Attitude Adjustment


During my last years of teaching, some changes came about that made me want to give up and throw in the towel! The state of North Carolina was implementing what I call “Teach for the Test.” I enjoyed my creative freedom as a teacher, and to be confined to teaching everything at the exact same time and in exact same way as everyone else did not sit well.  After fretting and complaining for some time, I came to the conclusion that it was better to change my attitude than to change my job.  I made it through the next few years and finished with twenty-nine years. Looking back, I believe I made the best choice for me.  This can apply across the board. We live in a society in which people jump ship every time things don’t go the way they like.  Perhaps an attitude adjustment would spare us a lot of pain! I am still learning!!

Attitude Adjustment

Change your thinking and change your life

Why go up the down escalator

Why carry that root of bitterness into 2017

Always kicking against the pricks is not smart

An attitude adjustment can lighten your load


Here are my attitude adjustment words of wisdom:

It is easier to change your attitude

Than change your job

It is easier to change your attitude

Than find a new spouse

It is easier to change your attitude

Than find a new church

It is easier to change your attitude

Than lose your children

It is easier to change your attitude

Than move away from neighbors

It is easier to change your attitude

Than not have sex

It is easier to change your attitude

Than grow a new family

It is easier to change your attitude

Than alienate your siblings

It is easier to change your attitude

Than resist change you cannot change

It is easier to change your attitude

Than always be right


I am sure you can add many more…

Happy New Year

Painting: Dwight L. Roth




Fancy crow dressed in black and blue

Smart shrewd bird of colorful hue

Looking less priestly than his cousin

Recognizes himself in the big glass mirror

Brighter than others he’s not inferior

Know it’s him when he takes a peak


Loud and boisterous his piercing squawks

Strutting around with a swaggered walk

Bold and persistent to get with he wants

Edmonton’s squatter he lives out his days

Throughout frigid winters he does not go away

Scavenging the city mid traffic and steps


Photos: Dwight L. Roth



Forget Resolutions


You may have heard the statement, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions! That is the way I feel about setting New Year’s Resolutions. I have also heard that people who go on yo yo dieting end up gaining back the pounds plus five or ten more! So, what is the solution to changing our ways. A few people make it on strong commitment to change. Some change when forced to for health reasons. But, few people I know ever change because of making New Year’s Resolutions.

Forget Resolutions

Forget resolutions

Making liars is their goal

Pining for less pounds

More exercise you’re told

Exercise machines

With bright reflectors

Only work for a month

Colossal dust collectors

Calling you a failure

Killing self-esteem

Pursue what really works for you

Moderation in all things

Watch what you eat

A good rule to follow

Only dip once

Be careful what you swallow

Be true to yourself

Find ways to serve

Look for the good

It’s what we all deserve

At work or a play

With those you meet

Wear a smile

It can’t be beat

Love yourself

Just as you are

You’ll be happy

Wherever you are


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Sculpture of Life


Years ago a friend of mine allowed me to try my had at wire-wielding. This is the result! It is a fascinating experience joining steel with steel. It reminds me of relationships that have forged who I am. Some strong, some fragile, others odd and some unique! One thing is for sure, great relationships create lasting bonds that are always there no matter how near or far they may be. They are like these bonds of steel never to be broken. This sculpture is a tribute to the people in my life.

Sculpture of Life

Fused bonds molten steel

Melting wire rides to its destiny

Electric fire too bright to see

Fusing retinas just as easily

Sparks of raging resistance

Yielding under intense heat

Creating scars from molten glue

Strong where two hearts meet

Relationships from the scrap bucket

Eternally joined with unforeseen connection

Forging a sculpture of strength

Finding Love and great affection

Odd coupling rejects

Sculpted  beauty of rugged proportion

A steely conjoining

Monument to uniqueness and perfection

Every relationship

Brings special breadth and depth

Each one unique

Fragile strong yet always kept

Relationship bonds

Never again rejected

Strength in the scars

and very eclectic


Photo and Sculpture: Dwight L. Roth










Still Loving You


What does it take to stay married for forty-seven years? It takes commitment and love to make a marriage work.  None of us are saints to live with in a relationship. It does not take long for the honeymoon to wear off and the lifetime reality show to start!  Adjusting to one another is not an easy task. There are many things that can derail a marriage. But I believe it is the ongoing commitment that makes it last. For some the vow of commitment is, ” for as long as we love each other.” For me it is, “for as long as we both shall live, we will love each other!”

Still Loving You

After all these years

47 to be exact

We are the odd ones

Still together all intact

Many ups and downs

Through thick and thin

And two little boys

With big wide grins

There were times

We could have bailed

But our commitment is solid

Our love did not fail

Now looking back

On all these years

With six beautiful grands

That we love to cheer

For better and for worse

We stayed by those vows

Love includes both

Not one or the other

I love you



Winter is a time of hope and anticipation of what is to come. It is a time of reflection on the past year and a look forward to good things to come. What was lost in the past year is not necessarily gone, but remain as seeds of hope for renewal in the spring. Collect those seeds and plant them again when you feel the warmth of the sun on your face and the gentle rains of spring. Let them grow and blossom. There is no hope, only memories in a dried arrangement!


I collected seeds today

What was once an orange glow

Mirroring the warmth of the sun

Now captive of early morning frost

Dried and twisted stems

Heads bowed in thirsting humility

Yet full of hope and anticipation

Remnants of petals soft and fragile

Hard-pressed in the icy blasts

Devoid of life-giving water

Memory of beauty still hanging on

Winter is a time of anticipation

Remembering and expecting

Knowing that when the icy chill is gone

Resurrection of beauty will occur

Hope left in the fruit of the flower

Seeds are not dead rather full of paused life

So I collect seeds in winter

With anticipation of spring

Christmas All Year ‘Round


Christmas All Year ‘Round

Children look forward to Christmas each year

To toys and presents and Santa’s good cheer

To cookies, candy, and signs that are bright

Trees with tinsel and bright colored lights


Christmas pageants where stories are told

Of angels, shepherds, and the stable so cold

Of Mary and Joseph with the New Born King

Wise men from the East precious the gifts they bring


But why do we leave Christmas in December

The joy of Christmas we should always remember

The baby did not simply stay in the manger

He brought hope and peace to both friend and stranger


The gift of God’s grace coming down to Earth

To live in our hearts makes it worth

Remembering the joy all year round

Bringing hope and cheer where ever it’s found


So spread the love both near and far

Share Christmas joy where ever you are

Give of yourself and lend a hand

To both friend and stranger across our land


Photo: Audrey Hartzler Eby

Merry Christmas


“…And His name shall be called

Wonderful Counselor,

Almighty God,

Everlasting Father,

Prince of Peace!”    

Isaiah 9:6   KJV


Merry Christmas to all of my Word Press Bloggers!

Wishing you God’s Peace and Joy throughout the coming year


Painting : Ruth Roth



When I was a child I loved the decorations on the Christmas Tree. This was back when we decorated with silver icicles, garlands, and lights as big as my thumb. I always admired my neighbors tree. They decorated the tree with balls and lights and then covered the bottom with angel hair. Poetry is special like that full of light and bigger than life.


Poetry garlands

Words strung together

Decorating the tree of my mind

Joy and pain entwined memories

Reminding me of events passed

Sparkly words tingling and jingling

Filling my brain with glitter and shine

Words of comfort sadness and inspiration

Winding gently over the bows

Limb to limb garlands of present and past

Entwined through the light of my life

Reflecting shimmering memories

That I will always want to keep


Contributed Photo: Audrey Hartzler Eby


New Poetry Book


This is my new poetry book I self-published recently. It contains eighty-five poems that I wrote for my Word Press Blog this year. This week I passed 300 followers on my blog. I am amazed and humbled that so many of you have taken time to read and enjoy my poetry. I urge you to keep your inspirations alive. Write them down. Take them to Office Max or Office Depot on a flash drive and publish them your self. Save your book for future generations.

Keep Your Inspirations Alive

A poem in your head is good for you

A poem in print or on the web travels

Faster than light years around the world

Read by strangers and friends alike

Can be read by  Great Great Grandchildren

Write down your inspirations

Spread your love to future hearts

Don’t let your inspirations die