Covid got you blue… Try something New


During this cold month of January, I decided to try something new… learning to draw! A few weeks ago, my friend Chuck aka. The Reluctant Poet, suggested that I check out the book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards. He found it to be a great guide to learning how to use the right side of your brain. Drawing and perspective are very difficult for me to get correct, so I decided to order it from I found it to be most interesting, enlightening, and helpful.

After reading the first four chapters describing how the two sides of the brain work together, and sometimes against each other, I started my third drawing assignment today. It was to copy a drawing by Picasso of Igor Stravinski. In order to engage the right side of the brain, she asked us to draw the picture upside down! This overrides the desire to draw as we did as children, which is often sketchy and out of proportion with reality. After an hour of drawing upside down, I turned them around and this was the result. It was amazing to me to see how this works.  I am looking forward to seeing what else I can do.

Left Brain or Right Brain

Our dominate traits shine through

Which one are you?


Don’t let the left side stop your

 true creative expression

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81 thoughts on “Covid got you blue… Try something New

  1. That is very well done, Dwight! You are of course due to your paintership not totally unexperienced as far as form, size, placement of elements, proportions and so on go. But stil, really amazing! It would be cool to follow your drawing adventures a bit more in following blogs.

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    • Thank you Peter! I have not formal training in Art. It does help to have worked with it in the past. I have picked up a few things over the years, but this is really intersting to understand how creative art is determined by the right side of the brain and held back by the left side! Thank you for your kind comments. I will see how this goes and probably post a few more segments as time goes on.

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    • It really is amazing! Nothing I know compares to it. I enjoy trying different things. Some things I try work and some are a bust, but the ones that work make it all worthwhile. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support, Michele!

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  2. Hi Uncle Dwight ! Great innovative info to pass along, thanks, all the best from Marc and Krystel my Partner who I show your poems too once in awhile and enjoy your humour 🙂

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  3. Thanks so much for trying out “Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain”. I think you will love it even more as you read on. I so appreciate that you bought the book and hope you have all of your days blessed by what you will learn. PLEASE – there is an exercise that requires you to draw a portrait of yourself while looking into a mirror. DWIGHT – Whatever you do – Do Not Skip This Exercise or you will live with regret the rest of your days!! Here is why – after you complete your self portrait before going further forward in the book you will forever have an example (preserve it) of what your skill level was before reading the book and then later in the book after learning the skills she teaches she will ask you to repeat the self-portrait assignment. After doing both you will forever have examples of your before and after skills. Do Not Skip the Self-Portrait in the beginning!!! I can’t tell you how happy I am you bought the book and are following the lessons. I think you will find it the best investment in yourself you have ever made! The Change and improvement in your skills will be dramatic. 😊😁😍👍👌

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  4. Dwight, Here is a thought. Why don’t you journal your progress through – Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain as a source for some posts on your blog and encouragement for all those in the world who would love to draw but think they can’t. How cool would it be to have you help them and point them to the book and have you be able to offer the proof of what it can do – in step by step posted examples???
    Just a thought, My Friend! 😁😍👍👌


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