Melide Stone Bridge


I finished my painting today, of the stone bridge in Melide, Spain. I saw a photo in one my niece’s  blog posts. She walked the way of St. Francis, the Camino de Santiago, in northern Spain. I loved the perspective of the photo and decided to paint the bridge.  This post is dedicated to Jennifer Townsend who walked the way for justice for girls caught up in human trafficking. She raised over $27,000 for International Justice Missions of Canada.

Pilgrims walk stone bridge

Aching feet soon will find rest

Albergue just in sight

Relief from hot sun welcomed

A pilgrim’s meal brings new strength


Painting of the stone bridge in Melide, Spain: Dwight L. Roth

If you are interested in seeing the original photo, click on Jen’s sight and scroll through.


Some Endings…


Some endings seem to be more difficult than others…

Pulling on heartstrings trying to sew the broken

Crying tears of sorrow for a love turned cold

Graduation brings a mixed bag of joy and apprehension

Knowing challenges // struggles // and hard work lay in store

On the only path to their growth and success

Friend separation leaves empty space // but never in our heart

True friendship never ends// no matter how far they roam

Reunions always seem like it was only yesterday


But // losing a loved one is the most difficult of all endings

A child before parent // an unimaginable ending

A parent who passes early leaves a giant hole in one’s heart

Cruel dementia is very difficult to accept

Living on without memory is an ending none of us desire

Living till we die is what we all hope and pray for

Some endings are more difficult than others


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

While commenting on Robert Okaji’s post “Forgotten” I wrote the statement in the opening line of this poem. I decided to use it as today’s prompt. Check out his post:



Shared Responsibilities


We could learn a lot from Red Bellied Woodpeckers. Both male and female work together to create a home for their young. From the carving of the hole into the old rotten maple to keeping the eggs warm in the nest, they share responsibilities. When the eggs hatch the both help find food to feed the young ones. Think how much better society would be if we humans would work together in this way.

Redbellies share work

A carved home in rotten tree

Always together

Trading places  // warming eggs

Waiting for fledglings to hatch


No Competition

Shared responsibilities

One with nature’s plan


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Summer Beach Fun

Ruth and Jason at Nags Head 1977 001 (2).jpg

Mid summer is a great time to go to the beach. It is also a good time to reflect on the fun family times we have had over the years. It is hard to believe so many years have passed since this photo was taken.

Good Times at Nag’s Head

Sand and surf // God’s natural sandbox

A place where awe and imagination merge

Watching our two boys chase ebb and flow

Squealing with delight as the surf laps their ankles


Amazing creatures evolve out of the sandy beach

With each shovel full of sand they take shape

Octopus, Sea Turtles, Sharks and Whales

All come to life at the hands of their creator

Sand Castles with moats and towered walls   

Sit on the edge of destruction

Hot Rods with seat and steering wheel

Roar to life in that three year old mind


Riding the swells on a bubble of air

Feeling the power of the ocean breathing beneath

Waiting for just the right wave

Driving into the shallows


Those were good times // no // great times at Nag’s head

Some forty years ago  


Now it’s grandchildren and a new creator

Bringing awe and imagination to life

And that three-year old

Still loves God’s ocean playground

When I Think of Freedom


On the Fourth of July many think of freedom as the day we declared our independence from England. It may remind us of those who fought in the revolution and many wars since then. It may mean standing for the National Anthem or Saluting the Flag. But there is an even deeper meaning to freedom, without which all the others lose their significance. Freedom is an attitude, a choice, and a mindset that goes beyond the physical realm.

Freedom to walk with others

Protecting their dignity and pride

Freedom to have courage to speak

When injustice rears its ugly head

Freedom to show kindness

Without expectation

Freedom to believe and have faith

In the manner of our choosing

Freedom to forgive

Releasing hurt and pain

Freedom to say.  “I love you!”…

So memories of you will be good one!

Freedom is not physical // it’s a mindset

No one can take away from you


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Letters From Philadelphia


Letters From Philadelphia

Ink flowed to paper // quills sharpened for signing

As each man took his turn

Some with small delicate writing

John Handcock with large bold flourish

Big enough for the King to plainly see

Risking life and property they signed

Revolution now at hand they took their stand

Quills continued flowing ink to paper

As letters were sent home announcing the news

Telling what was already known before hand

Postmasters kept busy with the flow

As Letters from Philadelphia marked this day

When a declaration of independence

Changed the future of mankind

At home and abroad


Happy Fourth of July 2018

Stamp Art Photo: Dwight L. Roth

First Taste of Summer (Haiku)


Today I had a wonderful BLT with a fresh tomato out of my garden. The flavor of this sandwich makes me forget our heat index of 110 F.  A mixed blessing.  Garden tomatoes are a true food lovers delight.

Fresh ripe tomatoes

Tasty gift of summer’s heat

First taste of summer



BLT excites

My taste buds… blending flavors

‘To Die For”  // savored


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Fly Away


Independence Day (a Tanka)

Today I attended the funeral of a friend’s wife who died after an extended struggle with cancer. It was a heartfelt service with words and music well suited for the occasion. The celebration of her life and her love for her family, her church family, and God was evident through out the service. Sometimes freedom is the release from all that weighs us down in this life

Independence Day

Comes in different ways for some

Cancer gone // Soul free

No more pain or suffering

Spirit leaving body behind


Photo: Dwight L.Roth

Frank Tassone Haikai challenge for this Saturday is to look at what Independence Day means. Some think of it only in relation to our country and the 4th of July. But independence day for others might include relief from abuse, as Martina McBride sang about. For others death is independence day. Those suffering from cancer or Alzheimer’s or other debilitating diseases find death as a release from physical constraints.  Freedom and Independence has many meanings.  Come join us: