To everything there is a time and a season… the cycle of life.  Every year we celebrate the coming of each season on its anniversary. Spring, summer, fall and winter, all come and go with precise clockwork. Each anniversary, flowers bloom as days increase and decrease in length. In the case of my hibiscus, the anniversary blooms only last a day and then are gone and replaced. Frank Tassone reminded us that it has been one year since he started issuing his Haikai Challenges each Saturday. Anniversaries seem to come and go so quickly just like my hibiscus. The one at the top was three days ago. The one at the end of this post was taken today.

Beauty is fleeting

Seems to last only for a day

Tomorrow it’s gone


Hibiscus 5

iPhone Photos: Dwight L. Roth

I revised a portion of my earlier hibiscus post for Frank’s Anniversary Challenge. The second flower is fresh today!

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