Lost River Gold

Lost River WVA - Gary Smucker

Today. a friend of mine posted these beautiful fall photos on his Facebook page. They were so beautiful I asked him if I could share them on my blog. He generously agreed. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have, along with the Haiku I wrote.

Lost River turns gold

Fall paintbrush dances on trees

Midas touch soon gone

Lost River WVA 2 - Gary Smucker

Oaks and Maples shine

Wrapping their arms around me

Breathe deeply and smile

Photos: Thanks to Gary Smucker

53 thoughts on “Lost River Gold

  1. So beautiful; both the photos and your haiku. I love fall colors. Yesterday, walking with my family I was awestruck by these yellowing leaves in the sunlight. There’s just something about it that deeply touches my soul.

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