Turtling on a Log

Six turtles necking

On Lover’s Log in the pond

Their hot blood pumping


Sun’s bright rays coming on strong

Wondering who’ll get lucky

Two slide in to chill

Leaving four seeking a thrill

Long necks stretched …entwined


With hot lovin’ on their minds

Warm chills up and down their spine

Two more slide away

Into the green pond they spill

Rita and Bill stay


Will Rita’s love want to play

Or will he send her away

Rita cozies up

But Big Bill’s not in the mood

Now Rita’s long gone


Leaving Bill alone to brood

Wondering what he did wrong

I wrote this Haikai poem in renga form, but it is not a true renga since it is not a collaboration. I did both the first and second voice with the asterisks showing the divisions. Renga is a Japanese form that is written in collaboration with another person; each verse and response becoming more boisterous. We went to the Dogwood Park today, where we saw this row of turtles lined up on a log in the middle of the pond. It was so cute… the pairs were neck and neck in the sunshine. So, that is how I came up with this silly renga!

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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Dubbs Rat

Today I followed this cut up custom job down the road. It gives a whole new meaning to short-bed pick-up! He had a beer keg strapped on the bed for his gas tank. His 357hp Chevy V-8 engine had a lot of power. He left me in the dust; but, I seem always catch up at the light or the next string of slow cars. It is great to see the creativity people come up with when they get inspired.

Old Chevy pick-up

4-barrel under the hood

Recall summers past

iPhone Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Black Vulture

Black vulture

sculpted onyx wings spread wide

Not looking for me

Picked up scent of death

floating in the air nearby

Nature’s carrion

Opossum for lunch

Shared by four… each in their turn

Life is short for all

Hung around awhile

then sailed off through tall oak trees

Majestic wingspan

Photos; Dwight L. Roth

Crank up the Victrola

Back in the days of the hand cranked Victrola these old 78 rpm records brought music to folks with limited access to the larger world. Radio stations broadcast songs of A.P. Carter, Sarah, and Mother Maybell, across the airwaves from Bristol Virginia/Tennessee, into mountain homes with battery powered radios. The records, like the one above, were recorded live and cut onto a metal disc that was then used to press the vinyl records. Classical and Jazz records were a hit as well. I still don’t understand how a scratching needle can make beautiful music!

We have come a long way from 78 rpms of my childhood. Digital sound is amazing as it comes from many devices manufactured today. Interestingly the old 45 rpm and 33 1/3 rpm players are not making a comeback with the younger generation! There is something magical about putting a record on, watching it spin and listening to the music come pouring out! The old ways weren’t so bad after all!

RCA Victor

Music coming from a horn

Flappers dance to Swing


Photo from Robert’s Books in Lincoln City, Oregon – Dwight L. Roth

Love Crosses All Boundaries

Years ago these two cute little girls were the best of friends. They did not think about race or color, just that they really enjoyed each other’s company. Makes me wonder why it is so hard for adults to to the same. We need to work on Dr. King’s dream and make it become a reality.

Teach your children well

Love crosses all boundaries

Be their example


How are you doing your part?

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Stunned Bird

The grease imprint of a dove that hit my window…

Birds fly into my window from time to time crashing into a sky of glass and an image of illusion. Stunned they fall to the ground or circle back to the trees, only to do it over again on another sunny day. Being territorial they are trying to attack the illusion of another bird intruding into their territory, and only hurt themselves in the process.

Seems we are seeing this play out today in DC, as our Lame-Duck President continually tries to incite followers to attack the illusion of an intruder stealing his space. Over and over he keeps hitting the glass sky and is now looking like that stunned bird that hit my window.

Protesters gather

Attacking an illusion

Stunned bird thinks he won


This is a stunned finch that hit my window. You can see the twisted claw. He eventually was able to fly away.

A Smile For You

Creativity and imagination always make me smile. When I pulled into my parking space at the mall, I saw this sweet little beauty smiling back at me. I tried to imagine the person who puts eyelashes on their car headlights. What a unique idea! Do you give names to your car?

Batting eyelashes

Smiling across the parking lot

A sweet set of wheels!


Photo: Dwight L. Roth