Digital Overload



Yesterday went with my wife to Walmart to get a piece of fabric for a project. She found a piece that was on a thirty six inch wide roll. She told the clerk she only needed eighteen inches. It was six ninety-eight a yard. After measuring out and cutting the material the clerk proceeded to try to use her scanner to refigure the three forty-five it cost for the material. It did not want to cooperate. Since everything needs a barcode she worked at it for about five minutes until it finally worked and spit out the barcode. I thought, “How crazy is this that we have to have a machine to make a barcode for an amount we can figure out in our head.” Sometimes what is supposed to help us become more efficient only slows us down.

Digital Overload

Barcodes computers laser scanners

Making life simple


Running smooth as silk

Recording information saving time



Five simple steps to pump my gas

Reward card…  push

Credit card…  push

Do you want a car wash…  push

Oh, and don’t forget your zip code…  push

Lift the handle…   choose your grade

The computer commercial plays as I pump

And… do you want a receipt…   push

We are out of paper

You must go inside for your reciept


Groceries click through

Be sure to scan the rewards card

Oh, and don’t forget your twenty coupons

And did I bring my Recycle Bank coupon along

God forbid if something goes wrong

Can’t just delete and go on

Call the manager for a pin

Delete it all and start again

Watch that screen

Make sure they get it right

Receive a receipt as long as a kite


The Drug Store is just as bad

Filling a prescription for your dad

Seems they have stock in paper making

Spitting out pages of info on side effects frightening

Receipt and three coupons and surveys enlightening

When you buy a candy bar the same is true


If you go out to eat

The story is the same

Paying with your card is a real game

“I’ll take your card…  I’ll be right back!”

Sit there waiting …Hoping you’re not hacked

Scan the card bring two receipts

Sign one keep one

And don’t forget the tip

They still save the paper

For what I don’t know

It’s all in the computer

Why would they need more


Computers to make things faster

Computers to keep us smart

Computers make storage easier

Computers a necessary part


And I didn’t even mention smartphones!







Reach for the Light

When you live in darkness

You reach for the light

Following the sun

As it reclines on the horizon

Knowing that without the sun

There is no life

Same for the soul

In a world filled with darkness

Evil pressing in to overwhelm

Terrors for the one who stays below

Let your spirit reach for the Son

The source of Light in your life

Always shining never hiding

Spirit touching spirit

Reflecting the Light of Love

The only escape

From the eternal darkness around us


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Fall in Lancaster County



When we were in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago for a funeral, I snapped photos from the car as we drove down the back country roads of Lancaster County. The farmers were cutting corn and filling silos for the winter. It was a beautiful site to ride through the rural country side and enjoy the views as we traveled.  Poetry in motion….No words needed!













Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Photo #1 Ruth A. Roth









Neighborhood Visitor


When I looked out the window this morning my neighborhood Red Shouldered Hawk was sitting in the willow tree. I am sure he was looking for breakfast. He hid himself in the branches until he saw me moving in the window with my camera. He flew over to the neighbors fence where I was able to get a few more shots before he flew back into the woods. Poetry in motion… No words needed! (One Reader suggested that it might be a Cooper’s Hawk.)








Beauty is just outside your window if you will only open the shades!

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

A Spirit of Fear


If we give into fear our life becomes limited. Our world shrinks and we get put in a box with walls of fear. Intimidation and fear are becoming more pronounced in our society. Every time a terrorist commits another cowardly act of intimidation, we find ourselves becoming more and more unsettled. When women are harassed and intimidated by people in power. it makes them afraid to speak out for fear of reprisal. Resisting fear and speaking out gives our voice power and strength. This is why we write. Words can make a difference. Don’t be intimidated by fear. Stand and Speak the Truth!


Fear creates anxiety

Believing we are helpless

Unable to control our future

Fear drives us to climb on board

Riding the band wagon of destress

Cheering as we careen toward the cliff

Fear pre-empts good judgement

Listening to our insecurities

Instead of common sense

Fear is grasping for that last straw

Knowing it will not save us

But denying the inevitable

Fear is the method of control and intimidation

For politicians, religious leaders, and jihadi terrorists

Dictators, Presidents, Kings, and Priests

Why do we choose a spirit of fear

When we could have…

‘a Spirit of power, of love, and of a strong mind’ (NKJV)

Light a candle of hope… dispel the darkness of fear


Photo: Dwight L. Roth



Shooting Star
Have you ever hitched yourself
To a shooting star
Only to find that person was really
A comet flying through space
A cold solid chunk of ice and rock
With no life of its own
Living off the shinning reflection
Of other stars around them
Find yourself a star
Burning brightly
Full of passion and fire
Warm caring light for all
Better yet
Be that shining star


Picture: Pinterest,com


Fall in the Woods

Dwight with bird house from Lauralville 001

Growing up playing in the woods all summer was wonderful. We ran over the trails and played Cowboys and Indians, Davey Crockett, and Daniel Boone. We had no video games or smartphones. We spent our days in the outdoors. I hope you will bear with me for reposting this bit of nostalgia. I posted it last year and will probably post it again next year. Perhaps you can picture the changes in our woods as fall came on each year. This is where I grew from a child into a teenager at Masontown, Pennsylvania.

Fall in the Woods at Masontown

I can still remember, like it was yesterday
Fall in the woods at Masontown

Cold weather closed in early
Leaves in the woods
Turned shades of yellow, orange, red, and brown
What was once a lush green woods
Filled with green hollow stemmed weeds
Now becomes blanketed
With a soft silent coating of leaves

The Silver Maple and Butternut next to the house
Dropped their yellow-tan leaves
The quince turned yellow-brown
As the apple trees blended into the scene
With rich deep red leaves
Highlighted by a back drop of color
Pouring from the shallow woods
Extending from our house
To the church cemetery

On the driveway black walnuts still in the hulls
Driven over with car tires
Squishing and shelling
Removing the hard nuts inside
Picking them up, peeling off the excess
While blends of saffron, amber, and walnut stains
Are left on my hands and under my nails

From driveway to furnace room
Down in the basement
The nuts carried to be dried
For cracking with hammer and brick

Out in the field behind the chicken house
Rows of asparagus
Lined the edge of the woods
Bent over like a hundred old men
Kinked and twisted
Dry hollow stems
Seed pods still clinging stubbornly to the tops
Some will weather the snow and wind
Only to be disked up in the spring
To start all over again

Masontown 1972 (2)

Out in the woods,
Paths where our bare feet ran all summer long
Disappeared under layers of leaves
As frost took its toll on the trees
Now I can walk through the woods,
With a borrowed single-shot 12 gauge,
Looking in the pit holes for rabbits,
Flushing out ring-necked pheasants
From the edge of the corn field
Just beyond the back side of the woods

Life was simple then,
Rabbits shot were few and pheasants even fewer
But walking through the woods and field
Was an experience I enjoyed
Just for the sake of being there

The woods remained stark and bare
For the rest of the winter,
But it’s passing and recurring beauty
Left indelible impressions
On my mind for years to come

Sometimes I wish
I could just be there once again

Masontown, PA circa 1949 001

Photos: Dwight L. Roth & Family Album



Bold is Beautiful


Shinny and bright with a new coat of feathers

Red bold and fabulously beautiful

Nature’s fashion show

Unmatched anywhere


He knows you’re watching perched on the edge

Doesn’t mind showing off for anyone who will watch

And who can blame him

He steals the show


Enjoying the moment with a beak full of seeds

Taking advantage of food eating all he needs

Fluffing his feathers to keep his balance

Being bold doesn’t necessarily mean graceful


Just look at those sleek lines so well defined

With that metallic red coat he’s sure to shine

Like an new Maserati straight out of the showroom

Bold and beautiful glistening in the sun


Photos: Dwight L. Roth




Bluetooth to the Brain


What happens when Artificial Intelligence gets embedded into our brains. Will we all become human robots?  I was listening to Public Radio talking about the ways our smart phones distract people and make them less smart on IQ tests. They went on to speculate that in the future all of the things on our smartphone might be accessed directly to the brain, without us having to do anything, via Bluetooth! I thought. “Wow that would really turn us into robots for sure!” I think digital media gives us access to amazing information, but it does not make us smarter!  When the GPS quits working we are lost! This is probably true of all digital media. People go into withdrawal when it is taken away. Here are my thoughts on the subject!

Bluetooth to the Brain

IQ’s all the same

No need for testing

We’re all in the game

With Bluetooth to the brain

Intelligence unlimited

Answers always there

Easily accessed by all

With Bluetooth to the brain

All problems solved

No mistakes ever made

Everyone’s a winner

With Bluetooth to the brain

No need for schools

No college or advanced degrees

We all have PhD’s

With Bluetooth to the brain

But what about love

Feelings and emotions

No need for spontaneity

With Bluetooth to the brain

Long past 1984

No need for brainwashing

We’re all just dummies in skin

With Bluetooth to the brain


Clip Art:




On our way back home from a funeral a couple of weeks ago, we came upon Dunrovin’ Country Store. It was just north of Southern Pines, North Carolina. This one of a kind place had everything imaginable packed into a one story building. Since we needed a break from driving, we decided to stop and see what it was all about. Their ice cream was wonderful! It was a very unique place. Here is our tour of the odd and the interesting items found there. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.



















Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Photos: Dwight L. Roth