The Old Oak Tree

This is my latest project done during the few warm days of winter. It is the painting of a farm near Singers Glen, Virginia. During college dating years, we enjoyed some beautiful days there up under the oak tree on the hill. We even took our engagement photo next to that tree! I sent it to my niece, whose grandparents lived there.

Ziegler Farm

So many great memories

‘neath the giant oak


Painting: Dwight L. Roth

The Cutting Edge

Did you ever feel

the edge of a knife

cutting into you

as someone welcomed you

to their house?

I know that feeling

As I once again go back

to my childhood memories

Growing fast

a preadolescent young boy

I was self conscious

about this obvious growth spurt

pushing me into husky size clothes

Although sweet and smiling

when spoken

the words,

“Well, you look like your pregnant!”

Had an edge I will never forget

cutting deep into my soul

Not meant to be abusive

there was no doubt

this cutting judgmental remark

drew blood

left a scar.

I am still wary of people

who smile too much

while saying something

less than welcoming.

Pain comes in many forms

The scars stay forever

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Lisa asked us to consider Edges or Fringes in our poetry. Edges give an insite that goes beyond words into the life of the poet revealing what is beyond the words. I decided to use edges as the way a persons words speak beyond what they are saying.

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Best Lickin’ Ever

Licking the mixing bowl when my mom baked cakes was so much fun. The mixer was set up on the kitchen table. I pulled out a chair and climbed up on it, sitting on my knees, and watched the spinning bowl. The rich chocolate batter flowed smoothly through the beaters as the bowl rotated hypnotically round and round. She used a wooden handled rubber spatula to clean the crumbs of mix off the outer edges of the bowl.

When all was blended, she poured the mix into a 9 x 12 glass cake pan. Now it was my turn. She loosened the beaters and gave them to me one at a time to lick off. It was wonderful to run my tongue up and down each of the tine, getting chocolate from ear to ear.

Then it was time for the bowl. She left little streaks of chocolate decorating the inside of the bowl. I licked both sides of the spatula; then used it to scrape out every bit of chocolate batter that I could get. It was a wonderful time to bake with mom when I was six!

Waiting anxiously

Chocolate lava oozes through

Mixing bowl is mine

Photo: Family Album – the house where I was born

Today at d’Verse, Lillian asked us to take time to reflect and take note of memories from our childhood that are not from photos or family stories. We are to write a Haibun sharing what we conjured up from the depths!

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Love and Anger

Love is the skin of the soul…

Anger is the shadow that follows you

And, in the dark of night it becomes you

Love is face to face welcomed reality

Anger is that dark distorted part

Hauntingly eerie and frightening

Love lights the way leaving no shadow

No need to look back and wonder…

What part is trailing along behind

Love is the skin of the soul

bringing life and light to everyone

Healing the heart

Wrapping us in the divinity

With which we were created


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Two Different Perspectives

A few years ago I painted this waterfall. It started out from a completely different perspective. It was originally a painting of Looking Glass Falls in the Pisgah National Forest, NC. I had it sitting upside down in my garage. When I looked at it, I loved the way the perspective of the overhanging rocks changed as the painting rotated. I decided to turn it sideways and paint the waterfall flowing from the opposite direction.

The bottom painting was the original and the top painting is the redo. I added in more rocks and extended the waterfall to the bottom. I like the way it turned out. If you rotate the bottom painting you can see how the perspective changes.

Rotation changes

Rocks and water perspective

The world keeps turning

Paintings: Dwight L. Roth

Meaning in the Meaningless

Old in age, I am young at heart

Seeing my way through an uncharted maze

I look for light in the winter dark of night

Racing slowly toward the finish line


Days creep by, as redundant weeks roll on

Attempting to find meaning in the meaningless

Believing in that unbelievable Spirit of all Creation

Experiencing grace and comfort in not knowing


In this winter of freezing joints and pushing buds

I defy the waiting cold earth with warm sunshine

I write my simple poems from inspired words unknown

As night closes in, each new day dawns

I am the bud and the blossom, I am the late-falling leaf” – from The Paradox by Paul Dunbar

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Laura asked us to consider writing from the perspective of paradox. She gave us some lines from different poems to choose from for inspiration. I chose the one from Paul Dunbar’s, The Paradox.

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“On the Go”

On the go..

Colloquial term

Used by many when I was young

Little Phil is learning to walk

Took his first steps yesterday

Now he is on the go!

Granny broke her hip last fall

Now she is healed up and on the go!

Today at d’Verse, De asked us to make a quadrille of exactly 44 word using the word go! What came to mind immediately was a term I heard very often when I was a boy. It was the term, … on the go. These days we are not on the go as much as we used to be. I can’t wait to be on the go again!

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Photo – Streets of Stasbourg, France: Dwight L. Roth

Living Above the Pain

Somewhere above the pain there is life

A place where one can live and function

Where hopes and dreams can still be achieved

Living above the pain does not make it go away

It only allows one to be in control

Pain lies rooted in one’s being

A constant reminder

Rearing its ugly head

Vying for control

Only to be suppressed once more

By hope determination and faith

Unwilling to resign oneself to fate

Knowing that above the pain

Above the pills

There is light and hope

It is a choice one must make

Every day all day long


*A tribute to my wife Ruth, who makes this choice every day, all day long!

Photo: Dwight L. Roth