Unmovable Rock

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Spring is all around us, spreading pollen as leaves and flowers flourish. The joy of springtime is not inhibited by human crisis! Rocks remind us that what is solid is unmoved. As we lift prayers and hope for those working on the front lines of the Coronavirus, we must remember that the words on our coins are not just a nice saying, but rather the solid rock of our faith… In God We Trust!

Beauty rises high

above all // glorious Spring

Rocks remain solid


Photo: Dwight L. Roth



A New Day

EER_0215 (3)

The sun is shining

Birds are singing in the trees

I will sing with them


Photo: Dwight L. Roth



Suet Lover

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Every day she works on making a hole in the dead gumtree branch. How she keeps from getting a migraine I certainly do not know. She gets her energy from my suet cake hanging outside my window.

High in the gum tree

She slowly carves out a nest

Coming back for suet

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Photos: Dwight L. Roth

New Meaning

Burnt Barn...

Forced Solitary
Old walls come down
We must talk
Light breaks the darkness
Building bridges heart to heart
Words hold new meaning

“Barn’s burnt down, now I can see the moon.”
~Mizuta Masahide

Mish, at d’verse, asked what we can learn from all unsettling things that are happening around us. The quote by Mizuta Masahide shows that good can come from what most would consider tragedy. She asked us to write with this quote in mind.

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Time and Perspective

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“A time for every purpose under heaven…”
A perspective for all of us to consider…

A time for thinking…
Seems everything moves but me
Watching trees turn green

Tinnitus drowns cricket’s song
Tick-or-tape thoughts click on by…


…Which time will it be for me?

Photo: Dwight L. Roth



powers of 10

The coronovirus outbreak may seem small in the US at the moment, but for an untreatable virus on the loose it is important to understand the exponential component of it all. I am not a math person by any means, but the chart above shows how ten persons who have the virus could spread it to a hundred, which would spread to a thousand, etc. By the time it is shared six times it is already up to a millon; Therefore, it is important to take it all seriously and realize it will multiply exponentially as we saw happen in China. Be safe and protect yourself. Take precautions, and this too will pass.

Exponential growth
All must take precautions now
Birds are still singing

Chart from Bing Images

Consequences of Choice


Today at d’Verse, Amaya asked us to take our poetry to taboo places, writing about subjects such as sex politics, religion. I decided to incorporate all three in my poem choice. Thousands of babies are aborted in this country and around the world every year. Some have convinced themselves that it is a woman’s right over her own body to abort the life within her. Yet those same individuals decry the destruction of turtle or eagle nests. Both have become political agendas, and it is now the law that a woman can choose to have or not have her baby growing inside her. I am not sure how we can justify this choice.

How incensed our cries
When turtle eggs are destroyed…
Inflicting strict fines;
Yet, the government pays for
destruction of the unborn…
Convenience changes
our values of life and death.
Some call it Pro Choice;
“It’s a woman’s right to choose.”
Seems more like a holocaust …

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Photo: Wikapedia

Abortion Was the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide in 2019, Killing 42 Million People

Walking over Fire

Nik Wellanda 2

Seems people are always pushing the limits. Today Nik Wallenda did a tightrope across an active volcano in Nicaragua. Gas and heat surrounded him as he crossed the wire. He made it safely across this time!

Watching tightrope walk

Over a live Volcano

What is he thinking!


Bing entertainment photo