Questions Right and Left (a Sonnet-2)


How can it be possible… Right and Left/
Smart and educated though they may be,
See each other as totally bereft;
Stonewalling opponents cheering with glee.
Animosity grows with each debate;
Politics boil cauldrons of despair.
Totally different agendas await;
Dividing our country with rifts and tears.
One would think // if they set aside their pride/
That intelligent thinking, from both sides,
Could result in a list of good choices;
Making all of us glad to hear their voices!

How can it be possible… Right and Left/
Have choked and copped out // when put to the test.


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

This is my second attempt at writing a Sonnet for d’Verse Poets Pub… One with a political twist.

Now I have gone back to revise and include enjambment. Jilly asked us to included punctuation and wrap around lines, hopefully making it have a more readable flow!

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61 thoughts on “Questions Right and Left (a Sonnet-2)

  1. To heart of the matter Dwight – right to the heart and soul of it. The old guard politicians and businessmen who now run this country are viscious, power hungry, money grabbing, assholes, who could not care less about the common person, or the needs of those of us that they consider inferior, disposable pawns in their evil, demagogical game of fantasy – in which they see themselves as gods, accountable to no one. In our naïveté we have allowed ourselves to be manipulated into giving them the hammers of tyranny with which they will beat us into absolute submission. And the reason this will in fact really happen, is that the dancing puppets, who make up the majority of the population of this country – are too weak, or ignorant, or hate filled, or bamboozled to believe it, or even see it – as playes out in real time daily before their veiled eyes. We as a country, are falling like the Roman empire. The dangerous and frightening dufference, is that the enemy is at the head of the table, and we fools put them there. By the way – Happy New Year Dwight, may 2019 bring you joy and peace.

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    • Thank you for your heartfelt comments. I agree that what’s happening is not what’s going on! We only see the superficial things. When we lived in Eastern NC, the locals used to make what they called “hushpuppies” that are corn bread sticks or biscuits that they would toss to the puppies under the table to keep them quiet! (they are very good by the way) This is what I see happening in politics. They throw us some hushpuppies to keep us from making noise about what is really going on.
      Thanks and Happy New Year to you as well!!


  2. So timely. I wholeheartedly agree. If both sides can find a middle ground, and truly seek that middle ground, more can be accomplished and people will not be as polarized as they are now. I have just been in this country for 15 years, and to this day, I am still shocked at how divided this country is. It seems like there is a war not with bullets but with ideas. How easily people toss words like bigoted and hateful without really analyzing the complete situation. Those words seemed to have become reflex words. But then again, who am I to complain. My own country of origin has the same concerns.

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  3. Well stated, Dwight! Some past presidents and their friends recently have worked really hard to develop a divided, contentious, “victimized” society, and this anarchy is what we get. We should all be working toward a GOOD society with personal freedom within the law, not necessarily the middle of the road between anarchy and what is Constitutional.

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  4. First of all, nice flow in this sonnet. I am admiring those who have mastered the meter. American politics have become an entity that overshadows reason and humanity. The shadow looms to my own country as we are inundated with the likes of it in the media and fear for the effects it is having on the world.

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  5. Ah, a Pandora’s crate of a sonnet. For every one of us who see the wisdom of your verses, there are others who believe the world worse is. Before I write a stroke about politics, I am more likely to head for the safer soils of determinism vs. free will and Ford vs. Chevy. But then, you know… I’m not much for stirring things up. … Great sonnet, ‘though; both how it’s writ and what it says.

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