Dog Days of Summer

IMG_6419 (2)

August is like hump day for summer

Topping the hot rise of extreme temps

Starting the downhill chug into cooler weather

August is a month of anticipation

Vacation days coming to a close

as children and teachers anticipate

school opening sooner than they would like

August is anticlimactic in its celebrations

No fireworks, No flag waving, No Historic events

Even September gets Labor Day!

August is like the jet lag we feel

after a week’s visit from grandparents

Pleasantly exhausted, yet full of memories

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today, at d’Verse, Sanaa asked us to consider the lesser celebrated month of August. She asked us to write a poem reflecting on what memories we might have of this month.

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55 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer

  1. This is such a heartfelt write, Dwight! 🙂 I especially resonate with; “Vacation days coming to a close
    as children and teachers anticipate school opening sooner than they would like.” I recently went out and the streets were filled with little ones pestering their parents for new books and stationary. Thank you so much for adding your voice to the prompt 💖💖💖

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  2. Dwight, our minds are on the same wavelength! I love your words (and the colorful photo). When creating my newsletter yesterday, all I thought about was “back to school” and the dog days of summer! I hope you are both doing well!

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    • School used to start after Labor Day. They they began adding days to the teacher’s schedule, and now they have students coming the third week of August! I am glad I am not teaching any longer. Did I read in your newsletter that you are still teaching?

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      • I remember those days too, Dwight! It’s crazy now! I no longer teach in a public school, but metaphorically used my current situation to gear myself up for what would be another school year! I miss working with special needs adults, part of my current enjoyment, as I undergo cancer treatment. I’ll get back to them! I know it! 🙌🏻💛

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  3. August has that flavor here in Montana … the end of a very short summer. Often it is a sad month of growing forest fires in neighboring mountains & they send smoke to block our beautiful Madison Range. But in Switzerland where our daughter lives, it starts with a national holiday and continues to be a busy month of tourists for her & her hubby in their chalet/restaurant/hotel. I love your poem and the images it conjures up, {{{Dwight}}}.

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    • Thank you so much Jan! Here in NC is quite different from PA where I grew up. September her is just another month of extended summer! Hot hot hot! A cool breeze every now and then. Glad you enjoyed my poem!

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