Fake Truth

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities!

Voltaire ~

Most of us like to hear what we already believe is true! We gravitate toward that narrative and feed on our idea of truth. This was very evident in the atrocities at the Capital in Washington, DC; all done in the name of patriotism and based on absurdities and misinformation.

Sadly, the game of politics is often a game of misinformation. What starts out as a grain of truth gets twisted and spun into a cotton candy swirl of falsehoods. And we tend to cheer on the person or platform that says what we want to hear, even when sounds absurd and crazy.

PBS did a documentary on Alex Jones, far right radical talk show host who promoted things like the 9-11 attack was a government plot and the Sandy Hook massacre of children was all just a group of staged actors! You might think, how would anyone believe that; but, though he was banned from talk radio, he expanded his following on the internet and has millions who listen and believe what he says, as absurd as it may seem. Even Roger Stone and Donald Trump were on his show trying to get his followers to support Trump, which they did. Trump’s repetitive statements repeated over and over again are simply repeating what Jones said to his followers.

And it worked! Volatire words were played out in real time. as people who actually believed they were patriots, attempted to storm the capital to disrupt and take over the Senate proceedings that were being conducted at the time. What a sad day for America. What have we come to. Khrushchev was right when he said, “Communism doesn’t have to destroy America, it will be done from within by your own people.” Unless we get together and find common ground, this may well be our fate.

Twisted truth destroys

America’s foundation

Time for Trump to go

The following clip is a documentary from PBS . It disturbing in content, but very enlightening as to how all this could happen . It is well worth your time to view.

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities!

Voltaire ~

I found the Voltaire quote on the blog website of my friend Ivor Stevens.

Furious, a Haiku ‹ Ivor.Plumber/Poet ‹ Reader — WordPress.com

Violent Ideology

When ideology supersedes the common good

the cause becomes a righteous one;

Rhetoric gets substituted for truth

and action replaces common sense.


Trying to guard our constitutional rights

while neglecting our social contract…

that all men are created equal”…

is a failure of moral responsibility.


If we are to survive as a country

we must show one another

respect and dignity

in the face of disagreement.


Without cooperation and compromise

our dreams get squelched by violence

as we implode on ourselves…

knowing WE are right!

Painting: Dwight L. Roth

My poem today was inspired by thoughts from John Paul Lederach’s Saturday news letter , The Pause.

John Paul Lederach 
Senior Fellow at Humanity United and Professor Emeritus at the University of Notre Dame University.


Everything stops as lights blink red

We wait under ominous dark clouds

for the light to turn green

Instead it turns a flashing yellow

Warning us to take caution

As we move through life’s intersection

An accident here can be deadly

Slowly the line begins to move

Seeing the light break in the clouds

Bringing hope of lifting clouds

and brighter days ahead


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

A stream of consciousness poem


IMG_9817_1 (2)

It pains my heart to see the way one policeman’s deadly action has reopened the door to division and strife that has been stewing for years in the United States. Peaceful protests are very much in order, but the violence of opportunistic looters and destructive vandalism in no way honors the memory of George Floyd. How can one call for respect when their actions show otherwise. The lack of wisdom and understanding in this situation is very disheartening!

Choices affect everyone;
changing the course of a nation
Choices are the difference between life and death;
altering the lives of everyone around us.
Wise choices lead to life…
“Above all, seek wisdom and understanding…” Proverbs

Painting: Dwight L. Roth



Mish at d’Verse asked to share a Life Lesson that we have learned that might be helpful to someone else. I chose the urge to bail out and quit my job.

Back in the 90s, when I was still teaching school, I was feeling burned out and disillusioned with my job. I did an assessment and looked at what it would take to get another job that would pay me what I was earning as a teacher. With my boys starting college, it was not the time to bail out on my job. The only other option was to work on me! I finally came to this conclusion:

It is easier to change my attitude

Than to change my job

I found this also applied to my marriage as well…

It is easier to change my attitude

Than to change my spouse

I am sure there are other situations in life where this is applicable as well


Photo from family album!

Fake Artificial Intelligence

Rush 2

        Fake Artificial Intellegence

As we stare hypnotized at LED screens

We somehow have convinced ourselves

That we hold truth in our digital hands

Reality somehow resides in this artificial screen

Artificial intelligence is only as smart

As those who feed the info into the grinder

As we are bombarded by AI all around us

We begin to drink the cool-aide one sip at a time

Never thinking only seeking the next feeling fix

Sucked into emotions that feed our perspective

Sound bites and pictures sculpted and scripted

Take us where we are willingly led

No logic or common sense in our sensational addiction

No question of moral or ethical consequences

As we bow down to our media gods of Limbaugh and Maddow

We sink deeper and deeper into the stupor of fake AI

Whatever happened to “Question Everything!”

Whatever happened to “Think for Yourself!”

Will future Artificial Intelligence be as fake

As the media we feed on today

Will thinking without emotion be the step

Leading us back to common sense

Or will AI feed us fake information

Controlling us like the children of Jonestown

Sacrificing our intelligence for one we created

Bowing down to the “truth”


Bing Photo  –  hardnoxandfriends.com