Theory of Everything

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This week at d’Verse Poets Pub, we have been discussing theories of everything both real and imagined. When Darwin’s theory of evolution was presented it was greatly challenged by the Christian Church leaders. Those who believed in creationism could not accept this far out theory. The debate still goes on, with no one really able to prove their theory.  Yet one has to wonder, as we look at the world around us, how it all came about!

As I contemplate my existence
How it must have all come about
I find a thought persistent
In my mind and won’t come out

If as some believe we all came from the ocean
Organisms and fish learning to breathe on land
Evolving into monkeys, dinosaurs, and toucans
Then we are all the same both woman and man

In every drop of water and every living thing
The DNA strands in us and them should all be the same
But the opposite seems to be true it seems
DNA is different in every living organism, woman, and man

So how can it be possible to have such strange dichotomy
Millions upon millions of living things
All different yet with such unique anatomy
Not one of them the same whether on legs or on wings

With such a well-ordered plan and imaginative design
It seems intelligence beyond our comprehension
Has put in motion this world a one of a kind
And we all participate in this great dispensation

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Questions Right and Left (a Sonnet-2)


How can it be possible… Right and Left/
Smart and educated though they may be,
See each other as totally bereft;
Stonewalling opponents cheering with glee.
Animosity grows with each debate;
Politics boil cauldrons of despair.
Totally different agendas await;
Dividing our country with rifts and tears.
One would think // if they set aside their pride/
That intelligent thinking, from both sides,
Could result in a list of good choices;
Making all of us glad to hear their voices!

How can it be possible… Right and Left/
Have choked and copped out // when put to the test.


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

This is my second attempt at writing a Sonnet for d’Verse Poets Pub… One with a political twist.

Now I have gone back to revise and include enjambment. Jilly asked us to included punctuation and wrap around lines, hopefully making it have a more readable flow!

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