Unasked Questions

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Seems we all remember things we wish we had asked our loved ones when they pass. Today Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96. I am sure that her grandchildren and great grandchildren will one day reflect and think about what they wish they could ask her about her life as Queen!

Both of my parents have passed on, and I still think of things I wish I had asked them. When we are young and active our thoughts are distracted with the cares of life. By the time we think about it they are gone, and our chance has passed.

Answers to questions not asked, get scattered with the ashes.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Bjorn asked us to create our own aphorism. An aphorism is a statement that presents a moral or philosophical idea in a metaphorical way. Aesop’s Fables are great examples.

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Gargantuan Words

Daniel T Stowe Gardens #9 2018 (2)

I never understood the obsession with big words

calling it logolespy instead of just being a word freak.

Is bigger always better … more impressive?

Only in Texas, I believe.

To me it is just a lot of excited burbles

a gibberish of sorts much like a baby might speak

when playing with blocks on the floor.

I like laconic words… short and sweet…

chosen words that mean something to the reader.

Writing poetry is ikigai the reason for being

that can only be understood when speaking plainly.

Scintilla that sparks of inspiration takes us

down the yellow-brick road looking for the great OZ,

thinking his name should be twenty syllables long…

instead of just one.

No, gargantuan words don’t impress me much.

So… you know something none of the rest of us know

There has got to be a word for that…

Oh yes, that would be eniteo!

“I am distinguished most eminent … look at me shine!”

I say strikhedonia … it is all hog wash!

Simple words are susurrus to the soul…

light as a soft gently breeze.

The expression of belle-ame … my beautiful soul.


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Mish shared some of the new words she has come across on social media. She gave us a long list of them with their definitions and asked us to write a poem using at least three or more of these new words in our poem. I am not a fan of using words that are meaningless to the reader in my poems, and almost skipped this prompt. But then I thought, why not illustrate what I dislike about them in a poem. This is what came out!

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Labor Day

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Labor Day

Every day is Labor Day for my little Downy Woodpecker

All day long he comes to my suet feeder eating his fill

Back and forth he goes and sometimes she comes too

Sinking their beaks into fat, they pull out seeds

Emptying cage


Since this is Labor Day in the US, Lisa from d’Verse has given us the word labor as our Quadrille prompt. I can see, from my recliner, my cute little birds coming and going all day long enjoying the birdseed and suet cakes I put out for them. They labor very hard until all the good seed is gone. They flutter around in dismay when it gets empty, waiting for the refill. Reminds me the way government and politics sometimes works.

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Choice… or No Choice at All


Hobson’s Choice,” they say, “is no choice at all.”

Much like the choices of our digital world

Do you “agree” or “disagree” seems to come with

every new social media site or equipment driver

Be sure to read the agreement before clicking…

Yeah, right…Who is fool enough to do that??

“Agree” is a “Hobson’s Choice”… no choice at all

An ultimatum you can’t ignore nor refuse

It is “agree” or send it back!

Who wants to do that?

So, we make our choice to have none


Who knows what our choice allows…

Perhaps selling our information?

Listening to us and gathering information?

Spying on us through our camera?

Or… giving up our rights to everything imaginable!

But we will never know… till it’s too late.


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse our guest host Christopher Reilley asked us to write a poem using the word choice. I liked his definition of Hobson’s Choice which is no choice at all!

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Shelter or Seed Pod

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I am always amazed when I see mushrooms spring up in the grass. These three sisters look like they are made of porcelain, but they are so fragile. Under those sheltering domes are pockets full of spores that will be dropped at just the right time. As the mushrooms dry out the pods open and drop their spores. They will lie there in the dirt until once again the right temperature, moisture, and heat will make them grow and as the cycle of life continues.

Fragile domes shelter

new life after summer rain

Nature’s fancy art


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’verse Mish asked us to write a haibun using the word shelter. I decided to try something a bit different with this one. They look almost good enough to eat!

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I Can Still Dream…

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I can always dream… they never get old!

Let my mind wander up and down memories past

Delusions of grandeur finally replaced with reality


I can always dream… they never get old!

Remembering the good times when faces were flushed

Spontaneous times of sweet intense connection


I can always dream… they never get old!

Babies, turning into children, growing into adults

Blooming in their prime… still making our mistakes


I can always dream… they never get old!

Places to go and things to see traveling while we still can

Making the most of the time we have left


I can always dream… they never get old!

Even when I am old confined to a chair

Memories are as fresh as they ever were


I can still dream…


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

A Transformative Conversation with Author and Artist Dwight Roth, Part 2

I am grateful for my dear friend Kym for taking time to honor me with this post.

From Behind the Pen

Image Credit: Dwight Roth

Hello friends! Today I am presenting part 2 of my conversation with my good friend, artist, and author Dwight Roth. So, let’s get started, shall we?

So Dwight, what is your favorite genre?

Reading and writing have always been difficult for me in my younger years. So, I have not read voraciously as some do. But what I do read stays with me forever it seems. This is true of both fiction and poetry. Reading and writing have always been difficult for me in my younger years. I guess it would be fiction. And…I also like theological writings.

Name three of your favorite authors.

James Mitchner is a wonderful writer. I enjoyed the writings of C.S. Lewis (Mere Christianity) and a lesser-known writer Watchman Nee (Sit Walk Stand), as well as Richard Foster (Celebration of Discipline).

If you could say one thing to your younger self…

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Strike a Match

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Sixty-three years ago, I bought my first new bicycle from Workman’s Bicycle Shop. It was black with chrome fenders. I was taking on a paper delivery route that covered a two-mile area, so I needed a good bike. The Workmans were friends of my family, so it was good to get one from them. It wasn’t actually brand new but felt new to me. The Workmans collected old bike and frames and refurbished them. New chrome fenders made them look brand new. 

Dwight Roth - Paper Boy 001 (2)

Matchbooks strike memories

Chrome fenders and Newspapers

John Workman’s Bike Shop

I found these matchbooks in my garage, and it took me back to the age of twelve. Most of them were collected since then. In a day when many people smoked, matchbook covers were a good way to advertise their businesses. Some of these came from Habitat Restore where I volunteer.

IMG_9913 (2)



Photos: Dwight L. Roth

A Transformative Conversation with Author and Artist Dwight Roth

I am honored by my dear friend Kym Gordon Moore with this interview on her blog site. Thank you so much for this, my friend.

From Behind the Pen

Image Credit: Dwight Roth

I’ve known Dwight Roth for quite some time now. His spirit is so intoxicating and for those of you who are connected to him through this platform, I am sure you will agree. Now, surprisingly, throughout this interview, Dwight mentions my name (I didn’t pay for the blurb y’all). So, without further ado, I want to share this conversation about the man behind the brush and the pen. I present to you Mr. Dwight Roth ladies and gentlemen.

Tell us a little bit about Dwight Roth. What would you like for us to know about you?

I am a person who enjoys people and attempts to treat others as I like being treated. Creative thinking outside the box gives me great satisfaction. I was an elementary school teacher for 29 years. I really enjoy sharing information and helping others learn new things. That did not end…

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