Questions Right and Left (a Sonnet-2)


How can it be possible… Right and Left/
Smart and educated though they may be,
See each other as totally bereft;
Stonewalling opponents cheering with glee.
Animosity grows with each debate;
Politics boil cauldrons of despair.
Totally different agendas await;
Dividing our country with rifts and tears.
One would think // if they set aside their pride/
That intelligent thinking, from both sides,
Could result in a list of good choices;
Making all of us glad to hear their voices!

How can it be possible… Right and Left/
Have choked and copped out // when put to the test.


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

This is my second attempt at writing a Sonnet for d’Verse Poets Pub… One with a political twist.

Now I have gone back to revise and include enjambment. Jilly asked us to included punctuation and wrap around lines, hopefully making it have a more readable flow!

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