After the Storm


Hurricane had past

Not a window left in place

Murmur of black birds

Floats quietly through the house

And not a soul left in sight


Artwork by:

Today at d’Verse, Sarah introduced to the artist Lee Madgwick. She gave us several of his pieces to choose from and asked us to pick one and write an ekphrastic poem about it. Lee gave her permission to use his works in our prompt.

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Miniature Morning Glories

DSC_0338 (2)

Little trumpeters

Blasting silent sunshine songs

Concert ends at noon

Flowers close up and go home

Tomorrow’s show’s at sunrise

DSC_0340 (2)


Miniature Morning Glory Photos: Dwight L. Roth

These beautiful volunteers greet me at my kitchen window every morning!

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IMG_9636 (2)

Three of my windows were getting streaked and foggy in between the glass. Since they were new when we moved into our house, the life-time warranty was still in effect. I contacted the manufacturer and sent them pictures of the three windows. They agreed to send me three replacement double glass panes, but I had to pay $40 each for shipping.

I sent them a check and a couple of weeks later three large cartons arrived on my doorstep. When I picked them up to take them inside, one of the boxes had a rattling sound inside. I knew that meant the window paned was broken.  Examining the box, I could see there was a definite crease in the middle that looked like something heavy had dropped on it. I contacted the company again and explained the situation. They are going to send me a replacement.

Double-pane/pain window

Shattered with broken pieces

Glass, Handle with Care

IMG_9607 (2)


Photo: Dwight l. Roth

Summer Squall


Summer Squall – Winslow Homer


Summer squalls blow through

Nature’s waves of nausea

Unstoppable force

Powerful, yet soon passing

So thankful when things calm down


Today at d’Verse, Merril presented up with an Ekphrastic Poetry prompt.  She gave us several paintings to choose from to write our poem.  I choose Summer Squalls by Winslow Homer.

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Blood and Poppies

EER_0518 (2)

Each Memorial Day, when I was young, the large community cemetery behind our church filled with flags that waved across the sloping hillside. Volunteers from the VFW commemorate those soldiers, who died in service to their country, by placing a flag on each grave. I never saw any poppies growing as in Flanders’s Field, but many other flowers dotted the hillside along with the flags.

Memories are mixed

Joy and sorrow flows freely

as blood // and poppies

wave on the resting places

of those who never came home

EER_0175 (2)

EER_0174 (2)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth


IMG_0526 (2)

Sky panted bright orange

Twilight chases evening sun.

Burn turns to a tan

Cool lotion soothes stinging pain

Stayed on the beach way too long


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Lillian wants us to play with compound words. She gave us a list of compound words to choose from and asked us to choose one and use it in a poem, but we must separate into the two root words in sequence on two different lines.  I choose sunburn in the Tanka format.

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The Heartbeat of Peace

Vika Art

Hope is a songbird

where fairies and young children

find refuge from war…

Clutching onto her feathers

to feel the heartbeat of peace


Today at d’Verse, Mish introduced us to Vike Muse, an artist from the Ukraine who shares her artwork on Instagram @get.muse . She creates beautiful fantasy art with positive themes to share her hope for a better day when this diabolical war has ended. Mish gave us several of her pieces to choose from. We were to pick one that inspires us and write a poem of any style about it. I wrote a Tanka.

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Mourning or Celebrating

IMG_8890 (2)

New buds surround light

Filled with the hope of springtime

In church loved ones mourn

Remembering a life well lived

Celebrating family ties

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Yesterday we gathered with family and friends to remember the life of my brother’s wife. She was a beautiful strong woman, who spent 35 years of her life serving others as an Intensive Cardiac Care nurse. She was loved by all who knew her. Though we mourned her loss, we celebrated the gift she was to all of us.