The “Eyes” have it…

Eyes tell the story

Together we are secure

Even through Covid

I will protect you from harm

Wrapped tightly in my strong arms


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse we are writing about eyes… the window to the soul. When my son was little he loved Raggedy Ann. He was very protective of her. I find it interesting that their eyes are almost the same in this photo! This poem is the story of us all this year! Wear your mask and be safe.

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49 thoughts on “The “Eyes” have it…

  1. Love the photo! My grandmother made Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls for a gift shop and for her great-grandchildren. My grandmother was gone before we adopted our son. He had a couple of dolls, one of them a rag doll and one a GI Joe. 🙂

    Your poem and comment support the importance of wearing a mask. I appreciate that message! ❤
    All the best, Dwight!

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    • Thank you Cheryl. They are such great dolls for kids. This one belonged to my wife. He enjoyed playing with her. The pictures says it all. Common sense is so important in this time. Hard headedness just allows more people to die.

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  2. Such a sweet photo of your son. Your poem is just the reassurance a child needs. I would hate to be a child growing up in the age of Covid, and I’m very grateful that my daughter had a pandemic-free childhood. (I never thought I would say those words.)

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  3. I like the nurturing element in your poem and the safety and security that speaks through the photo. As an early childhood educator, I have always promoted nurturing and empathy in little girls AND boys. How wonderful that he had a Raggedy Ann doll. I have one tucked away in a cedar chest. Maybe she needs to come out!

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