Write Your Memoirs Now…

Memoriors photo

Now is the time to write your memoirs, a story a day for thirty days. Once you start it all comes back to you. Send it to friends and family for additions, corrections, and edits. By the end of the month you will have a completed autobiography. Load it from Word on to a pdf. And take it on a flash drive to Office Max/Depot/Staples and have them print it half size and put on a plastic cover and spiral binding. You can get a better price if you order twenty or more. Make your cover page separately. You can add photos, but keep them black and white. Color photos increase the price significantly.
You can load your book on to amazon.com kindle for free. Have fun… Make good use of your time.

Tell your story
Let it roll from your mind like an avalanche
Mighty and intense
Driven by unstoppable forces
Knowing that if not you
No one
Will ever know the depth of joy and pain
It will be lost


Dwight L. Roth


Typewritten Pages

EER_0454 (2).JPGWords set in stones // not on a digital screen
Lasting impressions carved on paper for the ages
Black ink embossed on each page
Linking past intentions with present emotions
Digital words can disappear in an instant
Book’s printed pages can last for centuries

IMG_9034 (2)

Stamp Art: Dwight L. Roth

Self-Published Poetry Book

Our prompt for today’s Quadrille (44 Words) at d’Verse, is the word set, When I think of books, they are the next best thing to being “set in stone.”  I remember using a typewriter like this for many years, when I was still teaching school. I had to type really hard to make the keys cut through into the purple master.  Now everything is done in digital format, which can be lost at the click of a button. Call me old school, but I still like having hard copies to back me up! 

I have included my new self-published book of poems collected from the many poems written for my blog and for d’Verse.

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New Self-Published Poetry Book


I have been self-publishing my own books for about four years. It started with memoirs of my childhood years which I published on Amazon Kindle. In addition I published hard copies at Office Max. I write for myself and for my friends who care to read my work. This book of Haikai poems developed as a result of my connection with the Word Press blog, d”Verse Poets Pub. They post prompts three days a week along with detailed explanations of how to write different forms of poetry.

This book has sixty pages of poems and photos that I took. Since I published it in all black and white it kept the cost down. Using a discount coupon, and publishing thirty-five booklets I was able to do them for two dollars each! For books with more pages you can get plastic covers with a spiral binding. This raised the cost of the book by about four dollars each.

Give self-publishing a try. It is not that difficult. Type your poems or chapters on Word in sequence on one file. Edit and make corrections. Save the finished product in pdf form. This way it will not change when you take it to be printed. Make a separate file with your cover.  Load the file with your book on a flash stick or sd card and take it to your local Office Max or Office Depot. Print at least twenty copies or more to get the best pricing. They will fold and staple them for you. You will love the results.


Catching Snowflakes


Self-Publishing your own Book

Inspiration flakes

Fall softly into your hand

Write before they melt

With a little time and effort you can publish your own books.  I have been publishing since 2014 when I started writing my memoirs to pass on to family and friends. When I got into writing poetry, I began collecting my poems on a word.doc, loading them in sequence as I write them. When I get enough I edit, add the introductory pages, choose a cover, and print.

I decided to call this one Catching Snowflakes because inspiration is just like that. If I get a bit of information and don’t act on it,  it was just like a melting snowflake. It disappears! Writing poetry is like making snowballs, packing those little bits of inspiration into something that collectively can make an impact.

I change the word.doc file to a pdf.file so that it cannot be changed when printed.  I use at least a 16 font since they shrink down when made in half size.  A flash stick is a good way to take it to get printed.  The cover is done on a separate file.  Office Max/Office Depot does a great job printing the books for me. With their Max perks and 20% off coupon, I was able to print them for under ten dollars each. I found it is almost as cheap to print twenty as it is to do ten. More pages give you bigger discounts. I get the wire spiral binding with the plastic cover sheets also. They turn out very nice. This is my fifth self-published book. It is a little over a hundred pages.



Publishing the Past



 Childhood Stories … Growing up in Ephrata, Pennsylvania

By Paul H. White

The past couple of months I have been transcribing stories written by my wife’s father. He grew up in Ephrata, Pennsylvania in the 1930s. When he was sixty-five he decided to write stories he remembered from his childhood. His mother died when he was almost five years old. His father later remarried and he tells of the adjustments he had to make, getting used to a new step-mother. Most of his stories were short and rarely more than a page and a half. He hand typed forty- six stories and made copies for each of his four children.  He is now 89 years old and living in an Alzheimer’s unit in Edmonton, Alberta.  I felt these stories should be kept for grandchildren and beyond, so I decided to transcribe them to digital format and get them printed into books for our family.

Below is an example of one of his stories.

Selling Beans

When I was twelve or thirteen years old, and David was ten or eleven, Father and Mother decided a little extra income could be made selling extra things from the garden and field.

So on Thursday evenings we would get things ready to take to Ephrata. There would be beans, carrots, potatoes, flowers and whatever else was in season. The next morning we would ride with Father when he left for work at 7:30 AM. We had a 1932 Chevy. We would remove the back seat and put in our big six wheeler express wagon with green racks. Then we’d load the produce and drive three miles to where Father had a garage he rented, where he kept his car while he was at work.

Now it was up to David and me to go from house to house in all directions and knock or ring the bell telling what we were selling. We had a peck Measure and a half-peck measure to use to sell potatoes and beans, etc. Usually we could sell everything by 2:00 PM or so.  Then we would walk the three miles through Lincoln to our home in Weidmansville.

One week we had mainly green beans to sell, and everybody said they already had too many beans, so consequently we hardly sold anything from 8:00 to 12:00 noon. I said to David, “We will go up the hill to Spring Garden Street and if we don’t sell any beans we will go home right after lunch, especially since it was such a hot day.

We knocked on many doors, but no one pitied us so we started down the hill toward the garage. We had an idea that it would be fun to coast the whole way down on the sidewalk. I sat on the back corner with one foot out in case I needed to brake. I held the wagon tongue tightly to guide us. David somehow perched on the other back corner. The wagon was still loaded with boxes of green beans. The sidewalk was clear. Soon we gained more speed than expected. Suddenly we approached a driveway we didn’t know about. It had a one inch step up in the concrete. Without warning the front of the wagon jumped into the air, and the front wheels turned sharply to the left. There was a crash, rattle and BANG! We rammed the corner of the two foot high cement wall around someone’s yard. The beans scattered in seven or eight hundred different directions. The metal peck measure kept rolling in a straight line down the hill telling all the neighbors something strange was happening. David and I picked ourselves up from the cement. David told me quietly, “I can’t find my shoe.”  I began picking up the beans. Some boys came and asked David what he was looking for. “My shoe,” he told them. One said, “I saw something land on the street, beyond the parked car.” Sure enough, there was his shoe on the street.

So we returned to the garage, where the car was parked, with the crashed wagon and the bruised beans. We left it there and walked home.


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New Poetry Book


This is my new poetry book I self-published recently. It contains eighty-five poems that I wrote for my Word Press Blog this year. This week I passed 300 followers on my blog. I am amazed and humbled that so many of you have taken time to read and enjoy my poetry. I urge you to keep your inspirations alive. Write them down. Take them to Office Max or Office Depot on a flash drive and publish them your self. Save your book for future generations.

Keep Your Inspirations Alive

A poem in your head is good for you

A poem in print or on the web travels

Faster than light years around the world

Read by strangers and friends alike

Can be read by  Great Great Grandchildren

Write down your inspirations

Spread your love to future hearts

Don’t let your inspirations die



Tell Your Story


Tell your story and publish your own books and memoirs.  A librarian friend of mine once said, “When a person dies a whole library dies with them.”  I believe it is so important to write down what you want your children and grandchildren to remember about your life. I started writing and self-publishing three years ago with encouragement from some good friends. I wrote a story a day for about thirty days. I type my stories and poems into my Word program on my computer. As I wrote each story, I added it to the master copy.

You can copy and paste photos into your story as well. Color photos get very expensive, but you can use the Word picture tools to change them to black and white.  Black and white photo pages are the same price as a print page.

When you get all of your stories loaded and edited, you can change your Word file to a pdf. file. This way nothing will get changed when it is printed. Load the file on a flash drive and take it to Office Max or a similar store to print.   Load the cover page on a separate file.  By using the discount coupons and printing at least 20 copies I  save  money.  You can make Black and White copies, of around a hundred pages, and have them spiral bound for around ten dollars each. If you use a  16 or 20 point font it will give you a good reading size when printed in half size.

Editing takes the most time to get it right. Spend the time. You will be glad you did.

You can also load your books onto Amazon Kindle publishing for free. If they are checked out and read you will get royalties from them. Don’t expect a big return. I am still waiting to make some money on my books! I write for myself. If others enjoy it that is just icing on my cake!

If you are interested in viewing some of my kindle books click on the site below:


The poem below is in my Home page bio and expresses my feelings about the importance of telling your story.

Tell your story

Let it roll from your mind like an avalanche

Mighty and intense

Driven by unstoppable forces

Knowing that if not you

No one

Will ever know the depth of joy and pain

It will be lost


Dwight L. Roth – 2014