Letter to My Adopted Grandson


Our prompt from Bjorn at d”verse, is to write a letter to someone in poetic form.  I wrote this for my grandson who was adopted when he was a year and a half.  It is written from his new mother’s perspective, and addresses his emotional struggles and insecurities that came with such a transition. It is a lullaby, which I recorded, but could also serve as a letter. He has adjusted and is doing very well.

Sweet Baby Boy

Sweet baby boy just close your eyes

Go off to dreamland with a sigh

Sweet baby boy fly away

To worlds unknown beyond the eye


Sweet baby boy come to me now

With all your tears a cryin’

Sweet baby boy I’ll ease your fears

And soon you’ll be a sighin’


And when you wake I’ll be right here

Near you I’ll be lyin’

To keep you safe and let you know

This is your home where I am


Through tears and fears throughout the years

I’ll always be your Mother

And though you might not understand

There’ll never be another


*For my grandson who was adopted when he was a year and a half old. 

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35 thoughts on “Letter to My Adopted Grandson

  1. Children are our hearts no matter how they come into our lives. And the bond between the two is stronger than any label. A real heart zapper, Dwight. Especially cuz I have three grandkids now.

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  2. A beautiful, loving lullaby. As an early childhood educator, I work with toddlers of this age, so I understand how difficult change can be in their fragile minds. Understanding, affection, consistency, and LOVE that surrounds them will make all the difference in making them feel secure and confident in their new environment. It sounds like your grandson has all of this. He is a lucky little boy.

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