Call of the Surf


When we are young the idea of dying is far from our minds. That is for old people and those who are sick.  Now with Covid-19 running rampant around the world, it again seems it is the aged and sickly who don’t survive. After three months of being confined to our homes sheltering in place, many are ready to get out again. Laying aside social distancing protocol, they shed the masks and party hardy.  Between that and the recent protests, with little or no social distancing. new positive test and hospitalizations are on the increase. Some still think it won’t happen to them.
Covid-19 spikes
Many play a deadly game
Surf and Sun beckons
Celebrate Fourth of July
Invincible youth


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


63 thoughts on “Call of the Surf

  1. Beautiful photo, Dwight! The poem states very well something that needs to be said.

    It is very frustrating to think that people are so uncaring of others that they put older people at risk. Many infected people don’t know they are “spreaders” because they have no symptoms. Also, children can get sick from the virus with a different set of symptoms than adults have. So these heedless people who don’t take precautions are also putting children at risk.

    Be safe and happy!

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  2. I am so angry with these irresponsible, selfish people that I can barely see straight. The lastest is COVID parties whereby college students party with known infectious people, and the first moron with a positive COVID test wins a pot of money.

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  3. very true, I am amazed at the people who really wont do the distancing even when asked politely but firmly!

    One woman and her three children just moved closer I was paying at the checkout so I really had nowhere to go!

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