Things I learned in High School

EER_0454 (2)

When I think back on the things I learned

I wonder what fragment remains after sixty years

Math and Literature History and Civics

all are fading fast, but there is one skill

I use every day, creating this blog for you…

Typing skills remain


Stamp Art Typewriter: Dwight L. Roth

d’Verse prompt for Quadrille Monday… type… or a form of the word.

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IMG_1948 (3)

I painted this sunflower for our neighbor across the street a couple years ago. I was painting a different sunflower when Lois came by and said she wanted me to paint one just like it for her. It is a large 4′ x 4′ painting. She loved the colors and put it on an easel in her living room.

Sadly, we lost her to cancer a week ago. She was a beautiful person with a warm smile and welcoming spirit, just like the sunflower above. She will be missed.

Winter of life 

unexpected changes 

Seeds drop

Memories live on

Sunflowers bloom

Her spirit lives on

Painting: Dwight L. Roth

Night Train

IMG_1198 (2)

Reading Kym Gordon Moore’s post about the *Little Red Caboose got my nostalgia going for another train post. The painting above is one I did almost ten years ago. The photo of the painting came out a little blurry, which I thought made the painting have an almost ghostly quality. The night train roaring through the blackness is a sight to behold.

Night Train

Black smoke blends with the foggy night

Night train roars on through mist

Full moon hides from the fury of fire and smoke

Fireman shovels coal into the bottomless pit

as the fire dragon swallows and snorts

Whistle pierces the darkness at each crossing

Midnight hour draws near as the engine roars on

through coal patches,

past coke ovens

lighting up hillsides like Jack-o-lanterns

Windows rattle as the old man snores

Kids hide beneath their cozy blankets

Birds huddle close in the branches

Ground shakes as cars rumble by

River gleams just over the bank as it races

the Pennsylvania Dragon to Pittsburgh

Night Train heads into the darkness

pulling a hundred coke cars behind

Warning light twinkles like the evening star

a Red Dwarf

on the back of the little red caboose


Painting of the Night Train: Dwight L. Roth

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Caribbean Getaway

Carribian painting

Mid-Summer and Fourth of July

Thought I’d take time for an Island get-away

Down to the Caribbean

Enjoy the ocean and feel the palm trees

swaying it the tropical breeze

A perfect day for a virtual get-away

It was only for a few hours

No heavy traffic to contend with

No long lines or airport delays

Just peace and quiet; there alone in the heat

And all I came back with was this painting

By some unknown artist


Painting by Unknown Artist: Dwight L. Roth

Packet Boat on the Monongahela

IMG_9658 (2)

Packet Boats ran up and down the river in the early 1900s. These boats were smaller than the sternwheelers that ran up and down the Mississippi. As you can, see the paddle wheel is on the side of the boat instead of on the back.

I found a photo of this one on my hometown site and decided to try to do it in watercolor today. I am still trying to get it right. Watercolors are quite different to work with than the acrylics I have been using. This scene is on the Monongahela River in Southwestern Pennsylvania, not far from where I grew up.

Packet boat’s wheel churns

White foam trailing in the wake

Steam power long gone

Watercolor Painting: Dwight L. Roth

The Unami word Monongahela means “falling banks”, in reference to the geological instability of the river’s banks. Moravian missionary David Zeisberger (1721–1808) gave this account of the naming: “In the Indian tongue the name of this river was Mechmenawungihilla (alternatively spelled Menawngihella), which signifies a high bank, which is ever washed out and therefore collapses.”[11]     ~Wikapedia

Northern Lights: Nature’s Fireworks

IMG_9589 (2)

In Northern Alberta where my wife grew up, Northern Lights were a common occurrence in the night sky. I have only seen photos of them, but I wanted to see if I could paint a picture that somewhat resembled them. This is a view of her home that I got from a couple of old photos. The painting is 30″ x 40″.  We had a break in the heat this past weekend, so I was able to work on this one.

Northern Lights glowing

across the cold winter sky

Nature’s best fireworks


Dwight L. Roth

Here is one for all my blogging friends in the Southern Hemisphere! First day of winter for you!

Sharing this with d’Verse Poets Pub for Frank’s Summer/Winter Solstice prompt.

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Choose Your Hypnotist


A willing subject is the key

Believing all will be

What is spoken to me

Tickling my itching ears

Stirring my righteous anger

Calling me to do what

I would never dream of doing

had this spell not been cast

on me…

so willingly

This is my second poem for the prompt Spell. As I watch some of what is going on with the Senate hearings on the January 6th riots at the Capital, I had to think about why this happened. The hypnotist chooses willing subjects to do his bidding, but the subjects usually choose who they want for their hypnotist! This is not only true in politics.

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Painting: Dwight L. Roth

Cherries and Berries

IMG_E9530 (2)

I decided to work on a new painting today. I thought I would do a watercolor painting, but it seems old habits die hard. My watercolor turned into an acrylic style painting. Guess I will have to keep on practicing!  The painting is of three big cherry trees in the field on my uncle’s farm. The fence along the lane had some great red raspberry bushes. I am afraid mine turned out looking more like roses. Oh well.

Bing cherry trees

 stand tall on the hillside

silhouetted against the mountain

Red raspberries cling to the old fence row

Ripening, ready for picking on the Fourth of July


turns into an acrylic

Painting: Dwight L. Roth

Summer Squall


Summer Squall – Winslow Homer


Summer squalls blow through

Nature’s waves of nausea

Unstoppable force

Powerful, yet soon passing

So thankful when things calm down


Today at d’Verse, Merril presented up with an Ekphrastic Poetry prompt.  She gave us several paintings to choose from to write our poem.  I choose Summer Squalls by Winslow Homer.

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Only One Ticket to Ride

Like the Petals of a Rose (2)

Aging brings so much angst…

Knowing it would happen is no help

as the petals of life begin to fade.

I count… she loves me she loves me not

as our expectations rise and fall

like a Carrowinds coaster

with its ups and downs and loop-t-loops.

Knowing the ride is about over is no help.

Coasting into the exit I exhale

trying to maintain meaning and purpose

knowing I only get one ride.

As friends slowly exit ahead of me

I mourn their passing and grieve my losses.

Aging makes me question my existence,

my future, my truth, and my purpose.

Reality is harsh as challenges increase

Loneliness sets in as other coasters roll on by

filled with excitement and wonder.

I cheer them on with a sad heart…

Knowing they too will someday be here.

While the ride was exhilarating

it seems all too short.

Sadly, I only get one ticket to ride.


Painting: Dwight L. Roth