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All of us react… some have courage 

Not equal and opposite, but forceful and empowered

Physics doesn’t apply to the soul being challenged

Stirred or spurned, the reaction is the same

Courage rises to the occasion, finds a way to overcome

To rise from the ashes and stand firm in what we believe

Find the courage to react, rather than do nothing

Your actions can change the world

~ D. L. Roth

Painting: Dwight L. Roth

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Gargantuan Words

Daniel T Stowe Gardens #9 2018 (2)

I never understood the obsession with big words

calling it logolespy instead of just being a word freak.

Is bigger always better … more impressive?

Only in Texas, I believe.

To me it is just a lot of excited burbles

a gibberish of sorts much like a baby might speak

when playing with blocks on the floor.

I like laconic words… short and sweet…

chosen words that mean something to the reader.

Writing poetry is ikigai the reason for being

that can only be understood when speaking plainly.

Scintilla that sparks of inspiration takes us

down the yellow-brick road looking for the great OZ,

thinking his name should be twenty syllables long…

instead of just one.

No, gargantuan words don’t impress me much.

So… you know something none of the rest of us know

There has got to be a word for that…

Oh yes, that would be eniteo!

“I am distinguished most eminent … look at me shine!”

I say strikhedonia … it is all hog wash!

Simple words are susurrus to the soul…

light as a soft gently breeze.

The expression of belle-ame … my beautiful soul.


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Mish shared some of the new words she has come across on social media. She gave us a long list of them with their definitions and asked us to write a poem using at least three or more of these new words in our poem. I am not a fan of using words that are meaningless to the reader in my poems, and almost skipped this prompt. But then I thought, why not illustrate what I dislike about them in a poem. This is what came out!

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Choice… or No Choice at All


Hobson’s Choice,” they say, “is no choice at all.”

Much like the choices of our digital world

Do you “agree” or “disagree” seems to come with

every new social media site or equipment driver

Be sure to read the agreement before clicking…

Yeah, right…Who is fool enough to do that??

“Agree” is a “Hobson’s Choice”… no choice at all

An ultimatum you can’t ignore nor refuse

It is “agree” or send it back!

Who wants to do that?

So, we make our choice to have none


Who knows what our choice allows…

Perhaps selling our information?

Listening to us and gathering information?

Spying on us through our camera?

Or… giving up our rights to everything imaginable!

But we will never know… till it’s too late.


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse our guest host Christopher Reilley asked us to write a poem using the word choice. I liked his definition of Hobson’s Choice which is no choice at all!

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Stings and Sweetness

Chris's bees

Stings and Sweetness

“If we want to eat their honey, must we put up with their stings?“

        As I was reading Judy Dykstra-Brown’s post, I came across this line. Bears have always known this and still they search for the honey. We have come up with suits to prevent the stings.

        I realized that this is true of most relationships as well. Whether it be children or spouse, family or friends, we will have to put up with some stings in order to enjoy the benefits of being together. But in some relationships, you must keep your distance, or you will be stung to death!

Thorns guard roses

Bees guard their honey

Both must be carefully navigated

To enjoy their sweetness


People are much the same

Sharp tongues guard fragile egos

Clothed in self-confidence

We bring out their sweetness


“If we want to eat (enjoy) their honey, we must put up with their stings,,, “

Chirs's bees 4

Photos: Chris Roth   

Click below to read Judy’s post:

The Vacant Lot | lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown (

Knowing Our Limitations

Jason at the Ocean 001

After reading the blogpost *“Existence of Sand”, I began thinking further on the subject from a little different perspective. These are my thoughts.

Knowing Our Limitations

Children build castles in the sand

Knowing they won’t last

Washed away in the high tide

Walls and moats and shells

do not stop the tide from wiping

the shore clean

And the next day

they do it all over again

Just like children we create our castles

full of detail and embellishments

Building walls around us

we seek protection

from fear, war, and destruction

We buy guns thinking they will protect us

Move into clustered communities

of people just like ourselves

Erecting monuments

we hope to be remembered


But just like grains of sand

these too will go

The high tide hits us all in time

Wiping the slate clean

over and over

again and again

And someone else will build

their castle on our shore


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

*Check out this interesting post:

Existence of Sand – Kaushal Kishore (

Celebrating Diversity

Ollie and Ellie Phil's cats

Some think diversity should be a mandate

A cultural change forced to enlighten

Not just acknowledged acceptance,

but required

I see diversity, not as a melting pot,

but as a mosaic masterpiece of all shapes and sizes

One to be celebrated, shared, and acknowledged

Ollie and Ellie 2 Phil's cats

Photos: Phil Roth

We are back from our summer break at d’Verse and Merril has given us the prompt celebrate, to celebrate eleven years as a poetry group on Word Press. She said we can use it in any manner we choose. I wrote a perspective on celebrating diversity; getting along with one another in spite of how we look or what we believe.

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Tadpoles or Frogs

My little green frog that lives under my deck seems to have laid her eggs in my rain barrel. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed tadpoles swimming when I opened the lid to get some water for my geraniums.

A day or two later I emptied most of the fifty gallons of water on my garden, leaving about a foot of water in the bottom. I could not imagine they would survive in the hot 94 F temps we were having at the time. When we got a light rain a few days later, there they were swimming around in the barrel. I decided to leave them there and watch them for a while.

Yesterday I noticed they were growing hind legs. I can’t imagine that they are still alive and thriving. So, what do I do now? Leave them there to mature or dump them on my garden? Not an easy question to answer.

Tiny tadpoles swim

Growing in my rain barrel

Frogs or tadpoles


Life’s unexpected challenge

Leaving choices to be made


Who should decide?

IMG_9606 (2)


IMG_9624 (2)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Update: 7-9-2022

The tadpoles have been growing legs; first hind legs and then front ones. We had a couple of heavy thunderstorms this week. I thought I would scoop some of them out and put them in the ditch/stream which now has standing water in it. When I opened the lid, I was surprised to find only three of the thirty plus tadpoles still swimming there. Apparently, they all floated out the overflow notch I had cut in the top of the barrel.  Not sure how they survived, but they must have figured it was time to make their escape!

Choose Your Hypnotist


A willing subject is the key

Believing all will be

What is spoken to me

Tickling my itching ears

Stirring my righteous anger

Calling me to do what

I would never dream of doing

had this spell not been cast

on me…

so willingly

This is my second poem for the prompt Spell. As I watch some of what is going on with the Senate hearings on the January 6th riots at the Capital, I had to think about why this happened. The hypnotist chooses willing subjects to do his bidding, but the subjects usually choose who they want for their hypnotist! This is not only true in politics.

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Painting: Dwight L. Roth


Sri and Dwight 2022 (2)

I met my friend Sri last week for lunch. We had a wonderful time catching up with life and family and changes. He knows I have a sweet tooth, so he bought me a large cinnamon bun for dessert. I split it and we both enjoyed this shared experience. Good friends are wonderful and make life a joy.


Some think life’s choices are about being right or wrong

I believe my choices are more about how life makes me feel

The love of another, the joy of a child, the compassion of a friend

Life is about that connection I feel when someone gets me and I them

That connection of interaction and validation beyond the superficial

A person can follow all the rules and “do things right”

and still be miserable, if that feeling of connection is missing

Life for me is about sharing the joy I feel with others

in spite of knowing some will never quite understand who I am

It is the appreciation that comes with kind affirmation

that renews and restores my confidence in myself

Life that is only about being right or wrong is a very cold life

For me, life is about feeling and loving deeply and caring for others

It is what makes my life worthwhile


Photo selfie: Sriam B.

Unwanted Treasures

Walnut table

I believe meaning and purpose often dies with us. Emotions are very hard to pass on …except through genetic predispositions. So much is gone when one dies. A lifetime of memories and stories are left untold, while a few cherished moments and trauma live on …sometimes for generations.

I see it happening, when I volunteer at the Habitat Restore. Parents die leaving a houseful of keepsakes. A handful are saved, and our box truck brings us the rest. Stuff often loses meaning when passed from generation to generation. Young folks have their life, their own stuff; So, unwanted treasures from the past go to be sold to someone who will cherish them, and then perhaps they too will be passed on, resold, or discarded.

Our cherished treasures

full of memories long past

Help build new houses



Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Note: Habitat for Humanity Restore is a place that takes donations of many kinds that are resold. The money is used to build new low-income houses for families who otherwise would not be able to afford one. In the past our store alone has taken in enough in one year to build ten new houses.

For more information: