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Welcome to my blog site.

I love writing poetry. It is such a therapeutic medium. I hope that the things you read and see on this site will stimulate your emotions and give rise within you to the point that you to will have to write what you are thinking and feeling. 

Let your poetry tell your story, not only for those who read it today, but for future generations who come after you. Poetry is the expression of who you are and what you see and experience in the world around you.

I wrote this poem a while back to impress upon you the importance of telling your story.

Tell your story

Let it roll from your mind like an avalanche

Mighty and intense

Driven by unstoppable forces

Knowing that if not you

No one

Will ever know the depth of joy and pain

It will be lost



Dwight L. Roth



57 thoughts on “Roth Poetry – Home Page

  1. That is very beautiful. And you are so right. Only we are able to share our stories as only we have lived them. They all have value, and they all have gems worth sharing. Poetry is a fantastic way to express these little jewels of experience. I love your poem above.

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    • Thanks for the nomination. I appreciate that you feel I am worthy of the award. I posted a response to an award about a month ago, So I may let this one go by. Again Thanks for reading and for nominating me.


  3. Excellent! Sharing our stories brings all walks of life together in unity! Your blog is lovely. Happy New Year, many Blessings to you and you family, and be well🎆😀

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  5. Yes, Sir, – I write everyday. Most of it in some ways a BoTS = based on a true story because who do we know best but ourselves. That was the advice of one of my English teachers decades ago. I’m still in SW, PA. Only semi-retired – still on call a bit for the grands. I also like flash fiction these days. And what I call the Mash-up of prompts. Keeps my mind busy and me, (well mostly) out of trouble. Cheers, Jules

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  6. You said above, “Let your poetry tell your story, not only for those who read it today, but for future generations who come after you.” I have recently started a family project entitled “Letters From Your Ancestors.” It includes poems, stories, anecdotes, photos, and what it’s like to live when and where I live. It will be something that gets passed down from one generation to another. As it gets passed down, each generation can make a contribution to future generations. It is so much fun to put together and I can’t wait to gift it to my daughter. Thank you for your beautiful poetry!

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