The “Eyes” have it…

Eyes tell the story

Together we are secure

Even through Covid

I will protect you from harm

Wrapped tightly in my strong arms


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse we are writing about eyes… the window to the soul. When my son was little he loved Raggedy Ann. He was very protective of her. I find it interesting that their eyes are almost the same in this photo! This poem is the story of us all this year! Wear your mask and be safe.

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What is Normal


Our free range playgrounds of childhood have died.

We no longer live connected, but rather side by side

We know each other by first name only

Some live isolated and feel quite lonely

Gone are the days of front porch swings

Where friends may gather as evening begins

And lovers sit swinging hand in hand

It was wonderful // Life was grand

Our doors never locked and curtains seldom pulled

Kids ran free and no threat while at school

Played in the woods // climbed trees without nets

Disappeared all day and played with their pets

And if we ever needed help from a friend

We knew who to call // that neighbor round the bend

Seems the new normal arrived long before Covid

As life had already changed  // no matter what we did

Photo: Dwight L. Roth


This poem came to me after reading Reena Sexons poem:


humpty dumpty clip art
Interesting how our gods all fall to pieces
when crisis comes knocking at our door.
Life in disarray lies before us
with no way of putting it back together again.
Looking into the eyes of hopelessness
shocks us into reality.
Invincible has no definition in our world;
We all sit on the wall waiting to fall.
Interesting how our gods fall to the floor
When crisis comes knock knocking at our door.

Inspired by a poem I read by Paul Vincent Cannon – Birthed by Silence

Birthed By Silence – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

Posting on d’Verse Poets Pub open link night! Frank asked us to put a couplet at the end of our poem. I hope this meets the criterion.



Her Perspective

IMG_0471 (2)

How big the world must look to one so young
With all its overflowing challenges;
A chasm most daunting // stretched and far flung;
It spreads in all directions and ranges.
From your high safe perch on that giant rock,
You might feel secure // a place to call home;
But, you know in the future you will walk
Across that river of life all alone.
How big the world seems sitting on a rock

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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Letter to My Adopted Grandson


Our prompt from Bjorn at d”verse, is to write a letter to someone in poetic form.  I wrote this for my grandson who was adopted when he was a year and a half.  It is written from his new mother’s perspective, and addresses his emotional struggles and insecurities that came with such a transition. It is a lullaby, which I recorded, but could also serve as a letter. He has adjusted and is doing very well.

Sweet Baby Boy

Sweet baby boy just close your eyes

Go off to dreamland with a sigh

Sweet baby boy fly away

To worlds unknown beyond the eye


Sweet baby boy come to me now

With all your tears a cryin’

Sweet baby boy I’ll ease your fears

And soon you’ll be a sighin’


And when you wake I’ll be right here

Near you I’ll be lyin’

To keep you safe and let you know

This is your home where I am


Through tears and fears throughout the years

I’ll always be your Mother

And though you might not understand

There’ll never be another


*For my grandson who was adopted when he was a year and a half old. 

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Look Inside Change the World


Look Inside Change the World

Life is not about what’s going on in the world

It is about what is going on inside of you

Not about Presidents, marches, or fighting wars

It’s the protesting of our soul’s dark night

The person in control of your inner soul

Seeds of peace start within your heart

Knowing who you are as the world churns

Change the world one person at a time

Knowing God is a choice we make

Can be ignored if we close our mind

It’s not about what is going on out there

It’s allowing God’s love to fill your soul

Flowing through you ignoring the fray

Calm in the storm of swelling tides

Asleep in the boat knowing wherein

Your security lies

Changing the world from a heart at peace

One person at a time

EER_0221.JPGPhotos: Dwight L. Roth



What does it take to be happy? A big house, a fancy car, and lots of money?  I drive past this house every week and find the posted gate along the road to be quite interesting. The huge house and fine grounds is beautiful yet very uninviting. The No Tresspassing signs and cameras let me know I am not welcome. I decided to write a poem debating who is happier, me or them? See what you think.


Those with little have little to lose

Living hand to mouth is not what they choose

A house to live in with a lock on the door

A car in the drive and nothing more

A welcome mat that invites friends in

To stop a moment and share where they’ve been

No fences no gates just lots of green grass

Where friends can play when they get out of class

What a contrast to those who have more

Behind locked gates with signs on the door

With cameras and lights  they watch from a distance

Guns in the closet if they face resistance

Posted it reads you are not welcome here

Don’t come through our gate we don’t want you near

When we have more we fear your approach

Worried  and frightened that you might encroach

Some don’t want the likes of you around

They appear afraid you will soil their ground

So, let them stay behind their gate

Worried and anxious about their fate

We’re happy with our freedom and the little we’ve got

We work hard and enjoy friends in our back lot








Fear keeps us from putting our self in harms way.  But when it is used as a manipulative tool it becomes a misperception that can take us down the wrong track. Think about the tragedies that create knee-jerk reactions resulting in new laws to protect us. Some are good and some are not very well thought through. For many, this election creates much fear and anxiety given the choices before us. Ironically it is people of faith who seem to worry most. This should not be the case if we believe what the Bible tells us: that God is in control of the nations, that all things work together for our good, and that God does not give us a spirit of fear.  It is not up to us. Read the poem and see what you think .                              

Fear creates anxiety

Believing we are helpless

Unable to control our future

Fear drives us to climb on board

Riding the band wagon of distress

Cheering the driver as we careen toward the cliff

Fear pre-empts good judgement

Listening to our insecurities

Instead of common sense

Fear is grasping for that last straw

Knowing it will not save us

But denying the inevitable

Fear is the method of control

For politicians, religious leaders, and jihadi terrorists

Dictators, Presidents, Kings, and Priests

Why do we choose a spirit of fear

When we could have ‘a Spirit of power,

of love, and of a strong mind’ (NKJV)

Light a candle of hope… dispel the darkness of fear


*Painting by Dwight Roth

The Lover That Won’t Let Me Go


You’re the Lover That Won’t Let Me Go

The maternal instinct is found in almost all animal, birds, and humans. We do whatever is necessary to and provided for and keep our children safe.  The Bible describes God as having that same desire to care for and sustain his children. The Psalmist says, “As a father cares for his children, so my Father cares for me.” Just as the bird in the photo above starts life totally dependent on its mother for food, we to need to realize that it is God’s mercy and grace that sustains us. This poem metaphorically describes our relationship with God as two lovers reaching out in antiphonal love for one another. This was originally written as a song. 

You’re the lover of my soul     

…the one that won’t let me go

You call out to me 

…I call out to you

You’re the lover that won’t let me go

Lord, you are the one I adore 

…the one that won’t let me go

You call out to me   

…I call out to you

You’re the Lover that won’t let me go


Your beauty is everywhere      

…I feel your love and care…

Holy Spirit, speak into my soul

…and draw my heart to you

You’re the lover of my soul     

…the one that won’t let me go

You call out to me    

…I call out to you

You’re the lover that won’t let me go


Your truth is in your Word       

…that I so often heard

Open my eyes that I may see   

…the beauty of your grace

Lord, you are the one I adore  

…the one that won’t let me go

                You call out to me                

…I call out to you

You’re the Lover that won’t let me go

Your love makes me alive        

… It makes me realize

Without you Jesus, I am lost   

…but with you I’m satisfied

You’re the lover of my soul     

 …the one that won’t let me go

You call out to me

…I call out to you

You’re the lover that won’t let me go

Lord, you are the one I adore

…the one that won’t let me go

You call out to me

…I call out to you

You’re the Lover that won’t let me go