Typewritten Pages

EER_0454 (2).JPGWords set in stones // not on a digital screen
Lasting impressions carved on paper for the ages
Black ink embossed on each page
Linking past intentions with present emotions
Digital words can disappear in an instant
Book’s printed pages can last for centuries

IMG_9034 (2)

Stamp Art: Dwight L. Roth

Self-Published Poetry Book

Our prompt for today’s Quadrille (44 Words) at d’Verse, is the word set, When I think of books, they are the next best thing to being “set in stone.”  I remember using a typewriter like this for many years, when I was still teaching school. I had to type really hard to make the keys cut through into the purple master.  Now everything is done in digital format, which can be lost at the click of a button. Call me old school, but I still like having hard copies to back me up! 

I have included my new self-published book of poems collected from the many poems written for my blog and for d’Verse.

Join us at: htttps://dversepoets.com

22 thoughts on “Typewritten Pages

  1. I love that stamp collection collage…reminds me of my childhood.
    I agree, everything digital seems ethereal, like it could all just disappear. I was especially thinking of that with photos–who prints them out anymore? How will they be preserved?
    Congrats on your book, too. (K)

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  2. I sometimes think of this.
    What are digital files, once we’re gone? Will my poetry be anything but a memory that ends with me? I don’t post everything that I write. For that matter, what of this account when I’m gone? If my posts from 5 years ago don’t get any views, what does that mean when my account isn’t even active?
    Then there’s the medium on which we store our files. I’ve lost count of the hard drives that have failed on me. What good is a backup, when it can meet the same fate? And, with changes in systems and file formats, who is to say that today’s files will even be readable tomorrow?
    Maybe it’s time to do some printing.

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    • I guess I like to believe If I put my poems in print, perhaps one of my great grandchildren will be able to go back and read them in the future. If I don’t they are gone with the wind!
      Another thing I have done is give a copy of my books to the special collections dept. at the college library where I attend. They were happy to have them and put them on file.
      Yep… time to start printing!

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