Check-out Time

EER_0311 (2)

Static hisses in the brain as we struggle

to overcome the feeling of helplessness

spinning in a vortex of anxious thoughts.

Isolation seems needed to wipe it away

Cheerleaders tell you to cheer up

sharing thoughtless advice making it worse.

Only solution… self-destruct!

Today at d’Verse, Mish asked us to use the word static as our Quadrille prompt. I grew up in an age of radio static on AM stations too weak to hear. We loved playing with static on balloons as we rubbed them on our sweaters and stuck them on the wall. I can still feel the static shock from the doorknob after walking across nylon carpeting.

My poem today reflects the static we hear in our heads. As many of you know Naomi Judd from the country music duo, The Judds, passed away yesterday due to her struggle with ongoing mental illness. If you have ever struggled with depression, you know there are no easy solutions. Many cannot stand the ongoing static in their heads and decide to check out early. If you are struggling, reach out for help rather than thinking life is hopeless and there is no solution. Life is too precious to lose.

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Photo: Dwight L. Roth

33 thoughts on “Check-out Time

  1. The struggle is heart wrenching and so often, those who suffer feel there is no other solution. My quadrille was also inspired by the loss of Naomi Judd, mental illness in my family and the way some still do not understand the disease of depression and other conditions. I like the way you included the “cheerleaders” who ignorantly believe that tough love and a few chants are a fix.

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    • Thanks, Mish, I agree, it is so difficult to deal with often because of the stigmas attached to it. Very sad about Naomi Judd. I have experienced it myself and those cheerleaders who think they have a quick fix usually don’t!

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