Theory of Everything

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This week at d’Verse Poets Pub, we have been discussing theories of everything both real and imagined. When Darwin’s theory of evolution was presented it was greatly challenged by the Christian Church leaders. Those who believed in creationism could not accept this far out theory. The debate still goes on, with no one really able to prove their theory.  Yet one has to wonder, as we look at the world around us, how it all came about!

As I contemplate my existence
How it must have all come about
I find a thought persistent
In my mind and won’t come out

If as some believe we all came from the ocean
Organisms and fish learning to breathe on land
Evolving into monkeys, dinosaurs, and toucans
Then we are all the same both woman and man

In every drop of water and every living thing
The DNA strands in us and them should all be the same
But the opposite seems to be true it seems
DNA is different in every living organism, woman, and man

So how can it be possible to have such strange dichotomy
Millions upon millions of living things
All different yet with such unique anatomy
Not one of them the same whether on legs or on wings

With such a well-ordered plan and imaginative design
It seems intelligence beyond our comprehension
Has put in motion this world a one of a kind
And we all participate in this great dispensation

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

9 thoughts on “Theory of Everything

  1. There seems a finiteness within the paradigm of possibilities. For those who want by “evidence” compelling to see random not miraculous- fine! For those snowblind to the sight of the word they’re that zealous…fine! Evidence seems to suggest multiple authors welllllllllllllll after the facts shown in versions even to grow the tales taller of what is undisputed higher words…. But even in these halting words unable to express then what’s easier now good sense. Why would it be bad sense for an adult in pre city tap water to consume an alcoholic beverage shown repeatedly far less discomforting? They didn’t have petri dishes and microscopes but they observed! Despite the judgements ride in a Bible quaran baghavad ghita whatever! Whichever! It’s well clear that love rules all….if we paraphrase well past appropriate. But as I don’t know all Faith’s well I pick on Christianity… Why though we want free love is it as it always has been complicated by procreation and or social diseases? That known why would any book saying g not just avoid it til ready but here’s some ways you can pursue choosing that freely– why is that bad? And this same book would say weird things like a thousand years to man is as a day to good and then tell us God created in six days and rested on the seventh making time begin at 4000 something bc. This being 6000 some years from when time began ish. Yet some chump guestimating how much nuclear decay occurred dates stuff many millions on millions of years prior and this once good book never known for it’s up to date analogy and descriptions is suddenly a book of made up lies? Seems more likely the amount of decay can vary than the book…as a fresh corpse proven just dead can be upwards of sixty years old according to the science posh perfect that it is not. This book says we were created each to our kind -. This being even true to dna today which doesn’t mean science is against God just some folks are anti good. And yet it really is the best comedic line – Christian’s over in that line…I’m sorry, the Jews got it right…so Toby welcomes them to hell as Rowan atki son did as a sketch comedy….if indeed that is funny ;). Im not Jewish…

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  2. Sorry for just getting to this, Dwight. It’s been a crazy few days here.
    Thank you for joining in–and speculating.
    I am not a religious person, so faith-based explanations for the origins of anything make no sense to me. But hey, what do I know? 🙂 Though I do believe that DNA also evolves. . . and also that many people also have DNA from Neanderthals and other early species that have died out.

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