Scars and Stones

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President’s Day is on Monday. Today Frank Tassone, asked us to write a Haikai poem that talks about a president or presidents past or present. As I read Tessa’s poem today, talking about the presidents on Mount Rushmore, this thought came to mind. See what your think!

Past presidents sit
high on pedestals // seats of
stone // immortalized.
New presidents leave their mark
Scars on the landscape of man
Could their marks reflect
fractured attitudes of us…
Supporters who vote?
Presidents are a mirror…
Take a good look at yourself

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28 thoughts on “Scars and Stones

  1. something worth reflecting upon from my side of the world, as American politics and economics affects Asia more than people realise. They do work for the people, are they listening to the people though?


  2. Dwight, your poem is very true now and in many democracies.
    Strongly written too.
    Yes, it is the people in a democracy that lift these rulers up on their ” thrones”. For better or worse, that is the truth and yes, it reflects back on us and our society.

    A good look, yes. What are truly the values of the day?


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  3. With all the different factors trying to allow voting to be fair – we do not actually use the true one vote per person. And then of course there are the questions of how the votes are tallied (chad or no chad).
    While we do have some more freedoms than others, we are not a complete democracy. Something that I think our forefathers tried to establish. We do need to take responsibility, even those of us who do not like politics. The process is slow but we can, I hope eventually find a mirror we can look in with pride.

    I think I found out about Grace via a ‘Mysteries and the Museum’ history show. 🙂

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  4. I hear many people bad-mouthing Trump supporters as idiots and morons and insane … the list goes on. But really? Can such a huge number of Americans be generalized in such terms? Instead we should look in the mirror to see if we are blinded by our own desires and make compromised decisions to try and obtain them. Most people find flag waving more fun than understanding — with everyone one having their favorite flag: religious, political, philosophical, ethnic or whatever. Wave that flag!
    Roth, I am not 100% sure of what you wrote, but I hope this response is appropriate to it.

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    • Thank you for your comment. If you click on my site you can read it three days back. They all go in order! I once wrote a poem a couple of years ago called, Give Me Comfort… Not Truth. I may have to reivive it again!!


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