From There to Here

How swiftly time flies from there to here

Ten lifetimes rolled into one sweet moment

Today I’ll sit, in cool warming sunshine

Watch hawks soaring overhead

Listen to wrens and cardinals sing

And watch my drying little creek

Slowly turn into curdled algae yogurt

Today at d’Verse we are to write a Quadrille of exactly 44 words, using the word swift or a form of the word. I was immediately drawn to how fast time has passed in my lifetime. These are my reflections.

Join us at: …then click on Mr. Linkey and read more.

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

132 thoughts on “From There to Here

    • Our little creek has been collecting algae for a week and my wife wanted to clean it out. I keep telling her to wait and the next rain will do the job! I just like drawing contrasting metaphors for my poems. They are sort of like a hook in a song! Plus I am not a fan of yogurt!! :>)

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  1. Beautiful poem Dwight. Time does fly very swiftly, and your photo there is very very cute 🙂
    I like how you consistently maintain your touch with Nature by observing and experiencing, and have no doubt that Nature has had a big hand in the various arty and crafty skill which to have – and which you have in numerous numbers!

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    • Thank you Deb! That was a very long time ago for sure! I love nature and have always loved photography. I take phots many times never knowing what I will do with them, only to find later on that they fit nicely into my posts! It is great!


  2. The word ‘swift’ had the same effect on me, and I also identify with the idea of multiple lifetimes. I have lived so many different places, and it all seems to have passed me by in a blur!

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  3. You certainly captured that moment, Dwight, and it is indeed sweet! I might try that later, if we get some sunshine. It’s so grey the birds didn’t even start to sing this morning.

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  4. OH, such a sweet photo…love your overalls and little bare feet! We were similarly dressed in summer! ‘
    ‘Twas a bummer when we had to put on shoes for church-goin’. 😉 Ha! 😀
    Beautiful poem…made me sigh a good sigh and smile! 🙂
    Time does fly too fast!
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…porch sittin’ is still one of my fav activities! 😉

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