Loosing Our Appeal


Old country store
with stories to tell;
Closed and locked
just waiting to be torn down.
Lead paint peeling
roof shingles falling off.
What a sad day…
when it disappears from site/sight;
Making way for “progress”…
Like many of us;
Waiting for our time.



Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, we are to write a Quadrille of exactly 44 words using the prompt peel. I decided to go with paint peeling on an old building.

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The Thrill of the Moment

EER_0399 (2)

There are moments caught between heart-beats’ when one teeters between life and death, or so it seems! This is one of those moments. Reluctantly, Abby agreed to come along on this adventure.
The Rock Island Line ran straight through her uncle’s Texas Ranch. Below the ranch, the river was spanned by an arched steel trestle . The thrill was to hang out by the bridge until the train whistle blew in the distance, then crawl under where the train tracks met the hillside. By then, the train would be arriving at the bridge. Lying under the tracks they could feel the train rumbling above them.
This is the moment of truth. The three of them lay flat on their backs, as the train roared onto the trestle. They all screamed, but no one heard, as the ground shook and their racing hearts stood still.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Kim asked us to do a prosery, which is to write a prose flash fiction of only 144 words, and to include this line from a poem: ‘There are moments caught between heart-beats’. My idea for this story came from a childhood story David Holt, PBS musician and story teller shared in an interview. He said he and his brother used to lay under the bridge and feel the train going above.

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Bag Lady Facelift


The bag lady’s having a facial

Without warm mud or hot oil

It’s with hammer and nails

Hitting her finger she wails

But don’t worry, it all superficial


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

A silly little limerick humor for your day!

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A Life Well Lived…

The story of  my Grandfather Christian Roth is now available on the Kindle e-book format at amazon.com. It is what I call a fictional biography. Information was passed down to me by my oldest first cousin, which I took and embellished. The facts of the happenings and events were all true, but many of the details were added by me to create the story.
The video above gives a 360 degree view of the exact setting of the book, near Allensville, Pennsylvania. The little gray farm house is where my Grandfather lived and where my father was raised. The white farm across the field is where my mother grew up.
My grandfather came to America with his family from Switzerland in 1882. They were originally form Altkirch, France, but had moved to Switzerland to avoid the Franco=Prussian war.
My grandfather was a concrete mason by trade. He had a little 17 acre farm, and raised skunks to earn extra money.  He was very creative as you will see. Some of his concrete work still remains in the area.
I think you will find the book fascinating and fun to read. Click the link below to view and read.

Or.. go to amazon.com and look up the title A Live Well Lived – Dwight Roth.

**The video above is also the setting for my e-book memoir Farm Stories also found on amazon.com under my name…


Her Perspective

IMG_0471 (2)

How big the world must look to one so young
With all its overflowing challenges;
A chasm most daunting // stretched and far flung;
It spreads in all directions and ranges.
From your high safe perch on that giant rock,
You might feel secure // a place to call home;
But, you know in the future you will walk
Across that river of life all alone.
How big the world seems sitting on a rock

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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Thoughts on Childhood

IMG_4376 (2).JPG

How fast they grow leaving childhood behind;
Once a beloved toy, the wagon sits tangled in weeds…
A place to store tomato baskets from the garden.
Back wheels missing, it sits all alone // a discarded wallflower.
Children full of love and laughter soon grow up;
Becoming young adults full of hopes and dreams for the future.
They gradually move on  // like fledglings from the nest.
Leaving childish things behind, they become young women and men,
Carrying our hearts with them // and our unending love…

Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Filling the Void

During the Christmas season, we often find we are caught up in the Holiday rush to find the right gift.  The commercial aspects of Christmas start before Thanksgiving. Stores and retailers all want to cash in as people rush to buy presents they think will make someone happy. In reality happiness is short lived, but joy is a part of who we are as a person. True joy is found in God’s Love, which is the real reason for the season.
Christmas is not about
Christmas is not about
Wise men
Mary and Joseph
The baby
In a manger, cold
Not about Santa
Nor gifts or presents
Wrapped tight
Not shining bright lights
At night
Christmas is our sign
His love
Permeating Love
A universal void
Our hearts
Filled by the great I AM

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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When It’s My Time

IMG_7062 (2)

When it’s my time // let it be a celebration
Not down and sorrowful;
A reminder of all the good things life offered
And the things I chose to accept.
Let it be filled with music and guitars
Singing the old songs that stirred my soul.
Make it a time to remember the good times;
Stories shared that warm the heart.
Celebrate my passing with joy and happiness;
Friends and family coming together as one
Finding strength, joy, and hope.
Let tears mingle with laughter and song;
Knowing that I had a great life
Filled with great family and friends.
As my spirit rises to join the Spirit of God, my creator,
Know that life goes on // both here and there.


Photo: Dwight L. Roth