Beauty on Beauty

There you were in the middle of my shot

Resting on a petal sunning yourself

Surfing all that beauty

Drowning in light

Reflecting every minute detail

Flawless yet simple


An engineering work of infinitesimal design

A gift from the creator of all wonders

The image of excellence

Beauty on beauty

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Note; I just received my copy of the new North Carolina Bards Charlotte Poetry Anthology this week. I am proud and honored that my poem, Cobwebs of the Blue Ridge, was included in this collection.



To everything there is a time and a season… the cycle of life.  Every year we celebrate the coming of each season on its anniversary. Spring, summer, fall and winter, all come and go with precise clockwork. Each anniversary, flowers bloom as days increase and decrease in length. In the case of my hibiscus, the anniversary blooms only last a day and then are gone and replaced. Frank Tassone reminded us that it has been one year since he started issuing his Haikai Challenges each Saturday. Anniversaries seem to come and go so quickly just like my hibiscus. The one at the top was three days ago. The one at the end of this post was taken today.

Beauty is fleeting

Seems to last only for a day

Tomorrow it’s gone


Hibiscus 5

iPhone Photos: Dwight L. Roth

I revised a portion of my earlier hibiscus post for Frank’s Anniversary Challenge. The second flower is fresh today!

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Passing Beauty


Hibiscus Flower Fresh this morning

Presenting itself in all its glorious beauty


Yesterday’s flower fading fast

Passing on genetics in a blood red vase


Beauty is fleeting

Seems to last only for a day

Tomorrow it will be gone // but the seeds remain


Curling and wrinkling in the summer sun

As the next raving beauty come open for view


Reality of life // we watch it all play out

Right in front of our eyes // just like you and me


How do we get all this beauty out of dirt?!

Unedited iPhone photos taken today: Dwight L. Roth

Now that fall is coming on, my little hibiscus began to bloom again, more gorgeous than ever! One flower yesterday and a new one today. I had to share them with you all! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Treasured Gift


egg 4

egg 2

Many years ago my wife worked as an office nurse for a doctor who appreciated her skills as an RN. To show his appreciation for her good work he created this egg to give to her.  He blew out the egg and painted the mountains on the outside. With a scrapple, he very carefully cut the round door in the shell. He painted the inside and then used sutures to make hinges so it could be opened and closed. It was a very special and is a treasured gift.

Treasured Gift  (a Quadrille)

An appreciative doctor

A skilled nurse

A gift of an egg

Hand painted//


Inside and out

A little round door//

Hinges of suture strings

Cut with precision care

For a special nurse//

Fragile beauty

Long remembered

Handled with care//

Always a Treasured Gift

Egg painting creation: Dr. Patrone in Rocky Mount, NC

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

We were asked by Kim at d’Verse to write a quadrille of exactly 44 words using the word egg in any form we choose. This egg is very special to us.

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Life in Death


Easter brings with it a time of reflection. I thought the crown of thorns would be a great metaphor illustrating what Christians believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Some see only suffering and death. Others see the part that never dies, the spirit that rises bringing life, light, and hope to the faithful!

Crown of Thornes

Of what use are your long gnarled stems

Heads balding from the loss of fragile beauty

Sucked dry by bird and bee

Seeking the nectar of life hidden deep inside

Of what use is your thorny crown

Pocked and dried by sun and wind

Waiting in the remaining time

To be cut broken discarded

The glory days of ephemeral beauty gone

What’s left for the aging freckled head

What beauty remains for the dried and broken

It was not all for naught, the losing of ones crown

For underneath the crown lies the key to beauty

The ongoing genetics of life the giftwrapped wonder


Beauty is in the seed passing on and on and on

Since the beginning of time

Without the crown of thorns there would be no future beauty

The would be no life here after

Beauty is passing, life is fragile, but the seed remains forever

To once again spring forth from the ashes of the past

Bringing life and hope and to that dried crown of thorns


Photos: Dwight



Photo:  Sharon Knight

Today on d’Verse~Poetry Pub, we have been asked to choose a photo from the work of Sharon Knight, photographer, and write a poem of our choosing. I chose this one because of the ways the strong links of the chain contrast with the fragile thistle flower growing next to it. To me, it shows that strength and vulnerability co-exist in our world. We need them both to survive.

Steel and flower share

Opposites Linked together

Make life possible


Photo by:  Meditations From the Midwest

A Moment of Glory


Reincarnated Beauty

I am a lily rising to the sun

Blooming for a moment

Wilting follows fifteen minutes of fame

Beauty to be admired and remembered

Photographed and stashed away

Living for a time in general obscurity

In the oppressing intensity of time

Dying back to the bulb

Only to rise once again after winter

Reaching for the sunlight

Reflecting the treasure of the bulb

Stored away for spring reincarnation

Another moment of glory revisited

Only to experience the fragility of life

Wilting once again at days end

Turning inward to feed the bulb

Till once again the treasure

Is opened once more


Photo: Dwight l. Roth


New Life in the Garden


Today is Easter Sunday and a time to celebrate new life. Spring is such a wonderful time of the year in so many ways. Flowers are starting to bloom, and today I saw my first butterfly of the season. The petals of the flowers are a wonder in themselves, so thin and fragile, yet so gorgeous. The lilac’s fragrance is better than any manmade perfume.  The butterfly had a piece out of his beautiful gossamer wing. Like us, his deficiency does not seem to stop him from enjoying the new flowers blooming in my backyard. I can see God’s handiwork everywhere around me on this beautiful day of life new and renewal. Do we realize how blessed we all are when we see these special gifts. Take time to smell the flowers.


So amazing that something so beautiful can be so fragile

Petals of soft silk

Translucent wings of spectacular design


How wonderful that flowers

Here today and gone tomorrow

Can bring such joy and wonder

Our reminder of new life

Cycling before our eyes

The glorious sun captured in the petals


So fragile that even a touch can destroy

Left alone can remind us of God’s hand

In everything we see and do

How can one believe it all just happened

From noisy matter or condensing water


Photos: Dwight L. Roth