Keeping Watch (a Haiku)


Majestic dove eyes

surroundings // while mate scratches

seeds in cold feeder




Photos: Dwight L. Roth





Every breath a gift

Too soon taken for granted.

Thanksgiving’s inhale

Winter creeping in too soon

Thankfully spring is on the way


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Written for Frank Tassone’s Haikai poem thinking about Thanksgiving. I decided to do a Tanka in appreciation of life.

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Streamline Indian


Indian Motorcycles have come a long way from the early bicycles with a motor, to the big heavy duty cycles of thirty years ago, to this sleek modern machine of the day. LED headlights, radiator cooled engine, a comfortable cushioned seat, and a sleek satin black finish. No chrome or saddle bags, but a cycle any millennial might enjoy riding.

Ride an Indian

Hi-tech machine takes you there

Purring through summer



A vintage Indian Motorcycle built for two for the road!


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Fall Fashions


I find it interesting the styles and fashions I remember from the sixties and seventies are coming back again. Dark-rimmed glasses, plaids, bell-bottoms, afros, olive green houses etc., are making their rounds. Maybe we should be like nature and bring back the most beautiful colors over and over again, for each season year round.

Nature’s Fall Fashions
Same bright colors every year
Cardinals dress in red




Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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ChristopherSwallowing the coke bottle 001

When our son was young he had a cousin who was three years older. We were just starting out in our marriage and were grateful for any hand-me-downs that came our way. My sister gave us the clothes that her Brian outgrew. This little stocking cap and a sweater to match were some of our favorites.

As I thought about the concept of hand-me-downs, it struck me that all of our creations are really hand-me-downs borrowed from those who have gone before us.


What have we created that has not already been

Songs, art, music, style, design, color, people & more

All hand-me-downs from what already exists

Rearranging blocks in a pile // building creative towers

Finding ideas // resources from what has gone before

Nothing new under the sun…

What’s old becomes new // What’s new becomes old

The cycle of life // our DNA

Never really new // simply rearranged from his and hers

Even cloning takes something to start with

Many scoff at the idea of Creationism

But, everything we have, are, and ever will be

Is simply hand-me-downs from our Creator


B&W Photo: Dwight L. Roth



Finger tips // thick as leather
Built up from years of playing the guitar
Strings cutting into tender fingers
Pain subsides as the weeks go on
Callouses pad finger tips
Grooves leave impressions
Muscles in fingers increase pressure
Sensitivity lessens // notes get sharper
Six strings blend to build a chord
Fingers automatically dance on the neck
Thin strings cut sharp high notes
Course wound strings saw out bass sounds
Thumb wraps around the glassy smooth neck
Increasing the pressure of fingers on strings
Callouses combine with wood and metal
Creating good vibrations and beautiful music


Photo: Dwight L. Roth  playing a hand made Showalter Guitar… solid walnut

Today we are to write about touch at d’Verse Poetry Pub. Touch is something we take for granted and don’t often think about. I chose to explore the feeling of playing a guitar. Strings of steel, lacquered bodies, and plastic picks all come together to make unique sounds.

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In Pursuit of Passion


Authenticity is what we all look for

Whether poetry, music, religion, or friends

Not just words or feelings // but intense passion

That mystical quality of being transported

Into spiritual realms of heightened reality

Thousands turn out, not for the person(s)

But for the charisma // the passing of energy

Creating a lightness of being like no other

The fire in the belly // the anger of the soul

Draws us like a magnet bringing us together

At times intense expressions push us away

Repulses us out of fear or misunderstanding

But in the end // it is passion that drives us

Authentic soul stirring passion is our Heartbeat



Photo:  From Facebook

Photo 2: Dwight L. Roth


Last Rose of Summer


We enjoyed a warm Fall, but now the cold air is moving in and what had escaped the earlier cool nights is now getting frosted. I went out today to see what had survived and found the last rose of summer still bright red for one last day. Some of the others around it were wilting from the frost we had last night.

Frosty air arrives

Last rose of summer still smiles

Tomorrow she’ll die

Leaves shiver // aged overnight

Winter’s knocking on the door


Photos: Dwight L. Roth


“Where have all the flowers gone?”


Sunday is the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, when fighting ceased, bringing an end to WWI. It was called the war to end all wars, but sadly we see conflicts and wars continue throughout the world. Some say war is Hell and I would tend to agree. Many brave soldiers lost their lives on the battlefield. The horrific atrocities that occurred were unimaginable. Our leaders have not learned from our past. The division in our country can only lead to further conflict in our own back yard. We must learn how to agree to disagree and move beyond our personal power trips. We must stop sending our best young people to slaughter in ongoing wars of our own making.

Armistice Day ink
Brings an end to bloody war
November snow falls

Frank Tassone reminded us that tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of  the end of WWI. The Armistice signed ended the fighting and killing that had raged on for years. He asked us to write a Haikai poem that mention Armistice Day.
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Tomorrow is also Frank’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Frank!!

Photo: Dwight L. Roth    Title from Pete Seeger song:  “Were have all the flowers gone?”

Feel the Music

Sax player #4

Does great music stir your passion. Music has the ability to appeal to every mood. Those who play music know how wonderful it is to feel the music pulsing though your soul, like the blood pulses through your veins. A feeling like none other. Medicine for the soul.

Passion for music

Fills every part of our being

Summer night’s magic


Sax Player - Stacey Strawn

Sax Player #3

Sax player #2

Photos taken by: Stacey Strawn