Darwin and Covid-19

IMG_1375 (4)

When the bug got out, we all went inside;
Stayed there for days …and months we did hide.
Daily, Doctors  kept us up to date;
Our job was simply to sit home and wait.
But, some within our national span
thought it was all a just a government scam.
Mind control to keep us down
steal our freedom // shut us down.
Many resisted // flocked to the beach
still went to church and partied in the streets.
Their theory being, “It’s just like the flu!”
Some will die, but not me or you
Survival of the fittest was what they preached
Nature’s way // Earth’s balance to keep
Although many don’t believe in evolution,
Darwin would be very proud of their solution.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

The Intersection of Infinity


Caught at the intersection of infinity
Earth’s conception began
“Without form and void”
Matter brought forth // our Earth is formed
At the intersection of infinity
Time as we know it began ticking
Capturing eternity in a fragile snow globe
Still being shaken from time to time
At intersection of infinity we appeared
Formed, created, or evolved we are here
Birthed by an intercourse in time
Just as every living thing that followed
Was born…

At the intersection of infinity… Love was born!

Art work: Mark Garlick   –  Angel Messages ~ Penetrate Polarity    –    roserambles.org

Amaya at d’Verse asked us to look at birth as our prompt and write a poem incorporating some aspect of the word. I have been mulling this one around for a while and this seemed to be a good time to put it in words.

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Nature’s Patterns


Nature’s living things are all composed of defined patterns. Things don’t just happen. Everything is designed for a unique function. From the smallest microscopic creature, to the biggest elephant, to you and me; we are all special and unique. Everything about us is planned for our best interest. Some things grow and adapt to changes in their environment, but their basic pattern and design is still there.  Some think all this just happened, but I believe there is a God, the creator, who set it all in motion.

Nature’s patterns show

 perfectly designed flowers

bloom every summer

EER_0836 (2).JPG

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

The Making of Me

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Not sugar and spice;
Sometimes not even so nice;
Flesh and blood I am…
a body that will not last.
Just like the junk we buy…
I too am disposable.
Dust to dust and ashes to ashes
has me covered from beginning to end.
Maybe the evolutionists got it wrong?
We all came from dust and ashes;
Water just facilitates our staying alive.
God must have had fun
making mud pies…
Ending up with me!
What we can’t explain
Is that elusive Spirit
living part time
in my dust and ashes;
Quietly slipping back to its origins
As this body reaches its end…
The image of God // the soul-spirit
lives on… returning to the
handler of dust and ashes


Photo taken at the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Amaya, at d’Verse, talked about the different views of the origins of matter and of you and me. Essential elements and forms of matter have been recognized by different people, cultures and religions all the way through the centuries. People looked at the stars and developed astrological explanations of matter.  Instead of looking at the astrological aspects, I decided to go straight to the heart of matter… Me!

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Theory of Everything

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This week at d’Verse Poets Pub, we have been discussing theories of everything both real and imagined. When Darwin’s theory of evolution was presented it was greatly challenged by the Christian Church leaders. Those who believed in creationism could not accept this far out theory. The debate still goes on, with no one really able to prove their theory.  Yet one has to wonder, as we look at the world around us, how it all came about!

As I contemplate my existence
How it must have all come about
I find a thought persistent
In my mind and won’t come out

If as some believe we all came from the ocean
Organisms and fish learning to breathe on land
Evolving into monkeys, dinosaurs, and toucans
Then we are all the same both woman and man

In every drop of water and every living thing
The DNA strands in us and them should all be the same
But the opposite seems to be true it seems
DNA is different in every living organism, woman, and man

So how can it be possible to have such strange dichotomy
Millions upon millions of living things
All different yet with such unique anatomy
Not one of them the same whether on legs or on wings

With such a well-ordered plan and imaginative design
It seems intelligence beyond our comprehension
Has put in motion this world a one of a kind
And we all participate in this great dispensation

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Chicken Peckin’

Chicken Pickin’

In the theory of evolution

Humans have not moved far from chickens…

Getting along fine in their flock day by day

Until one sustains an injury drawing blood.

No matter how well they resided before

They all turn on the injured member

Picking and pecking drawing even more blood…

Similar to stoning in the Biblical stories.

Injuries sustained cause a painful death.

Everything goes back to normal

As the next one awaits his fate.

A very bloody habit


Photo: blogspot.com

Monkey Business


I saw this guy on a desk at work yesterday, and had to get a photo with my cheap flip phone! It got me thinking and I decided to do a post of tongue in cheek humor about evolution! The photo is not high quality but it still works. Enjoy!

Thoughts on Evolution

Some folks think over time we evolved from this

I turned seventy today and when I look in the mirror

I am wondering if they might be right

Big nose big ears and big mouth all match

Hairy bod maybe.. a little bald head for sure

All I need is the glasses and I’ll be complete

Look at him sitting there thinking he knows it all

Well maybe some days that resembles me

Just ask my wife she’ll tell you the truth

She evolved from a way better looking creature than this

No resemblance there I wonder how she lucked out

If the older I get the more I resemble this chimp

Perhaps it’s the other way around

Just imagine what I would look like if I evolved

For another seventy years

Scary thought


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


God of the Universe


God of the Universe

Did all this happen with one big bang

The sun the planets and the earth on which we live

Seems the only explanation available to some

To me it seems like a stretch of imagination

A Star Wars cataclysmic event of epic proportion

Assuming all this simply evolved in a blast from the past

From cosmic dust and random selection we emerged

No doubt big bangs happen throughout the universe

Splitting and joining of matter are a given constant

But what about you and me what do you see

Chemicals joining somehow coming to life in the sea

It all evolved without a plan or means to survive

When I look at my world and the stars above me

The shape of a flower or wings of a butterfly I wonder

Thinking there may be no architect behind this order

Those pieces just simply don’t fit together

Evolutionary changes take place that is obvious

We see it throughout the species

But how do you get Spirit from chemicals joining

How do you get Life from dust and ashes

How does one evolve the Breathe of God

Water itself doesn’t make it happen nor does chemical reaction

It takes a creator with Spirit Power and great imagination

Beyond what you or I can fathom or begin to comprehend

When we observe our world looking out into the heavens

Denying the existence of a divine creator

Takes a stretch of imaginative faith beyond compare

How do you explain that Spirit match igniting life

Takes much more faith than believing spiritual stories

Man has long created God in his own limited image

Metaphors of good and evil judgement and mercy

Personification explaining the unexplainable in people speak

Organization and design doesn’t just happen out of the blue

Neither does the spirit of mankind come without one greater

There is more we don’t know that makes this happen

I believe the God of the universe designed it all

Breathing life and breath into our ever evolving soul


Photo: Dwight L. Roth