now that the frost is no longer a threat, I planted them in my flower bed. They immediately started forming heads and today they began blooming, even before they have developed much green foliage. They are so beautiful. I am glad they survived the winter hibernation!

Beauty blooms in pairs

Surviving hibernation

Lesson for us all

hibiscus 3 2022 (2)

iphone photos today: Dwight L. Roth

Ukrainian Now

Tom Paxton and John McCutcheon have written a heartfelt, stirring song, “Ukrainian Now”, that touches us all. Noel Paul Stookey edited this beautiful video that includes Peter Yarrow, Bill Miller, Tret Fure, Holly Near, Joe Jencks, Emma’s Revolution, Rebel Voices, Crys Matthews, Carrie Newcomer and Christine Lavin singing with them.

Many of these folks are living shadows from my past! They came out of the Folk Revival of the 1960s and have been speaking through their music and lyrics ever since that time. This is poetry in song! This is a beautiful heartfelt song!

Job’s Cry for Ukraine

Our Cry to God

Where are you God when we need you the most

as bombs explode and buildings crumble

Where are you as little men who desire power

send other men to the slaughter in their place

And where are you as mother’s weep

for their husbands… their sons… and their children

Where were you when refugees fled their homes

for destinations unknown and unforeseen just weeks ago

Where were you as bullets fly and old men are murdered

left shot, lying in the street like human refuse

Where are you as women were raped and children cry

from a lifetime of the despicable happening overnight

Where are you God as the Nations rage

seemingly out of control

God’s Response

I Am… not the chess-master controlling the board

As pawns are discarded and Queens attempt to capture kings

The affairs of men go on as they have since the beginning

Nation against nation and Kingdom against kingdom

Some think I Am a genie in the bottle

that when correct prayers are given, rubbed the right way,

will bring the three wishes of fantasy and dreams

My kingdom is not one of the physical realms

But of the spiritual, not of this world but of the eternal

I Am the God who gives you strength from within

Power of unequal measure coming up from the depths

When faced with crisis, or the enemy, or the forces of evil

I Am the God who reveals himself through the human spirit

bringing comfort to the grieving and strength to the dying

I Am the God who removes physical blinders revealing

chariots of fire moving you forward to face whatever lies ahead

I Am the Lion roaring through you to confront evil in the world

Those who look to me will find renewed strength

And like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, you too will rise

I AM the God of peace…      which will come in time

as Love is shown and Grace, Mercy, and Forgiveness

are extended to all


This is not intended to be a theological study although it is inspired from the Biblical account of Job questioning of God as he lay suffering in sack cloth and ashes. This is simply a poetic rendering of questions we might be asking ourselves, as we watch the death and destruction in Ukraine, and how I imagine God might answer.

Paintings of Sunflowers: Dwight L. Roth

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Wren’s Song

Scruffy Wren

Last summer we had a nest of baby wrens that hatched nearby. The little ones would come to the feeder and shimmy and shake expecting the mother to pick up the food and feed them. As their feathers were coming in, they looked a little disheveled! They did not look very happy and their songs where begging tunes! Once grown, they joined their parents in that high pitched song that makes you wonder how that much sound could come from such a little bird.

Hatchling begs for food

Feathers unkempt all awry

Not a joyful sound


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Frank Tassone asked us to write a Haibun that refers to bird songs. We enjoy watching the birds at our feeder as they come and go. The little wren gets so loud at times we have to shut the door!

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Slip Slidin’ Away…

It seeps and creeps with time

deleting pictures and rhymes

Retention is lost

in Winter’s cold frost

While minds become filled with green slime

Today at d’Verse, Bjorn asked us to write a poem that is a riddle, making the reader try to guess what we are talking about. I decided to write about Alzheimer’s disease that slowly eats away at one’s memory till in time it is gone. When I finished my limerick, it took me back to Simon and Garfunkle’s song “Slip Slidin’ Away,” which some of you will remember.

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EER_0156 (5)

Hummingbirds zip around my yard each summer, enjoying the flowers and sucking the nectar up with their long straw-like beak. They are very tiny birds just over two inches long and have nests the size of a thimble.  I have been seeing ads for round hummingbird nesting boxes coming across my Facebook page. Rather than buy one I thought about what I could use to make one.

A few months ago my wife gave me some wooden cosmetic boxes that have a sliding lid. I thought if I cut them in half and drilled a hole in them, they might make a perfect nesting box for humming birds. So, I went to work on making them as you can see in the photos below.  I hung them on trees in the back yard and put some cotton balls in the box to encourage them. I also cleaned out my feeder and mixed up som new sugar water for them. Two days later the some of the cotton had been pulled from the nest, ( I am assuming by other birds) They all like the soft material for their nests.

Hopefully the hummingbirds will come and move in to the little houses.

*** to be continued…





IMG_9197 (2)

IMG_9199 (2)

IMG_9198 (2)

Two nesting boxes

For two tiny hummingbirds

Hoping they will come

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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IMG_4118 (2)

Our lives

Like chalk on the sidewalk

Defined by blocks of little lifetimes

Drawn at birth… continuing on

One hop at a time

Until we make it to the end

Or misstep and hop out early…

As the chalk defining our lifetime

Washes away

IMG_4116 (2)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Today De at d’Verse asked us to Chalk up a poem. We are to write a 44 word Quadrille using the word Chalk in any way we choose.

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Changing Perspective


I was back to painting again this week. I got a framed canvas painting from the Habitat Restore that had a small pencil point size hole in the top center of the sky. I patched the hole with some glue, but the indention still showed after I painted over the sky. I decided to make a bird out of the hole patch. It is the one on the right in the center of the picture. You can see the tiny hole in the bottom painting.

The original painting below had a nice landscape perspective but seemed a little bland to me. I decided to add the stone bridge and a steam train. I also added more color and changed the mountain and water. I am happy with the way it came out.

Changing perspective

Keeping natures foundation

Covering defects


~my original sketch on the Restore canvas~

Recycled Painting from the Habitat Restore – Dwight L. Roth