This past summer when we were at the beach, we discovered a bench along the dunes that had been turned into a memorial. I am not sure who Alec Romulus was but it is obvious he was loved and remembered. Someone wanted others who came to the beach to remember that Alec loved the beach.  People put shells and mementoes on the bench to show that they cared. It was a beautiful tribute. On this Remembrance/Veterans Day many are remembering those who never made it back home again. Grief is a healthy thing. Most of us have lost someone near to us. Let those memories and feelings flow through you and rejuvenate your soul.

Loosing Those We Love

Loss and with it grief stay with us for ever…

and come back to visit at a moments notice it seems.

Hold on to those wonderful memories…

They are worth keeping // worth grieving over.

They are pieces of your life that are shedding away

but never forgotten.

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49 thoughts on “Loss

  1. Dwight, you have given us such beauty and calm with your post.
    The memorial with stones and shells washed and polished by the sea.
    It is so wonderful and alive.
    Your poem is so filled with truth of grieving and remembering. I so agree with all you say. Bless.


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