Grace for the journey

Compost & Grace

Do “Marvelous grace” or “Wonderful grace of Jesus” aid us in living as Christians?

Much-loved songs like the ones mentioned above celebrate one kind of grace. Being ‘saved by grace’ is often thought of as referring to a past, usually datable event (at least in my upbringing). “Marvelous grace of Jesus” jumps from the initial experience of grace to the final grace of God’s presence. As joyful as it is to sing, “Wonderful grace of Jesus” wouldn’t it be good if it had a verse celebrating grace for dealing with the issues of life? Due to the familiarity of Eph. 2:8 “By grace are you saved through faith…” grace is most associated with the initial saving event in our lives. Perhaps the importance of grace to that event cannot be overemphasized. But does grace stop there? In the songs referred to above there is a jump from that initial event…

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Picture Perfect Life


Watching the heartbreaking destruction as Hurricane Irma comes barreling toward Miami, Florida, we all wonder who will be next on her list. Such destructive power reminds us that we are not in charge here. Nature’s fury can change our lives in a very short time. One of the proverbs says we make our plans, but God determines the outcome. This has proved to be true time and time again!  Thanks to my granddaughter Molly for her skill in making today’s picture.

Most would like a picture perfect life

A house with a white picket fence

Family and kids playing in the yard

Flowers growing in the flower bed

A safe neighborhood with good schools

A car, a job, and good friends and neighbors

All the things in the American Dream

Just when we thought all was calm and bright

Along comes  Wild Harvey and Nasty Irma followed by Bully Jose

Pushing their way uninvited through neighborhoods

Raining down havoc tearing up everything in reach

Many will have to rebuild, start over, or give up

Life happens when we have other plans


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Etch-a-sketch picture done by twelve year old Molly Roth




Living on the Edge


This week I now have over 800 followers on Word Press. It is a wonderful connection to the world. To write on a regular basis is to live on the edge of inspiration. To continually find subjects to write about I find I must be in tune to everything around me. Most poems begin with simply a line or an idea and are developed from there. Sometimes I go to my  photo file and find one that becomes my inspiration for a poem. My writing flows from my everyday life. Anything can be a source of inspiration if one is aware of what is going on around him/her. Reading your blogs is often a source or inspiration as well. I try to follow those who are following me. Your comments and likes are greatly appreciated. Thank You!

Edge of Inspiration
Living on the edge of inspiration
Brings everything into focus
Allows one to see and hear
What might have been missed
Living on the edge leaves
More to be experienced
Light and dark it all stands out
Shadows bring perspective
Mind sharpness makes everything clear
Watchfulness brings new joys
Seeing what would have been missed
Small things around us
We mostly ignore and walk on by
Beauty inspires thankfulness
For richness we see and treasure
Not in money or things collected
Simply experiential joy for what is
Recognition of nature’s wonders
Surrounding us each day
Letting go of the trivial
Noting the obvious
But through understanding eyes
Leaving one speechless
Writing rich poetry                                                                                                                         For others to devour


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Weeds or Flowers


This beautiful miniature flower was growing along my garden fence and entangling my blueberry bush. It looks like a tiny morning glory, but seems to bloom all day long. As I pulled the vines off the bush I thought, “How interesting it is that we go to the garden store to buy flowers that sometimes grow when we get them home. Perhaps we should consider growing weeds instead buying flowers!??

Today we have poetry in weeds?

















Christipher blowing Dandilions 001

The wonders of nature

always amaze

those who take the time

to find joy

in the experience of awareness!



Photo: Dwight L. Roth

American Ride

James Berkshire and brothers - Betty B.

Love of the open road draws young men to motorcycles

Freedom of windblown hair an irresistible attraction

Indian and Harley-Davidson competed for first place


Providing machines bringing pleasure to the guys and gals

Building Harleys for the war repaired in the field

When men came home they wanted their own

Racing on dirt tracks long before motor-cross

Bigger motors better designs created and stolen

All for the right to be number one in the nation

Those with little money began building their own

Using parts from wrecks and old bikes they found

Creating new designs soon to be adopted

Motorcycles popularity grew very rapidly

One hundred years later the desire is still there

Creative minds create new designs in shops of their own

Bikes that are stretched and some that are fat and paint that shone

Wild designs and chrome to catch our attention

Spending thousands of dollars just to own one

Although very dangerous the appeal has not waned

The love for two wheels is still the same

The joy and freedom of the open road

For motorcycle lovers will never grow old


Photos: Berkshire Brothers –  Betty Berkshire

Custom Chopper:

All others: Dwight L. Roth



This Old House

Old House

Oh the stories this old house could tell

Of days gone by and of people who lived there

When the roof was painted and boards were white

Of children laughing on the porch with delight

Screen doors slamming as the spring stretched back

Of naughty little boys who got their bottoms smacked

Old dog barking at the squirrel on his tree perch

New kittens born each year right under the front porch

Running through the yard as day turns to night

Catching lightning bugs to watch their tiny blinking lights

Cool summer evenings as the old folks gather round

Playing music on banjo guitar and mandolin

Thanksgiving turkey shot wild from the woods

Steaming on the table and it tastes so good

Mashed potatoes brown gravy yams and garden peas

Pumpkin pie with whipped cream and hot coffee and  tea

Young lovers sit together at dusk swinging

Holding hands and kissing with hormones tingling

Snowy winter nights all tucked in the bed at last

Waking to find ice crystals growing on window glass

A young mother in labor whose time has come

Water broke cramps and the doctor from town

Sharp pains and joy bring a new baby boy

Another mouth to feed and to share the toys

Grandfather grown ill in the upstairs bed

With a blood clot floating inside his head

Tears and memories accompany his passing

As others carry on to live out his passion

So many memories happened inside these walls

This house has been there to witness them all

Without intervention this house too will pass

All memories will be lost for there’s no one left to ask


Photo: Dwight L. Roth






Battle Scars


Our battle scars need not define us. As I looked out the window and saw this beautiful swallowtail on my flowers, I was surprised to see a chunk taken out of its wing. It may have eluded its predator by giving up a piece of itself to be able to live another day. In spite of its damaged wing it seemed to be feeding and functioning normally. It will lay eggs and pass on its life to the next generation. It’s scarred and injured wing did not define it’s destiny. It is going on to fulfill its role in the world that it was created to do.

Battle Scars

If you live long enough

Life will give you battle scars

Some physical others psychological

Those who succeed in life

Learn to live beyond their battle scars

Some suffer all their life

From trauma of war or words or events

Battle scars are worn like a badge of courage

Reminding others there is life after death

The death of one’s confidence

The death of ones friend

Courage arises after the trauma of battle

An accident or calamity can occur in a moment

Separation and divorce leaves ragged edges

But you are still beautiful you are still loved

Family and friends help bind up your wounds

The good within still exists in spite of the scars

God still loves you just as you are

Don’t let your battle scars define you

You are more than your imperfections


Photos: Dwight L. Roth



Wild Woman in Pearls


Crazy Friday brings out my crazy painting of my Wild Woman in Pearls. This is my silly experiment with blending multicolor acrylic paints. My latent alter ego of Picasso tried in vain to shine through. Instead this Wild Woman in Pearls appeared. So on this Friday I offer you my silly version hopefully to make you smile and wonder, “What in the world was he thinking!”

Wild Woman in Pearls

You go for show my wild woman in pearls

Wonder what you are thinking

Decked out in your bobbles and twirls

What happens to your brain in that indented space

Did it get squished underneath that yellow curl

And what in the world happened when your ears unfurled

Stuck so out of place under those donut curlers

Your make-up may be runny and your mouth askew

But your pearls my dear look like their brand new



In a Day’s Time


Just because we live in a good community or a nice house does not exempt us from catastrophic events. As we saw in Texas, hurricanes change lives overnight. In a day’s time, lives are lost, houses destroyed, and all we thought was important can be washed away. The rise of the human spirit above all this is encouraging to see. No one knows what will happen tomorrow, but we can make the most of each day. Love your family, help a neighbor, and be a light to the world.

In a Day’s Time

Living in our own little world of reality

Life happens when we have other plans

Changing our life redirecting our thoughts

Just when we think things are in control

Along come events beyond our control

Twisters, hurricanes, rain, and floods

Remind us the forces of nature are strong enough

To override any plans we might make

Forces within can be just as devastating

A heart attack or stroke changes life in an instant

Accidents and death bring all to a halt

Realize it or not we face these possible events daily

Focusing on these things can be depressing

Look forward to the possibilities of each new day

Keep a healthy and whole attitude and mind

Live like a rabbit in the world of the hawk

Never knowing what tomorrow brings

Living only one day at a time

Knowing it could be our last

But enjoying it to the full