Why I Write

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I write from a very visceral place down deep in my soul. Seventy years have left a lot of indelible tattoos on my soul that are just now coming to the surface as poetry. Aging, depression, Alzheimer’s, pain, and wonderful, spiritual goodness have all written their name on me. Now I am sorting them out one poem at a time.

I started writing poetry in 2013, and continue to do so because of the influence of a dear friend and poet, Kym Gordon Moore. As the head of a poetry group, she lit my fire for writing. Kym encouraged me to start a blog.  She introduced me to Tom Davis, Editor of Old Montain Press, who encouraged me to write my memoirs and put them on Amazon Kindle.  These two friends are the reason I write! Now I cannot help myself. I have to write! I feel like I live on the edge of inspiration!

I am a self-taught poet. I was not an English major, nor a reader of all the great works from poets of the past. I have found most of my inspiration from poets I follow on WordPress.  Many times I will be reading through your poetry and a bit of inspiration strikes me. I will take that and form a new and different poem as a result.  d’Verse has been a great help to me in learning new forms of poetry. I love all the challenges and the encouragement I get from you who choose to read my poems. Thank you!

Seeds of goodness grow

Warmed and watered by good friends

Blooms of hope and joy


Kym Gordon Moore:  https://frombehindthepen.wordpress.com/author/frombehindthepen/

Old Mountain Press:  http://oldmp.com/ 

My Books on Amazon Kindle:


Toni, at d’Verse~Poetry Pub, asked us to write a haibun telling who inspired us and why we write poetry.  This is my tribute to good friends who encouraged me along the way.

57 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Your haiku at the end is a delight. I guess I’m a sense we are all untaught poets. We may major in English, read different “famous” poets, but we are all of us on the road to forming words into poems, writing for our collective gut and our heart. It is good that you also fond inspiration from other poets and that we find inspiration in return from you.

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  2. ❤ ❤ ❤ Awww, thank you for your very kind words Dwight. I am truly humbled that I made an impression on what I unknowingly did to inspire your calling, although we have shared many a conversation about the art of words. Now you, my dear sir are an inspiration to so many others. 🙂 As I see it, we are only paying forward to others what someone has paid to us. Thank you so much for your endearing sentiments. My background, like yours, is all because of someone inspiring me, even if I never met them. Keep writing my friend! You are doing some great things and I enjoy reading your creations! Ciao my amazing friend! 😀


  3. Dwight, you are an angel. I posted a comment earlier but didn’t realize I was on a different computer on another account. Thank you as always my friend! 🙂 You too continue to inspire as you are doing for so many, as you are to me! Big hugs my friend! 😀 Peace and blessings! ❤


  4. Beautiful haiku and I so enjoyed your story. What fun to read of the various paths that brought us all to this wonderful community of poets!


  5. Dwight, what an eye-opener! I believe you’re the other kid in my class. I, get inspired by others’ poems. Love your books..i had no idea! It’s nice ‘to be famous amongst friends’ (*wink*)


  6. May I quote your first paragraph in a mental illness awareness page on Facebook? Keep the poems coming anywhichway, very encouraging and illuminating 🙂


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  9. I can relate to alot of what you posted here. While I am not quite as tatooed yet, life has seasoned me up a bit. I do not pull much inspiration from the classics, but much of what I find in music or from other poets. I think that avoiding some of the well traveled classic roads is helpful in connecting with an audience. Thank you Sir.

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    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. Some write to see how technically perfect they can get it. Others try to emulate the classical writers. I like to write readable poetry that makes sense when you read it.


  10. I am 72 and have been writing since age 15. I kept everything I wrote. I have always wanted to compile my poems and stories (mostly poems) into a volume to share. Especially now with the 49 devotionals I’ve written since Thanksgiving 2020, I think about a Kindle book. Also, I have blogged here since 2017, and I am somewhat knowledgeable about website technology (my job was IT software support). I add tags and follow other bloggers, but I don’t get many likes for what I write. I know my writing is worth sharing and blesses some folks. I’m just surprised when I see someone blog a sentence or two and have 3,000 followers or 125 likes. I’m doing something wrong. If you can give me any advice for your success in such a short time, please email me at sheila.meador.48@gmail.com – your NC friend.


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