Today I worked on a lawnmower that would not run for a neighbor in our development. Some of you will recognize this as the carburetor bowl. As you can see it has dirt and sediments is mixed in with the gas. When the gas gets sucked through the carburetor to the cylinder those sediments clog up the jets and keep the gas from flowing, stalling out engine. Once the carburetor was cleaned and the gas tank drained, I added new gas and the engine started right up.

Summer lawns grow fast

Sediments keep mower stalled

Clean carb lets it run


Distractions in life

Often stall relationships

Clean out sediments

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

41 thoughts on “Sediments

  1. Sediments do gum up the works, don’t they Dwight? I’ll have this in mind if either the lawnmower or my relationships get sluggish. Glad you could help out your neighbor. One of mine just got an electric mower, and I’m waiting for them to use it a few times before getting their opinion on it. For now, I’ve got my “ancient” gas-powered version doing just fine.

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