First Impressions


First impressions are important, but they don’t tell the whole story. There is much you don’t see that only comes from learning to know someone. Listening and communicating takes you to a much deeper level than first your impression. In some cases, first impressions might not draw you to a person, but after learning to know them you find there is a whole other side to them that no one sees.  These photos are the other side of the guitar I repaired and painted. Yesterday you saw only the front first impression. Here it the other side!

First impressions

What you see is not always what you get

Surface images  just one-sided perception

Seeing superficially without depth

Judging quickly from first impressions

Assuming we know the whole by a part

First slide on our screen incomplete

Browse mind’s leaves to see hidden wonders

Images of beauty depth beyond our first impressions

Jewels of wonder amazement  and knowledge


Crystals buried deep in geodes of the mind

Waiting to be cracked open and beauty revealed



Knowing first impression’s  evoke invitations to delve deeper

Wonders and knowledge beyond imagination

Not ascertained at first impression

eer_0158Guitar Painting and Photos: Dwight L. Roth








Perspective is everything in life. I have always been one to pick up objects that people put out on the street and take them home to fix.  I see treasures where others see junk. Today I finished a project given to me by a friend. This guitar was dropped and broken and about to be thrown in the dumpster when they remembered me. The fixer of broken things. I think of this in relation to life and my relationship with God. I am glad God does not trash us when we are broken. Read the poem to see how it turned out.



What do you see when something is broken

An object to discard

Or an object restored


Half-full or half-empty

Perspective is everything

Affects all of life

We all become broken

At some time in our life

Thinking we are beyond repair

But God sees us otherwise

And restores us with his grace


His perspective

His Love

Are always there

We always have our place


Photos and guitar repairs and painting: Dwight L. Roth


Note: (I published this when I first started my blog last summer. Only a few of my followers got to see it so I am reblogging it again. Hope you like it!)

Photos and guitar repair work: Dwight L.Roth



Chasing Truth 

I run toward truth

Arms wide open as a lover’s embrace

Breathless with anticipation

I move through the swamp’s fog

Heading for higher ground


I reach for truth 

Gathering it as bort on the diamond cutter’s floor

Only to find the chips

Are parts of a much larger facet

Shining as they may 

They are only the edges of a greater glory


I grasp truth

 As a child clings to his toy

Thinking no one else will possess it but me

Settling for sparkling dust on the cutting room floor

 And seeking no more


I find truth

Shining in all its faceted glory

Set in nature’s gold and love’s embrace

Only to tarnish it

With Id and Ego

Thinking it is I who makes it shine


I face truth

Dimmed by all its light

Surely if I change it some,

It will suit me much better when not so bright


So, I grind it

 With mortise and pestle

‘Till all it becomes is dust in the bowl

 Never again to be part of the whole



Uniqueness is Perfection

It is not perfection that makes us special

It‘s uniqueness and character

It is not smooth faces that tells the story

The gray and the wrinkles are our glory

It’s the wrinkles of time that show who we are


Years of strain and years of pain

Bring out the character in everyone

Allows us to remember all the fun


Botox and silicone can stretch us tight

Filling up wrinkles and sags

It stretches us tight and we look a fright

When the make-up comes off each night


After years of work, play, and fun

The thing that makes us special

Is not perfection or a smooth complexion

Our uniqueness makes us the exception.


So why worry over what time has wrought

Thinking we can make it better

We create a mask with our aim for perfection

Hiding our uniqueness and losing our perception

That aging person in this vessel of clay

Is a reflection of His work

The unique image God created

In His eyes

We’re unique and highly rated


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Now That You’re Gone

img_4304Now That You’re Gone

Now that you’re gone what can I say

 That hasn’t already been said

The good and bad the sweet and sad

So why say more

No more questions No more excuses No more reasons

 Already mouthed a thousand times

Imprints on my heart

Hurricanes of emotion cutting deep

Sometimes pounding

Sometimes they gently creep

Like grains of sand on an evening beach

Ebbing flowing soothing all the footprints of time

Leaving only diamonds of light glistening on the sand

 Answers sifting through the fingers of my hand

The warm sun sends its healing rays

The only thing left to say


I Love You!


Photo: Dwight L. Roth




When Books Are Gone


Just imagine a world without books. Do you think that is the path we are taking? Technology is developing at exponential speeds. I Wonder how history will be recorded in a way that will be retrievable in the future centuries. Just imagine if the Dead Sea Scrolls had been box full of floppy discs or flash sticks for outdated machines. If technologies go bust, will there be any smart people left who can think and reason and figure things out without the aid of a computer? We can’t even find our way back home without our GPS!! Imagine that!!

When Books are Gone

In the year 2117 when the chip holds all

And we are dumb and machines are small

Thinking replaced with the gospel of the chips

No need for books we now have clicks

What will happen when books are gone

Transcribed to machines all stored in one

Technology expanding like the galaxy before us

No need for that archaic form to show us

The tips of our fingers wait to tell all

Brains lose function in technology’s crawl

Deduction and inference there seems no need

Who needs a brain with lightning fast speed

Perhaps by then the robot we’ll become

That perfect model yes that’s the one

Straight forward living all creativity gone

Just remember the password that’s on our phone

Machines tell it all just like a bad dream

When they don’t work makes you want to scream

But in 3117 what will they find in our concrete caves

Scattered across our landscape looking just like waves

With no books to open and no words to read

Just plastic and metal and a password to feed

Imagine now how shockingly odd it will be

In the world of the future with no books to read


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Goodbye Little Sister


Goodbye Little Sister  (The Long Sad Voyage of 1882)

The ships tall masts reaching high to the sky

Awesome for a boy of six just wondering why

His family packed up and left their home

Heading for a new world they travel alone

Brothers left behind grown and married

Younger and sister stay with the family

Watching the Alps fade as the shadows wane

To the port of Le Havre floating down the Seine

Ready to board this giant bucket of timber

Excitement rising trying to remember

All of his friends left behind in Basel

New adventures unseen in this perilous travel

Noise and activity surrounds them all

White sails slide up and begin to unfurl

Down to steerage on the ships second level

The family of Roths find a place to settle

Into the briny dark seas they sail

To New York Harbor where liberty hails

As the week drags on the voyage is rough

Young Christian and sister find sleeping is tough

The food is bad unlike cooking back home

The water in barrels kept from the rats’ roam

But somehow this packed and unsanitary condition

Made some folks sick with dysentery emissions

Little sister was one whose resistance was lacking

As the days dragged on her fever not slacking

Worried mother and father prayed for God’s backing

Little sister got worse there was nothing to do

As her fever raged on everyone knew

Late one night while everyone slept

Little sister passed on our little angel had left

O how we cried and mourned this great loss

Little sister had died before we’re across

The captain came by early that dawn

Saying sadly she’s gone and we must send her on

The day was spent in tears and sad wails

As the orange sun was setting we bid our farewells

Wrapped in a blanket lowered into the swell

Into the briny blue she fell

With prayers and weeping the sadness abounds

Young Christian stood watching as folks gathered round

Little sister was gone for her was too late

Wondering if he might be next for this fate

On reaching New York the emigrants unloaded

Ellis Island was crowded each family recorded

Christian and family moved on to Ohio

With promise of hope always held high

Words still to come reflect how it should be

Give me your tired your poor yearning to be free

Give me your sad you distraught still counting the cost

Seeking religious freedom in a land unknown

Where Freedom and Liberty stand alone!


Le Havre port  –  Bing Photo


Most of us who live in America are descendants of immigrants by choice or by force. We have no idea the sacrifices that were made to come and live in freedom. In the year 1882, my Grandfather came as a young boy of six only to see his sister die on the way across the Atlantic. (In those days when a child died the name was not always recorded in the family tree.  This seems to be the case in this case!) His parents left Switzerland for freedom of religion. Many immigrants have come in the years following for many reasons. It is sad that emigration today has been equated with fear and criminality.



I’m Still Here


I’m Still Here

You would not believe the things I’ve seen

Over many years of wind and rain

Through snow and cold and summer’s heat

I’m still here I’m their seat

Mothers and babies with diapers to change

Here on my seat they made the exchange

Delighted children with cones in their hands

Melting ice cream on me it lands

Old men and Grandmas in need of a rest

Sit down on me they think I’m the best

Yes it’s been many years since I found my place

I outlived my neighbor I’m still in the race

My paint’s all gone the rust has set in

Gives me character shows were I’ve been

Without even moving I’ve seen the world from afar

From Japan to China they graced my strong bars

So maybe I’m old and a little rusty too

But I’ve seen the world

How about you


Photo: Dwight L. Roth




Losing Ground

Standing in the sand

Looking out over a beautiful world

While the sand erodes under these sore feet

Sucking like quicksand down into an ever changing surf

My mind spinning in astronomical directions

Wondering how this could happen

Crushed hopelessly

Sinking deeper











Love is…


Love is…

They’re gone but love’s not lost

Pain entangles in every bone

Love remains not in the devastating loss

But in you

Love comes from deep within

Definitely not a superficial thing

Rooted deep in your heart and soul

Loss brings manic feelings rushing into scary dips

Love is rooted deeper than whispers from the lips

Yours alone to give or keep

A treasure of the heart does not come cheap

Though one you loved is gone

Your gift of love remains

To share at will should you choose again

To give away or keep