You Can’t Take It With You

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Being retired allows me the freedom to volunteer at our local Habitat Restore. The store depends on donations from the community which are resold at our store.  The money raised is used to build affordable housing for families who qualify. One of the things I have observed is that much of the donated furniture we get comes to us after the death of older family members. The children take what they want and then give us the rest to sale. Sometimes there are no children and we get most of what is left behind.

Here are two major items that were donated recently. The end tables and center piece were acquired by the owner when he was stationed in Japan. They are beautiful hand carved pieces that were then brought back when he came back to the States.  The tall room divider that was donated appears to have come from China. It also was brought to this country by the owner. It is very difficult to get the full value of an object. We usually resale for about half of the original value or less. Hopefully we will find a buyer for these items.

Cherished items stay

When death come calling for us

All is left behind

Children take what is desired

Cherished memories are resold

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Photos are from the Union County Habitat for Humanity Restore in Monroe, NC


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Though our words may look

like dried husks, dead and worthless…

of little value…

Inside // buried potential

inspiration and new life!


Those who read find seeds

planted deeply in their soul

(a place to germinate)

Dominoes of light

Lined up //waiting to be tipped

Scattered feathers in the wind

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Reading Ivor Sevens poem the other day, the word husks stuck in my mind, triggering this poem. Thanks for the inspiration Ivor!

Seeds in Lines – Ivor.Plumber/Poet (

Backyard Bunny

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I noticed my backyard bunny has been enjoying the grass, since we got a couple of rain showers to freshen it up. She lives in the rabbit run just beyond and to the left of the photos.  I have seen her around for a few years. This morning when we looked out ,she was sitting next to the air conditioner.  It is wonderful to see she feels safe and at home here.

IMG_7037 (2)

Backyard Bunny rests

Feels at home in my back yard

Not afraid of me

Sits very still for portraits

Watches me with on sharp eye

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Photos: Dwight L. Roth


Cicada’s First Song

Claws firmly attached, it hangs on to my old bird house wires being swallowed up by the willow tree! Seeing it hanging there was a most interesting sight. I wasn’t sure at first if it was alive or not, so I tapped it and found it hollow. The cicada, or seventeen year locust comes up out of the ground every seventeen years, usually attaching itself to a tree, and bursts out of its shell. Then it sings with his wings trying to attract a mate. Ours are usually green in color and about twice as big as the original shell. This one is a photographer’s dream shot. I was very excited to see it hanging there.

Cicada shell sways

Remnant of its dark past life

My bird house long gone


Hollow memories still hang on

Cicada sang its first song

Thrill Ride

Today Sir Richard Branson and his crew tested his Virgin Galactic space rocket that will take you to the edge of Space over fifty miles high, and then back to land like an airplane. People are signing up to ride the next flight at $250,000 each. It seems people with lots of money are always looking for the next big thrill.

Rich billionaires race

to create people’s first thrill ride

People pay big bucks

for the Virgin’s first high trip

Pushing Earth’s limits

Stamp art: Dwight L. Roth