Shortness of Days

EER_0078 (2)

Fall brings coolness and shortness of days

Age brings awareness of life’s transient journey

I lose the invincible feeling of youth

replacing it with more time for contemplation

Lengthening shadows of night become clearer

now that I am counting time with a different clock

Reflecting on life changes // I wonder

“Will I be around in ten more years?”

“…or even next year?’

“What challenges will aging present?”

Covid-19 amplifies thoughts of life’s finality

Numbers of casualties rise and fall with the seasons

Questions of, “What if?” shadow my thoughts

Yet, life is to be lived rather than hidden away

So, until changes slow me down, I will press on

doing what makes me and others happy…

Using common sense, enjoying the blessings of life

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

37 thoughts on “Shortness of Days

  1. “Counting time with a different clock”
    To me, it is extremely painful to read. ☹️ Ofcourse we’ll all be there one day, but the fact that covid gives the vulnerable time to ponder over it and reflect upon days fleeting is just painful! Life should be longer and slower. It all happens so fast.
    Such a touching poem. Wishing you very well! 🤍


  2. I understand how you feel. You’ve expressed this so well, Dwight. Remember you are not alone. Many of us lift you up in prayers! 🙂
    We must replace the fears with faith. 🙂 I’ve always believe we have “an expiration date”… (I think it’s stamped on us in invisible ink and only God can read it.) 😉 and we’re not going anywhere until it is our time to go. My parents had doctors tell them I would not live beyond my first year of life and I am still here eons 😉 later. 🙂
    I know you count, and appreciate, your blessings…and I know you find the joy in each day…because these positive and so many more are reflected in your poems, photos, stories, etc. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) and ❤ to you and your family. 🙂


  3. “Lengthening shadows of night become clearer
    now that I am counting time with a different clock”:
    fluidly expresses thoughts of mortality as natural and time as subjective. Well-composed, Dwight.

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