March Madness

Creeping in with the beauty of March is that madness that comes with the opening of tree buds and flowers. Pear trees bloom and maples push buds, making all those little helicopters that twirl their way down to the yard. The madness of it all comes not in the beauty, but rather in the pollen that floats through the air and coats my car windows with yellow dust. People with allergies go mad!
Every year it seems March madness takes over my head, fills my sinuses and makes me ache all over. I am recovering as I write from a week of misery that wants to stay with me. Even all the excess rain has not dampened “March Madness”.

Bees still in hiding
Tree pollen floats in spring air
Short circuits senses

Merril at d’Verse asked us to write a Haibun about March Maddness. This is not the basketball madness that we experience in the Carolinas, but rather other aspects of March that may drive us crazy. I chose the allergy season that comes every year.
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Photo: Dwight L. Roth

46 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. Oh, March madness may be coming our way also, but it’s delayed by the lingering winter and rain. There are tiny buds on my plum trees.
    My sinuses are not too bad lately. I don’t know what I’ve done (to desensitize it)?


  2. I love the spring so much, that I’ve locked the whole pollen thing up in a box in my mind. Yes, our cars and sidewalk will be completely covered, and I’ll have to be careful about when I open the windows.
    Very well expressed here, Dwight–I liked the description of the little helicopters falling from the trees. And I like the photo, too.

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