Morning Bursts Forth

Morning bursts forth in all its radiant glory

Peering into the dark sheltered woods

Highlighting the trees dancing on flowers

The stepping stones draw me to the trees

To the mysterious woods sheltering the creek

Turning to mush in summer’s heat

Frogs buried in the mud keep cool

Sending out their sharp croaks calling for someone to hear

Morning breezes soon shift to a sauna of heat and humidity

But for now the glorious morning rests on the yellow buttercups

Red salvia bathed in the sunlight reach toward the heavens

Calling me to come join them

In the exhilaration of the beckoning day

iPhone Photo: Dwight L. Roth

This is one of my favorite poems. that I have posted before, but it keeps calling me to repost it again and again!

Floating… or Floating?

Yesterday, our d’Verse Poets Pub prompt was on using Minimalist Photography as a source of poetic inspiration. “Minimalist photography often pays attention to one single subject in its composition, using nature as its background representative subject matters include geometric patterns, lines and textures, which can range between an apple, a mountain or a bridge, to name a few examples.” ~ Minimalist photography – Wikipedia

I took this photo last Sunday at a local park. When you view the photo you cannot miss the small bottle standing out in all that sea of color. The abstract water reflections surrounding the beer bottle give the illusion that it is floating in mid-air! I love the effects of the gently moving water distorting the reflections from the canopy above.

Bottle suspended

By lake water or by air?

Green canopy shines

Photo: Dwight L. Roth


“The isolated Model T truck bears the weight and pride of a hundred years of rust, becoming prairie art and sentinel.” – Glenn Buttkus

Rusty old truck

“Blind in one eye

can’t see out of the other”

Hasn’t moved in many years

Unlike us, it still has its shape

Sitting in the desert

sandblasted by high winds

Undaunted by freezing cold

Reflecting a time of revolution

Industrial revolution

When steel was king

and horse drawn buggies

were becoming obsolete.

Growing old alone

Just like us…

Today at d’Verse, Sanaa asked us to consider minimalist photography. She share some photos from fellow blogger Glenn Buttkus, and asked us to pick one and write an Ekphrastic poem about it. I chose the old Model T truck sitting in the field.

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Smudged Reality

Falling in love

can blind us to true reality.

I jumped in headlong;

Mind clouded

with distorted expectations.

Imagination running wild

until I am told…

You are not the one.”


Our love becomes

a greasy smudge

on the window pane of my heart

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today is Quadrille Monday at d’Verse. Mish asked us to write a Quadrille (of exactly 44 words) using the word Smudge! I thought about the smudge a dove left when she hit my window pane quite hard, and left her mark. I thought about the first time I fell in love and hit the window pane of life, just like the dove did to mine. An imprint one remembers for ever!

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Brown-headed Nuthatch

 Brown-capped Nuthatch comes

Visiting my birdfeeder

Grubs and bugs thankful

Peaks in my window

Wonders what I am doing

Mate raising a fuss

IPhone Photos: Dwight L. Roth

The Brownheaded Nuthatch is a small songbird found in mature pine forests throughout the Southeastern United States. It has a brown head and cap, and gray upper parts, while their bellies are white with some gray markings.. They eat spiders, beetle larvae, cockroaches, and egg sacs. ~ Bing


You played me like a slinky

Stretching my coils back and forth…

Knowing I would always spring back.

But now the time has come.

I’ve been stretched to the limit;

No longer do I have that smooth flow…

Always a perfect fit from hand to hand.

Instead, I am pulled out of shape…

Hung out to bounce in the wind.

Still a little spring left in me;

But, I will never be the same.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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Call Me Superficial

Call Me Superficial

Call me superficial when seeing a picture

Causes words to escape me

When beauty take precedence over substance

And I am drawn by what my eyes behold

Call me superficial when a picture in a story

Catches my attention and sets my mind on the fire

My imagination soars and transports my soul

To realms beyond word or pen

Call me superficial when melody and harmony

Lift my spirit from the very first note

Only to be followed by words

Adding to or taking away my feeling of awe

Call me superficial when the background blurs

Seven layers deep

And the last brush stroke is the first I see

All that work labor and toil

Only to end in an accent of light against dark

Beauty against substance

Painting: Dwight L. Roth

I decided to repost one of my favorite posts from a few years ago. It describes how I feel about life, art, and people. I have heard people say first impressions are so important. For me that is true, especially in blogging. When there are so many bloggers out there hoping to get me to read their posts, presentation is very important. Photos, paintings, titles, designs, and format are what grab me. Call me lazy, but if I have to work too hard to read your blog, I move on to one that takes less effort. That is one reason why I have not left the free WP blogging page. I don’t want you to be distracted with the sidebars and extras. Thanks for reading, liking, and commenting. I appreciate all of you more than you know.