Black Crow Awakening

crow sillouite

Today I am attempting a Renga poem for Frank Tassone’s Haikai challenge. He asked us to write a Haikai poem of our choice that included crow’s first call. A Renga is usually more humorous in nature and often composed by two or more people each adding a verse. I hope I have done it justice!

Bad dreams awake me
Incessant cawing won’t stop
Outside my window

Black crow’s obnoxious racket
Creeps loudly through my pain(pane)

I lift the window
Yelling loudly at the crow
Crow ignores my fuss

I shout and bang on the pane
Breaking glass falls at my feet

My toe is bleeding
Frustration drowns out the pain
I reach for my gun

With shells in my hand I load
A bullet in the barrel

A loud gunshot fired
Black crow quickly flies away
My shot went awry

Hitting nothing but blue sky
Black crow flew back as I cried

On blood marked carpet
I tiptoed to the bathroom
Getting a band-aid

I wrapped up my toe tightly
Black crow perched laughing loudly


Print of crow: Bing/pintrest

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17 thoughts on “Black Crow Awakening

  1. Fun reading. I do hope your verse wasn’t based in fact. Broken window, bleeding toe… ouch!

    For a time I had a bunch of crows hogging my bird feeders. I had a tin can of marbles, a whistle, I would even go to my back door and open it to shoo them away. I would yell “Take turns” “You can come if you share!”… I actually don’t know when they stopped coming around. Perhaps it was when I was away for a bit and the feeders didn’t get refilled? So the crows found another source? At least the little birds only fight the squirrels now 😉

    I was late to linking to Frank’s crow prompt. I must have had it in mind when I wrote a crow/raven piece which I have since linked up.

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    • Crows like starlings can be a big nuisance! I guess they are first cousins! LOL
      My poem did have a bit of creative license and embellishment! It added the bit of humor I was looking for to make it progress well! Thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

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