ACC Madness Begins

EER_0113.JPGNorth Carolina fans love their sports teams. Every March, the ACC tournament comes right before the NCAA tournament. A solid weekend of basketball as all the teams compete for bragging rights and the ACC Trophy. We refer to it around here as March Madness! Next week it will start all over again as the best college teams in the country play for the NCAA Championship.  North Carolina and Duke have been leading competitors over the past years. We will see how they do this round!

March Madness heats up
Duke and UNC burn nets
April flowers bloom


Saw Paintings: Dwight L. Roth

March Madness

Creeping in with the beauty of March is that madness that comes with the opening of tree buds and flowers. Pear trees bloom and maples push buds, making all those little helicopters that twirl their way down to the yard. The madness of it all comes not in the beauty, but rather in the pollen that floats through the air and coats my car windows with yellow dust. People with allergies go mad!
Every year it seems March madness takes over my head, fills my sinuses and makes me ache all over. I am recovering as I write from a week of misery that wants to stay with me. Even all the excess rain has not dampened “March Madness”.

Bees still in hiding
Tree pollen floats in spring air
Short circuits senses

Merril at d’Verse asked us to write a Haibun about March Maddness. This is not the basketball madness that we experience in the Carolinas, but rather other aspects of March that may drive us crazy. I chose the allergy season that comes every year.
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Photo: Dwight L. Roth

The Ides of March

 The Ides of March

Ah, yes, “Beware the Ides of March”

Both then and now

Perhaps as it’s always been

March Madness

Driving men to do strange things

Stabbing a trusting Friend

Rex tweeted back to obscurity

NCAA team heads back home to Virginia

Like Confederate Soldiers

Weary and worn /swallowing defeat

Like a cannon ball in the throat

Others cheering victory

Only to join the home-going

The next round

Fans glued to their TV sets

Like a million flies

Trapped in the gooey

Dangling flypaper

The madness swallows them all but one

A climax of euphoria

Well-earned // or well-stolen

It matters not

Trophy tatters of net

Pocketed to remember

Those fifteen minutes of fame

Now with oncoming Spring

Stabbed in the back

By the never dying winter’s snow

March marches on its fateful journey.

It was quoted before

But I’ll quote it again…

“Beware the Ides of March!!”




March Madness


March Madness

Duke or Carolina the game is on

A race of sweat and tears

Happens every year

Just like clockwork

ACC tournament at stake

Two of the best want that title

Bucket for bucket // shot for shot

Tarheels are looking good

Blue Devils putting forth their best

Duke Saw

It all comes down to fouls and shots

To me the last five minutes tell it all

Running back and forth gets a bit tedious

I like the action as the seconds tick down

The unexpected last shot brings joy and sorrow

But then again… it’s just basketball

But not for some!


Saw Paintings of UNC and Duke : Dwight L. Roth

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