Female Car (a Haiku)

Female Car

Eyelashes flashing

Wide smile stretched ear to ear

Cute little sweetheart


Photo: Dwight L. Roth



Earth Day



So many people

Large anthills all over this ball

How do we compare



Protecting our Earth from harm

Challenging polluters gain



Photo: Dwight L. Roth

This is for Frank Tassone’s Haikia/Haiku Saturday challenge using the word Earth for upcoming Earth Day tomorrow! If you have ever stepped on an anthill in your bare feet you will understand this poem.

#Haikai Challenge #30 (4/21/18): Earth… #Haiku #Senryu #Haibun #Tanka #Haiga #Renga


Impressively Unimpressed

Wright Brothers Memorial 001

Kitty Hawk (a Haibun)

Years ago we climbed the dune at Kitty Hawk, NC to visit the Wright Brother’s Monument. It was a fun time with our young boys. I am amazed how far we have come since that first flight on matchsticks and canvas!

Impressive granite

monument  // rising bird wings

Young man unimpressed


Photo of the Wright Brother’s Museum: Dwight L. Roth




Morning Beckons


Morning Bursts Forth

Morning bursts forth in all its radiant glory

Peering into the dark sheltered woods

Highlighting the trees dancing on flowers

The stepping stones draw me to the trees

To the mysterious woods sheltering the creek

Turning to mush in summer’s heat

Frogs buried in the mud keep cool

Sending out their sharp croaks

Calling for someone to hear

Morning breezes soon shift

to a sauna of heat and humidity

But for now the glorious morning rests

on the yellow buttercups

Red salvia bathes in the sunlight

Reaching toward the heavens

Calling me to come join them

In the exhilaration of the beckoning day


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

The Last Lap

See the source image

When we grow old, we take that last lap not by choice but because that is the way our life has worked itself out. It is difficult to push through the pain to the finish line but we have no choice. The last lap is there for all of us to run, be it early in life or late.

The Last Lap

The last lap it seems

always hardest to run

when winter comes late


Pressing // straining toward the mark

When strength is gone // the end near


photo: photosuggest.com

Road to the Sea

painting of Road to the Sea

Road to the Sea

I wonder alone

Down the well-worn road

Leading to the sea

Summer’s gone

Kids are back in school

Parents run in the spinning cage

And I am all alone

Just me // the fence posts // and the sea

What treasure might I find

On the empty strand

Perhaps a shell, a coin, or a polished stone

The best found treasure of all

Peace and calm of sea and soul

A time for renewal of spirit

With every ebb and flow


Painting by: Fay Collins

Our prompt from Sarah today is to write an ekphrastic poem about a piece of visual art. This involves writing a descriptive poem about that art piece. The paintings we were given to choose from are by Fay Collins who paints with oils, pastels, and water colors.  https://faycollinsart.co.uk/   I chose this one for its vivid colors and its blend of the pastoral and ocean views. The stark aloneness caught my attention, so I put myself in the painting and told the story!

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Lingering of the Day


The older I get the more I ponder the end of life as we know it. Questions arise regarding life after death. Some feel death is the final end.  Others believe there is an after life where the soul and spirit of a person returns to God, living on in a new state of being. We will all find out in time, one way or the other.

After attending the funeral of my wife’s uncle, we spent the day driving around the area where he lived and grew up. We had some great experiences seeing the old Snavely Mill where her Great Grandparents lived. Much to our surprise, the Mill pond yielded a Great White Egret.

As the day wound down we returned back to our Inn to retire. By this time, the sun was lingering in the west, creating the most beautiful sunset. It was as though heaven was celebrating the arrival of her uncle in living color. It was a fitting ending to our day.

Sun paints clouds in orange

lingering // revising blues

lullaby color


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Our prompt today for d’Verse came from Victoria  She asked us to write a Haibun based on the Japanese word Chijitsu, meaning the lingering of the day.

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Top of the Heap (Tanka)


IMG_1024.JPGThe successful person never forgets those who have contributed to his success. Those who fail often think they did it all on their own.  Never destroy the foundation that gave you rise! Surround yourself with people you can trust. Don’t forget to acknowledge their contributions.

Riding high above

Fat Cat on top of the heap

Digs // pulls himself down

Removing those who helped him

Unaware demise is near


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Crazy Bird


This crazy cowbird has been dancing on my window sill for the past four day or more. He sees himself in the glass and fluffs out his feathers to show he is boss. He does it most of the day. Once in a while he goes to the feeder to eat and comes right back. If we chase him away. He comes right back. I think he must be a little neurotic! This is my Haikia for Frank Tassone’s poetry challenge using the word warm.

Silly Little bird

Still strutting across my window

Mirage in clear glass


Emotions rising with warm spring

Runway sill for strutting ‘round


Narcissistic bird

Never tires of mirrored face

Loves his own image


Can’t seem to get past it

Perhaps warm hormones now flow


Self-indulgent bird

Where are your fine feathered friends

No future staring at one’s self


No warmth to be found in glass

No sweet feathered mate appears


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Written for Frank Tassone’s Haikai challenge using the word warm as our prompt.

#Haikai Challenge #29 (4/14/18): warm (atataka)…#haiku #senryu #haibun #tanka #haiga #renga


*This is the first edition of this crazy cowbird…





Rising Sweetness (a quadrille)

This was just published on the online poetry journal Whispers http://whispersinthewind333.blogspot.com/

Roth Poetry

Naked Maples line the edge of the field

Shivering when March winds whisper


Hints of warmth call forth

An adrenaline rush of sweetness

Rising in spongy bark. 

As spring calls each one by name

Spouts sink into bored trees

Knowing sweetness flows within


This poem was accepted for publication in Whispers, an online poetry journal. Please check it out at:  http://whispersinthewind333.blogspot.com/  

Tree tapping photo: flicker.com

Today, Bjorn on d’Verse invited us to post a poem of our choice. I wrote this quadrille of exactly 44 words about the gathering of  rising sap in the sugar maples.

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