Spirit Rising


Soul Gazing

When my spirit rises

Unencumbered and free

No weight or worry accompanies me

Interesting that I value things

When in the end the spirit flies

Leaving them all behind

How much I worry and fret

But this too shall pass when I am gone

My spirit rises out of this shell

A virtual butterfly reborn

From caterpillar to chrysalis

Reborn in the image of God

Spirit Creator Redeemer Savior

Knowing there is no place for the earthly

In the spirit world beyond

I can’t take it with me

But then again… Why would I want to

When my spirit rises

Leaving it all behind


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Paul at d’Verse asked us to write a soulful poem (soul gazing) for our Tuesday prompt. This poem expresses what I believe happens when we leave this world and our spirit rises and returns to our creator.

Come join us at d’Verse:  https://dversepoets.com/

44 thoughts on “Spirit Rising

  1. Love those lines about the spirit rising, leaving it all behind. I do hospice work, and I often marvel at the lives of my clients, who once owned houses FULL of possessions. At the end, they are in a hospital bed, possessing a comb and a toothbrush. It is a sobering reminder.


  2. That’s beautiful. While it’s true we can’t take all our worldly goods with us when we go I feel sure we take all we have learned and all the love we have felt with us.


  3. my spirit rose with your poem – the body, even a healthy one, takes too much attention so these lines gave some blessed relief


  4. Indeed, Dwight. Your poem and its image reminds me of the parable of the lamps my husband wanted to read to me last night before bed. I don’t know if this is in the bible or not but the source is a detailed vision of the life of Jesus, written by the mystic, Maria Valtorta.

    A man lights two lamps and one blazes brightly while the wick of the other gives off a quiet, unassuming light. The man is impressed by the first flame, how it passionately shines for God, while he is disappointed with the light of the second. Then soon, the first lamp burns out filling the room with a thick black smoke and staining the walls. Meanwhile, the second lamp’s light can be seen through the smoke. “I am the LORD” and the man understands and prostrates himself before the flame. This flame shines its whole life for God, not for men or vainglory. When it finally leaves the wick, it’s wisp of spirit rises up to heaven, as quietly and as knowingly as it had shone on earth.

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