Saskatchewan Screamer


The weatherman called it the “Saskatchewan Screamer”! A big weather front moved through the Carolinas today bringing deep snow to the mountains, but only ice and freezing rain to our area. I think it lost all of its scream by the time it got to us.  I filled the open bird feeder with lots of seeds and scattered some on the deck as well. The birds loved it and so did the squirrel. I counted at least ten different kinds of birds that came to eat lunch with us today.

Sleet and freezing rain

Squirrel stuffs himself with my seeds

Icicles hang // drip


Little birds dropped by for lunch

Crumbs from master squirrel’s table

IMG_8370 (2)

IMG_8374 (2)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Covid got you blue… Try something New


During this cold month of January, I decided to try something new… learning to draw! A few weeks ago, my friend Chuck aka. The Reluctant Poet, suggested that I check out the book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards. He found it to be a great guide to learning how to use the right side of your brain. Drawing and perspective are very difficult for me to get correct, so I decided to order it from I found it to be most interesting, enlightening, and helpful.

After reading the first four chapters describing how the two sides of the brain work together, and sometimes against each other, I started my third drawing assignment today. It was to copy a drawing by Picasso of Igor Stravinski. In order to engage the right side of the brain, she asked us to draw the picture upside down! This overrides the desire to draw as we did as children, which is often sketchy and out of proportion with reality. After an hour of drawing upside down, I turned them around and this was the result. It was amazing to me to see how this works.  I am looking forward to seeing what else I can do.

Left Brain or Right Brain

Our dominate traits shine through

Which one are you?


Don’t let the left side stop your

 true creative expression

Check out Chuck’s Site:

Hole or Whole?

Hole in the Road

What a hole it made

as the flooded road collapsed

a huge asphalt hole

A whole lot of people stopped

Rethought their route driving home


Written in Tanka form…  Photo compliments of my bother Phil from the floods in Eastern Pennsylvania a few weeks ago.

You Can’t Take It With You

IMG_7122 (2)

Being retired allows me the freedom to volunteer at our local Habitat Restore. The store depends on donations from the community which are resold at our store.  The money raised is used to build affordable housing for families who qualify. One of the things I have observed is that much of the donated furniture we get comes to us after the death of older family members. The children take what they want and then give us the rest to sale. Sometimes there are no children and we get most of what is left behind.

Here are two major items that were donated recently. The end tables and center piece were acquired by the owner when he was stationed in Japan. They are beautiful hand carved pieces that were then brought back when he came back to the States.  The tall room divider that was donated appears to have come from China. It also was brought to this country by the owner. It is very difficult to get the full value of an object. We usually resale for about half of the original value or less. Hopefully we will find a buyer for these items.

Cherished items stay

When death come calling for us

All is left behind

Children take what is desired

Cherished memories are resold

IMG_7135 (2)

IMG_7131 (2)

IMG_7128 (2)

Photos are from the Union County Habitat for Humanity Restore in Monroe, NC