God of the Universe


God of the Universe

Did all this happen with one big bang

The sun the planets and the earth on which we live

Seems the only explanation available to some

To me it seems like a stretch of imagination

A Star Wars cataclysmic event of epic proportion

Assuming all this simply evolved in a blast from the past

From cosmic dust and random selection we emerged

No doubt big bangs happen throughout the universe

Splitting and joining of matter are a given constant

But what about you and me what do you see

Chemicals joining somehow coming to life in the sea

It all evolved without a plan or means to survive

When I look at my world and the stars above me

The shape of a flower or wings of a butterfly I wonder

Thinking there may be no architect behind this order

Those pieces just simply don’t fit together

Evolutionary changes take place that is obvious

We see it throughout the species

But how do you get Spirit from chemicals joining

How do you get Life from dust and ashes

How does one evolve the Breathe of God

Water itself doesn’t make it happen nor does chemical reaction

It takes a creator with Spirit Power and great imagination

Beyond what you or I can fathom or begin to comprehend

When we observe our world looking out into the heavens

Denying the existence of a divine creator

Takes a stretch of imaginative faith beyond compare

How do you explain that Spirit match igniting life

Takes much more faith than believing spiritual stories

Man has long created God in his own limited image

Metaphors of good and evil judgement and mercy

Personification explaining the unexplainable in people speak

Organization and design doesn’t just happen out of the blue

Neither does the spirit of mankind come without one greater

There is more we don’t know that makes this happen

I believe the God of the universe designed it all

Breathing life and breath into our ever evolving soul


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


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