A Living History

This is not a painting

It is a living family history

Not just an abstract splash of color

But, a life’s journey

A story that began a lifetime ago

Moving 2500 miles to Alberta

Building a little house in the big woods

Raising his family near a Cree Indian village

By the shores of Calling Lake


This is a story of mid-life change

to the big city of Edmonton

Becoming a respiratory therapist

A new career of serving others

Retiring to a condo


Memory fading to dim

More than Mother can care for

Her brain tumor required attention

Care needed for both


End of like can be full of surprises

This is not a painting

It is our family’s story

Painting: Dwight L. Roth 1-2013

Today at d’Verse, Mish asked us to choose an object, that means something special to us, and write a poem beginning with the line… “This is not a _________” Eight years ago we flew to Edmonton, AB to make care arrangements for both of my wife’s parents. Her mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor and her father was suffering from Alzheimer’s. It was a traumatic time for all of us. When we finally returned home the end of January, I poured my emotions into this painting depicting their life in Alberta. To me, this is much more than a painting. It is a piece of family history!

Join us at: https://dversepoets.com …click on Mr. Linkey and read more poems.

95 thoughts on “A Living History

  1. Thank you for sharing this family history, Dwight. It sounds like your parents-in-law had interesting and adventurous lives. Sorry to hear of their troubles at the end, but I’m sure they were glad of your help and support.

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  2. A wonderful artistic tribute to the full and interesting lives of two people, well loved. A lovely way to get past the sad end memories to the exciting lives that preceded. We’re privileged you shared.

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  3. A heart-touching journey and memories for you and your family. So sad that your wife’s parents had to endure such difficult medical issues. 😦
    Your beautiful painting captures the story…the times, Dwight. And your poem/words are a wonderful pairing to your painting…a gift…a treasure to future generations.
    Is there a way you could put your poem with the painting…on the back, or put them in a frame together?

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  5. Found that a very moving poem thank you. Its important that subjects like this are tackled, not only does it help the writer, but also the reader, specially if they are in the same situation, they can discover they’re not alone. Also linking these sentiments with an image is extremely powerful and empowering.

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