Barley and Butterflies

On the farm near our community are several large fields of barley. The fields extend as far as the eye can see. It is a beautiful site. Years ago when I worked on the farm, we called it beardy barley, because of the long hair like stems coming out of each kernel. The spring storms have really taken their toll on the fields. The wind and rain had beaten down large areas of some fields.

I stopped by one field to take some photos and saw a beautiful butterfly along the edge of the field. I am not sure what it is called. Perhaps you can let me know  The beauty of nature is often beyond words. Adding words often detracts instead of adding to what is seen. The follow photos are my poetry without words.










Photos: Dwight L. Roth



Painting and Poetry


Painting and Poetry

Painting is inspiration flowing from a brush

The soul of the artist flowing onto the canvas

Poetry is inspiration flowing from the pen

The heart of the poet flowing onto the page

Blended colorful creations stimulating the mind

Transporting the viewer

Each to their individual place

Words that blend in unexpected ways

Running down rabbit holes in the mind

Finding a nest there to birth new creations

Interpretation found in the eye of the beholder

The Rorschach test of color and beauty

Reading one’s life into a poem

Seeing one’s life in a painting

Mind stimulation taking us back

Pushing us forward

Leaving us in awe


Every artist

dips his brush into his own soul


paints his own nature

into the picture

~Henry Ward Beecher~


Painting: Dwight L. Roth


Feet of Clay



Today I watched as the Media was all over the story of Tiger Woods getting a DUI. I thought how sad that we turn like Parana’s to tear down our heroes when they fail to measure up to our expectations. What gives us the right to judge others and their motives. This seems to be true across the board. The Media is always ready to feed us our fix of salacious gossip!  Perhaps it is us who are to blame for feeding on this trash!

Feet of Clay

How often we find

Our heroes have feet of clay

That pedestal we put them on

Does not always keep them there

Sports heroes Religious leaders and Celebrities

Spouses children and best friends

In time all fall short

Don’t be disillusioned when this occurs

We all fall short from time to time

Amazing how the salacious makes the news

While the good we do remains buried in the file

When you’re ready to become judge and jury

Remember the words of Jesus:

“Let him without sin cast the first stone!”


Photos: Dwight L. Roth


Grandpa White and Grandpa White 001

On this Memorial Day weekend we remember the lives lost in wars fought on foreign soil or at sea.  When I see the rows and rows of white crosses in the field at Normandy, I am sad for the lives that never became doctors, teachers, or presidents. I am struck by the importance of remembering those who are gone. It is necessary so they are not lost in the passing of time. It is important to remember so that perhaps we can learn from the past and not repeat the history that brought death to so many young men, who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.  We must remember those we love and care about.


What does it mean to remember someone

How does it affect us

To remember is to give life to the past

Remembering actions a smile or special connection

A parent who is gone a lost love or a soldier who has died

We raise statues in tribute to the famous

Or put stars on a walk of fame

Remembering helps pass on values and virtues

Reinforcing what we consider to be truth

Remembering covers a wide range

From sacrifice to nurture to accomplishment

For some remembering is a painful experience

Of evil done or atrocities we witnessed

Some wish not to remember but find it necessary

For healing and renewal for the future

Some remember again and again year after year

Because of the contributions given to their wellbeing

We remember those we love

Because one day we will become those persons

Hopefully remembered by those who love us

 As someone who live life well


Photo of three generations: Dwight L. Roth







Speculation and scandal

America’s fix

Fueled by the media

Playing pick-up stix

How easy it is

For the Russians to control

Planting fake news here

And fake news there

Knowing in the end

Be it true of false

The media will report it

Making it ten times worse

Wake up folks

Turn off the squawk-box

Put those chickens to roost

Quit believing the sensational

Let the government do its work

Shut down those garbage reports

Before they even start

Let’s get back to business

And end the distrust


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Remembering the Side Effects of War

Poetry in Song

I have enjoyed the Music of Johnny Cash for many years. He has a way of touching the hearts of the common man. His songs cover a broad spectrum that include this Ballad of Ira Hayes. A Native American, Ira Hayes fought in WWII. He was quite significant at the time, but after coming home he lost touch and became a hard drinking alcoholic. The experiences of war have irrevocable effects on those who witness the atrocities of war. Death and carnage stick in the mind and haunt many who come back from their tours or duty.  In a recent report from the VA, they say twenty veterans commit suicide each day across the country! This is such a sad statistic, and one our country should take very seriously before sending our young men into war.  This Memorial Day is a tribute to all those men who both gave and took their lives.

I hope you enjoy this story in song as you reflect on these statistics.

Behind the Door


Behind this door is a place of worship

A connection to God and a place of refuge

Doors are either a pathway in

Or a way to keep others out


Most churches or temples have open doors

Welcoming anyone wanting to worship

Other doors of closed groups cater only to their own

Rituals and secret rites are required to be a part

Doors are like people

Some with open and welcoming spirits

While other share only with a few

Still other groups promote bigotry and hate

Not only keeping their doors shut

But attempting to bring evil or harm to anyone different

Open the door of your heart


Welcome those who may be different from you

Let the light of God’s love shine through you

Keep your door open to all who are willing share this light

Light the candle and dispel the darkness

Let your open door change the world


Photos of the Jewish Temple in Stanton, Virginia: Dwight L. Roth


Cliff Swallows on the James


Poetry in Motion with Cliff Swallows nesting on the James River bridge near Lexington, Virginia. This is at the headwaters of the James on the Blue Ridge Parkway. These mud nesters built their nests , one beak-full at a time, on the concrete pillers of a walking bridge across the James. They were feeding babies that were about ready to leave the nest. You can see how they broke out the opening of the nest to accommodate  their size. It was really interesting to watch them come and go. No further words needed. Enjoy the shots.








Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Mindless Illusions


Once again we see Evil manifest in the killing of children at a concert in Manchester, England.  Once again we are reminded that peace will not be found in bloody visions of death and destruction.  When we live by the rule of an eye for an eye there is no peace. Peace can only come through the renewing of the mind and the joining together to make the world a better place.  It is so sad for those who lost their children to a murderous terrorist with mindless illusions of evil. I am reposting this poem to once again ask, “What are they thinking?”

Twisted Minds

Hearing tinnitus voices

Whispering fear in their heads

Paranoid illusions

Threatening and fearful

Calling forth the need to fight

To kill and destroy

Imaginary enemies all around

Minds twisted by extremists

Fed bloody illusionary truth

Calling forth jihad

Against the infidels even their own

Imaginary enemies all around

Die for their cause all for Allah

Rain down hell bombs bullets and more

False illusions of reward for sacrifice

From a god whose law is death

And minds confused with evil lies

No comprehension of the God of Love

The God who forgives as we forgive


Painting: Dwight L. Roth




Fingers and Toes

Attached to appendages

Of ten little boys

Ornery little guys

Devious and sly

Living at Number 10

Decimal Street

Running about

With ten times the mischief

One tenth here

And two tenths there

Torturing their teacher

She’s pulling out her hair

All with an exponential flair

Ten little bits of pain

In the neck and other planes

And in the evening

Back home to #10 again

Sound asleep in their beds

Divided by 2 sleeping head to head

Dreaming ten sweet dreams

Of monstrous plans

And tomorrow’s playful schemes


Photo: Dwight L. Roth