Chicken Peckin’

Chicken Pickin’

In the theory of evolution

Humans have not moved far from chickens…

Getting along fine in their flock day by day

Until one sustains an injury drawing blood.

No matter how well they resided before

They all turn on the injured member

Picking and pecking drawing even more blood…

Similar to stoning in the Biblical stories.

Injuries sustained cause a painful death.

Everything goes back to normal

As the next one awaits his fate.

A very bloody habit



27 thoughts on “Chicken Peckin’

  1. Oh, that’s clever. When I kept chickens, I used to watch them and think how much of my own time was spent basically scratching and pecking, as if it was important. We never had a chicken related death, though. I like the way you make them so human in their aggression towards weakness.

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    • Thank you for your kind words and your warm reception. They are fun to watch. I grew up with chickens and have been a part of every aspect from chick to pick! I hope to connect again with the group.


  2. Pecking and stoning….quite similar. Survival of the fittest…we had chickens for a few seasons growing up. The roosters were mean. I got chased a lot. My dad used to tell people I learned to walk because we had chickens. Never quite knew what he meant by that…. Nice post!

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  3. Sadly, you are right.
    My son&family have three bantams. The one who appears the bottom of the pecking order I think the cleverest, and I wonder if she has chosen her position…the most productive layer – she obviously more content.
    Anna Lo]

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  4. Hi Dwight, welcome to dVerse. It’s great to meet you in cyberspace. I’m sorry I’ve only just got around to reading but I was in hospital last week when I should have been hosting and the team looked after things for me. Astute observations and very worrying that humans, who think themselves so ‘civilised’, are essentially animals. I like how you have equated the cjhickens’ behaviour with stoning.

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