Hair Daze

Oh, the glorious memories of past days

Combing long flowing hair with swept back duck-tails

Smooth waves that would make a surfer gaze

Sadly the glory days leave only tales

But, I do remember the TV ad…

Brylcreem… A little dab’ll do ya!”

Photo: Me in about the seventh grade!

Today at d’Verse, De Jackson is taking me into my past, asking us to write a Quadrille poem (exactly 44 words) with the word dab in it. When I as an adolescent, I had lots of hair. Brylcreem was my hair cream. It is amazing what you could do with it when combing it back into the Elvis Presley style duck-tail wave. Funny how the jingles never seem to leave your brain. 😎

Join us at: …and click on the Mr. Linkey box to read more.

82 thoughts on “Hair Daze

  1. Well, what a handsome dude you were — and still are. I remember the ad, and how they sort of slurred the words “a little dab’ll do ya” .. at least that’s what I heard,. Seems it was sung, but can’t remember the tune.

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  2. We had it at home, though I never used it. My (slightly) older brother was a Brylcremer, though, and had a coif even more, um, designed than yours, here. He just passed away in September (74 yrs) and I considered tossing an old photo into the cremation with him, but refrained. Thanks for sharing your work.

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  3. Dwight, I remember the words and melody well. “Brylcream, a little dab’ll do ya. Brylcream, the girls will all pursue ya. They love to get their fingers in your hair!” My father used it. Not sure about my younger brother.

    Dwight, I am sure the girls pursued you! Such a cute picture! ❤

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  4. Wow, What a great post, Dwight! Walking down memory lane again! How could you have lived then and not remember “Brylcream – a little dab with do ya”. Isn’t amazing how an advertising slogan can stay with you for a lifetime? Just like an old song. The advertisers know the secret to brainwashing – repetition, endless repetition. I guess that’s the secret to lies and politics too! Ha!

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  5. Oh Dwight! Wish you could see the grin on my face now. As SOON as I saw the title the phrase “A little dab’ll do you” came to mind. My dad ALWAYS used Brylcream on his hair. He had the most beautiful wavy hair! And he showered AND washed his hair with that green Palmolive bar soap. No classy products on his hair for him! 🙂 Still grinning here…..thanks’ for the memories!

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