Nothing to Lose

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Most people experience depression at some point in their life. If you have not, count yourself to be one of the fortunate ones.  I remember how it felt years ago when depression was a part of our life.  With life spiraling out of control you feel no one cares. At that point the feeling of nothing to lose sets in.  If left unchecked it could lead to a variety of sad outcomes. With the help of some good counselors, we made it through those dark times. Finding help is so important. Without seeking help, we see people going to deadly extremes. The poem below discusses how a depressed and disillusioned person might feel.

The cry of a lost soul echoes in silence;
An inaudible scream for help unheard;
Shame fills the mind of the hurting…
Who would want to hear my tale?
Who would believe me if they did?
Pressures of the day drift across my mind;
Demands push emotions to the limit;
Voices in my head seem to call for action;
Delusions play like virtual reality before my eyes.
Defense mechanisms kick in to bring relief.
No one is aware of my pain // no one seems to care;
Those voices in my head keep calling for attention.
What can I do to quiet their incessant nagging?
Everyone is closing in on me… I can’t take it any more;
I must do something to stop them.
I have nothing to lose // the end is near;
What else can I do…

Gargoyles Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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Fishing for Lunch

IMG_9878 (2).JPG

Wings spread wide // his focus is clear;
Eyes zeroed in on the salmon in the water;
Talons out // ready for the catch of the day.
Sailing toward the surface like a phantom jet…
Water breaks // the shadowy creature has no chance.
Wings flap // sharp talons close around the fish
Lunch is carried back to the eaglets


Eagle Painting: Dwight L. Roth

Bees & Butterflies of Summer


Butterflies and bees are back again, enjoying all my colorful zinnias. Even the humming bird could not resist. It is wonderful to see them flitting from flower to flower, not worried in the least that I am standing among them taking their photos.

Flower magnets draw

Summer bees and butterflies

Beauty on beauty

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IMG_8343 (2).JPG

IMG_8383 (3)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth



The Wedding Party

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On our canal tour of Amsterdam, we passed a boat load of wedding guests. The Wedding party and the couple’s parents were crowded into the boat. It was interesting to see the celebration beginning as they passed.

Groom and Best Man toast
Floating down the city canal
Flower girl holds basket
Families along for the ride
Party is just beginning
EER_0090 (2).JPG
A basket of wedding flowers adorns the bow of the boat load of celebrants
EER_0089 (2)
The wedding party in all their wedding attire ride in an open boat floating down the canal
Bride and Groom pose in the boat for a photo
EER_0088 (2)
The cute little blonde flower girl still holds her basket and wears an orange plastic life vest!

Photos: Dwight L. Roth


Koblentz Fortress

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The Ehrenbreitstein Fortress was an amazing structure of engineering. This huge structure is built high above the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle Rivers. The Teutonic Knights set up their first base here in 1216! Following the tour we were able to ride the gondola down across the river to the other side below. Along the way we passed the large bronze statue of Prince William I… (Kaiser Wilhelm I).

Old Fortress remains

Telling tales of Knights of old

Tourists stand in awe

Overlooking two rivers

Eight-thousand years // flowing


EER_0559 (2).JPG

EER_0589 (2).JPG










EER_0616 (2)


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Did you see the little green lawn mower… ??


Steps (a Quadrille)

EER_1061 (2).JPG

Guitar-fretted steps extended up beyond spacing
Climbing from the bottom sends my heart racing
These musical frets // are made for young ones chasing
Each other up and down // squealing // and with laughter piercing…
Like a violin being played sadly for the very first time

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

The word fret has several meanings. One means to fuss or complain. Another is to carve out in parallel lines, such as in architecture. Then there are the frets on a musical instrument like a guitar, which are brass strips placed at intervals and used for giving the strings varied pitches. Today at d’Verse Kim suggested we write a Quadrille, of only 44 words, using some form of fret! I have attempted to use it as an adjective describing a long set of steps at our local park. I saved this photo for the last two years trying to think of a way to use it in a poem. This was the perfect opportunity to do so.

There was a time…

Dwight's student as B'water Elem 001 (2)

There was a time when learning was fun
When learning went beyond books and tests
Actually using their mind to solve real life situations

Bridgewater Elementary - terrariam (2)

Observing creatures in their natural settings
Watching bugs and frogs and a preying mantis
Creating an egg sac that later produced hundreds
When our children are all made out of ticky-tacky
And they all learn just the same // every child scoring
Higher and higher // or the teacher we will fire
What will happen when they face real world problems?
Perhaps Siri, Cortina, or Alexa will have the answers!


Photos of may students in my early years of teaching. Since then times have changed and our focus seems to be on test results rather than well rounded students. Perhaps this will change as the cycle goes round and round.

For a wonderful example of what real learning can be, check out Forest Kids Learning. It is a fabulous program that does a wonderful job of hand-on learning!

Old Musicians

IMG_2899 (2)

Old musicians die
But their music lives on
Beautiful tributes
To the power they harnessed
That changed the world
Challenged politics
Social Norms
And, brought about revolutions
Music that touches the soul
Reaches all the way to heaven
And Hell
Yes, old musicians die
But their music is alive and well

Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Grandma Roth and Christopher 001 (2)

Memorial Day brings back memories of all those loved ones who have passed on.  Hopefully memories are good ones that can be recalled with warm feelings. My mother loved our boys and enjoyed being a part of their life. My father died at age 70, but she live on to be 93. She enjoyed watching them grow and seeing them become parents to her great grandchildren. We look back with fond memories of those days.

Memorial Day brings

memories of lost loved ones.

Always in our hearts


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

(Wo)man in the Moon

Mary Frances Picture (2)

Moonlit reflection left on the leaf covered ground
The (Wo)man in the moon staring back at me
Shining in the leaves // smile fixed on her face
Lifeless image brought into view on the full moon
Knowing eyes that never blink // never close
How sad to be a Rushmore face seen only on moonbeams
Disappearing in the waning days // hiding in the dark
Only to reappear once again when the moon is full

Today at d’Verse we were introduced to the art work of Mary Frances.  We were asked to write an Ekphrastic poem choosing one of her works. Ekphrastic poetry is a poem  that is inspired by a piece of art work. I decided to write a fantasy poem from her face in the leaves picture.

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